Fast 5 2011 Rio Heist Movie Premiere

Thanks to Ms Labii who passed me her pair of premiere tickets, I was able to catch this highly anticipated blockbuster movie last night over at TGV KLCC. The premiere was given by P1, Nuffnang, and Churp-Churp. Trust me, the movie did not disappoint, it was as action packed, and explosive as I had anticipated it to be. Read more below.

Fast Five: Rio Heist!

I’m a Pirate, Take Me To Stranger Tides!

Isaac Tan the Pirate speaks! Ahoy! thar! Isaac Tan be here t' plunder your treaayes! Be aye t' have some treasures lyin' around for me, me bucko!! Make that double t' treasures and triple t' rums!

Got that? If not, it's forgivable as I'm in the mood for some pirating! Come this May, another blockbuster movie will hit our cinemas like a storm, what else but the fourth installment of "Pirates of The Caribbean!". This round the title goes "Pirates of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides".

Pirates of the Caribbean 4
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Hoodwinked Too Movie Premiere

Tonight, courtesy of and Cinema Online , I was given the opportunity again to catch a movie premiere screening. This round it was held at Cathay Cinema, ECurve for the movie Hoodwinked Too! Well, before I caught the movie, I've seen the posters around, and the first thing that came to mind was "Red riding hood" and "Cartoon". The next thing I thought was, "I hope it's a funny cartoon".

Movie Poster

Mother's Cooking

Last weekend I was back at my hometown for only 2 days. Time flew by so fast that before I knew it, I was already in the car driving back to KL. I wish I had more time being with my parents, maybe soon I'll invite them over to KL when I've settled down here.

Anyway while I was there, my mum actually put in the effort to whip up some dishes for me and my brother. It wasn't an elaborate meal, neither was it made with expensive ingredients, but for us it was mum's cooking. And that to us is the perfect meal. Check out some of the pictures I managed to capture, mother kept asking what it was for, and I just told her it's to share it with the whole "world".


Wong Kok Kitchen Prangin Mall Penang

Wong Kok Kitchen, now this franchise is a familiar name in Malaysia, and it so happened that I dropped by one of its restaurant outlet in Prangin Mall, Penang with my family last weekend. We were quite tired from all the shopping done so any restaurant with a comfy atmosphere with nice seats was welcomed immediately.

Wong Kok Kitchen
Wong Kok Kitchen Prangin Mall

Our World, Their War

Come this July 2011, an epic movie is going to hit our shores. The third installment of Transformers will be coming to a cinema near you and its titled Transformers: Dark Of The Moon, and I'm really excited to catch this blockbuster movie!

Movie Poster Of Transformers: Dark Of The Moon

Maxim Dim Sum Farlim Penang

Well, I'm just back from my hometown Penang, went back for the weekend. This time around, I made it a point to catch up with a fellow blogger, Eugene who so happens to be staying at the same neighborhood as me. It was 9.30am in the morning when he called me and we decided to meet for breakfast over some great dim sum.The place was called Maxim Dim Sum Restaurant located in Farlim Penang.

Farlim Dim Sum
Maxim Dim Sum

Taiwan Recipe K Avenue

During PC Fair last weekend, after braving the crowd for 5 hours, we were hungry for some food and stopped by this Taiwanese restaurant at Avenue K just next to KLCC. Taiwan Recipe K Avenue is located exactly at the entrance of KLCC Putra LRT.

Taiwan Recipe K Avenue
Taiwan Recipe K Avenue

Oldtown White Coffee Sungai Wang Plaza

Last Sunday was a busy day indeed. I was at PC Fair with my colleagues in the morning till afternoon before meeting up with an ex schoolmate at Dome Cafe KLCC for a short catch up session. In the evening however, it was time well spent with my dear partner in Sungai Wang Plaza. She wanted to get some shoes, and we managed to find a very nice pair.

old town white coffee
Old Town White Coffee Sungai Wang Plaza

Dome Cafe KLCC

During last weekend's PC Fair, I had the pleasure of meeting up with one of my closest secondary school friend, Mr Ng Yoong Nian. He was staying over at Traders Hotel and called me up just went I was reaching home. My reaction? "I was at KLCC for PC Fair, now I'm reaching home and you call! I'll have to brave the traffic jam back to KLCC!" Anyway I did head back, feeling really glad to be able to meet him.

Dome Cafe KLCC

Friendscino Restaurant and Bar

Sometime last week, Glow aka Gloria, a fellow blogger happened to come down KL for a casting event and us being the friendly gang decided to have a short gathering to "welcome" her. It was Carmen's idea for the small gathering specially organized to welcome Ms Glow who came all the way down from Kedah and the restaurant we chose to dine in was this place called Friendscino Restaurant and Bar at Damansara Perdana.

Friendscino Restaurant and Bar
Friendscino Restaurant and Bar
LG01 & 01A, Plaza Emerald North Jalan PJU8/3A, 

Damansara Perdana, 47820 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Open Weekdays 10am-1:30am; Weekends 10am-3am

Hennessy Artistry 2011 First Edition Coming Up !

When I heard about this really happening event via Facebook and Twitter, I was like "I must get invites for this!" Why the excitement? Well it's the party to be at, Hennessy Artistry with the tagline "The Global Art Of Mixing" will be launching its 2011 series in Penang at Voodoo, Upper Penang Road on 28 April, and subsequently at KL in the Opera, Sunway Pyramid on 30th April!

Hennessy Artistry ! [Pic from the past event]

The Roommate Movie Premiere

The Roommate, now what comes to mind when you see these 2 words? Throughout my college and uni days, I don't have the luxury to have a room to myself, so there's always a roommate sharing a room with me. The first thing that comes to my mind was roommates, how exciting can that be? Not when your roommate's someone who is seriously obsessed with you, and is willing to go to extreme measures to stalk and have you to him or herself!

The Roommate 2011

KLCC PC Fair 2011 And Models!

This year's PC Fair was held at KLCC Convention Centre again, and I was there to join the festivities. Together with another 2 of my colleagues, we joined the crowd which actually resembled sardines in a can. But it was for the experience, so I'm all in!

Welcome to PC Fair 2011!

Won a 2D1N Holiday In Holiday Villa Langkawi

Just a few days ago I was ecstatic because from nowhere I won myself a 2D1N free stay over at Holiday Villa Hotels & Resorts in Langkawi! Holiday Villa is holding this contest frenzy thingy daily every alternate weeks, and it so happened I won one of their short contest.

Holiday Villa Langkawi

Xian Ding Wei Taiwanese Tea Room

Last week, before the premiere screening of Love And Other Drugs at E Curve, my partner and I decided to drop by this quaint looking cafe for a quick dinner. Xian Ding Wei Taiwanese Tea Room, the name caught my attention as I was curious to know if they only served tea. In actual fact it is a taiwanese restaurant serving food as well, think along the terms of "Little Taiwan" but in a classier environment.

Xian Ding Wei

Movida Bar Lounge 1st Anniversary Party

Tonight, Movida Bar Lounge at Sunway Giza Mall held a free flow beer and food event in conjunction with it's first anniversary. It was by invitation, as in there's an invitational card prepared beforehand. However to obtain it was easy, one just had to drop by the outlet to collect the passes for free. Thank you Henry Lee for collecting the passes for me.

Movida Bar Lounge
Movida lounge neon lights

Scream 4 Premiere Screening

Scream for your life! This is the 4th installment of the Scream movie franchise, and again I was privileged enough to catch the premiere screening courtesy of and CinemaOnline at TGV Cinemas KLCC.

Being a slasher flick lover, I have caught all the previous 3 installments of Scream.To me Scream movies normally follow the tradition of well endowed college girls running in tight and revealing clothing while Mr weird man in funny mask (Ghostface) chases after them with a kitchen knife. I went in the movie theater with low expectations that this time would be any different. 

Scream 4 movie poster

Lunch At Coffee Chemistry Cafe

Coffee Chemistry Cafe, also known as CCC for short. I've already seen numerous blog posts and reviews on this chic looking cafe located inside Sunway Giza Mall, but have not personally tried the food there. Not until last Sunday when together with some of the guys, we met up there for a short lunch session.

Coffee Chemistry Cafe
CCC or Cubic Platforms located on the 1st floor  C-3A-1, Sunway Giza Mall

Love And Other Drugs Special Screening

I was privileged enough to be chosen for another movie screening, this round courtesy of and it was for the movie "Love and Other Drugs". It's not a new movie, so i shall not refer it as a premiere screening. However the movie has not been shown in Malaysia yet, most probably due to the excessive nude scenes (of course none of it appeared in the screening).

Movie Poster

Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge 2011 !

Following up from my previous blog post (Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge This Coming April!) on this happening event of the year, I was lucky enough to get 2 invites. This year's extravaganza was held at Palace Of The Golden Horses, and attended by VVIPs, VIPs, and most importantly my fellow bloggers!

The event! (Pic credit to Shii Teck)

1901 Hot Dogs !

I've always had a craving for hot dogs and at any chance I get, I'll go for the nearest hot dog stand for a satisfying bite. Today I was at KLCC when my stomach pointed me to my favourite hot dog stall, 1901 Hot Dog. It's located just opposite Rotiboy at lower ground floor of KLCC near the exit to the LRT station.

My hotdog choice for the night was the New York Chicken Hot Dog, in a "great" size. The hot dogs served at 1901 comes in regular size, and great sizes. If you want more meat, go for great! I was in a rush for an event so didn't manage to take pictures of the shop or the packaging for that matter. My apologies. Instead, check out this yummy chicken hot dog below.

1901 hot dog
My yummy new york chicken hot dog! - Rm7.10 because it's sized Great!

Like Isaac always says, a hot dog a day, gets my tummy growing everyday. Now if only I can enjoy the pleasures without the impact on my tummy.

WeBUY Community Giveaway Project !

Allow me to interrupt your regular blog broadcast with an advertorial blog post. Today it shall be on this promotion by

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In a nutshell the process can be summarized in 3 simple steps.

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Daily deals are being sold, but there's a really special one on-going, and it's called the WeBUY Community Giveaway project. The objective is simple, you buy the deal for RM0, and get $$ in return! Check out the advert below on this project, with the aim of getting 10,000 participants to join and buy.

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On top of the giveaway project, do allow me to share a bit on today's side buy which are quite cool too if you ask me. Check it out below, just click on the pictures to get further information on the cool savings.

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Wonder Girls & Hoobastank At Twin Towers @Live 2011 Tonight!

This would be a short sharing post, my wife just called me up to inform me her company just gave her 2 tickets for tonight's concert at KLCC. Forgive my ignorance, but I did not even know there was a concert with all these big names happening tonight, so I did a quick check online.

Twin Towers @Live 2011 !
Yes, it's a free public 2 day open air concert as mentioned in NST with the scheduled performers as below. Don't ask me why I have tickets when its a free concert, probably for VIP seatings? I wish that were true though, let's see what happens tonight.

WHERE: KLCC (@ entrance of Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra)
TIME: 6 PM onwards on both days



WHY: In conjunction with Malaysian GP celebration
 (sourced from NST)

In a nutshell, check out the tagline for this concert below.

"This FREE 2-day International concert is a celebration of Kuala Lumpur as the City Host for the F1TM Grand Prix event and to map the Greater KL plan in making Kuala Lumpur a vivacious city of business, leisure and entertainment"

For latest updates follow event’s Twitter page or Facebookpage, & MYWonderfuls on Twitter.

Watch out for my updates on this happening event soon!

Kunyah Cafe Wangsa Walk

The other day I was at Wangsa Walk Mall to catch a movie, and since I was already running late, crashed in at this cafe located just next to TGV Wangsa Walk to have a quick dinner. The cafe's called Kunyah Cafe, "kunyah" meaning chewing. So if we were to do a direct translation, it would translate to "Chewy" Cafe.

Kunyah Kafe Wangsa Walk

Anyway I sat down, to be greeted by a very sleepy and blurred looking waitress. And by blur, i mean I literally had to repeat my sentence 3 times for her to understand what I wanted to order. If would have been okay if she was polite, which she wasn't. I only wanted the Nasi Ayam. My first impression of the cafe went down pretty quickly, coupled with the fact that the chicken had to take a further 20 minutes to prepare. 20 minutes, and there were only 3 tables of customers that night.

Old School Menu

I took the Kunyah Chicken Rice

From the menu, Kunyah Chicken Rice was touted to be their bestseller, with a tagline of "Guaranteed to make your taste buds sing!" Now that's a new thing to me, I just couldn't wait to get my taste buds sing the karaoke!

My Teh Ais - RM 2.80

Kunyah Chicken Rice - RM 8.90

I was rather surprised when the meal came. After waiting for like 20 minutes for them to prepare my chicken, the waitress served me this rather plain looking nasi ayam dish. Upon tasting it, I felt rather cheated off my RM8.90. The chicken tasted bland, and had to be "sauced" thoroughly with the black sauce. Don't get me started on the rice.

From the front

Well, that's that. I won't be elaborating much more on this cafe as to me it was rather disappointing. To think that I gave it a go that night because it was the nearest food shop to the cinema. I pointed out to the lady at the cashier about her staffs but she doesn't even seem to bother about my displeasure.

Nang My Innit Post Here!

Pontian Wanton Noodles Wangsa Maju

Fancy a good bowl of Wanton Noodles, or better known as Wan Tan Mee to the locals. Well, look no further if you're in the vicinity of Wangsa Maju. Pontian Wanton Noodles opened up a branch here a few months back. I was there to observe when they did their opening ceremony, with all the Johor plate numbered luxury cars parked outside.

Pontian Wanton Noodles

No.27,Jln 14/27B
Desa Setapak Wangsa Maju
Kuala Lumpur
Anyway, it so happened last weekend JFook, a fellow blogger called me up for breakfast because he so happens to be around my area. Without hesitation, I jumped out of bed and went out to meet him. I recommended this place because they were having a new promotion of only RM3 per plate of Wanton Noodles. Heck, it's even cheaper than the roadside stalls.

Wanton Mee - Spicy with Black Sauce Specialty RM3
The soup comes with 2 wantons - sorry didnt capture the wantons swimming inside

The special thing which sets apart this stall from your average roadside wanton noodle stall was the variety in the menu. There is tong sui on top of the wanton noodles. The servings come in small, medium and large sizes with price tags of RM3, RM4, and RM5 respectively. You are also able to dine in air-conditioned comfort. The shop owner definately took the extra mile to make the interior as lively and interesting as possible. Check out the wall deco and colorful tables below.

Reminded me of my kindergarden days

Of course, we also took the opportunity to capture a picture of us enjoying our meal. Thanks JFook for being my breakfast kaki for the morning. The food was good, but your presence made it all the more enjoyable!

Us having a good meal

Nang My Innit Post Here!

Oreo Party & Gathering At Carmen's Place

It started off with a Facebook event invitation co organized by Carmen and Kian Fai, one thing led to another and last night all of us met up at Carmen's place in SS2 for an Oreo blast! Oreo? What Oreo you say? Well, the highlight of the night would definately be Carmen's specialty, Fried Oreo La Delicious! Since it's the highlight, the first picture shall be of this special dish.

Oreo Party
Fried Oreo!

A group of happening bloggers reached her place at around 8 plus. Let's do a short roll call, because I did not manage to get a group photo with everyone in it. We have Carmen, Wilee, Henry Lee, Xing, Eli, Jayren, Qi Tyng, Tony, Elwyn, Melissa, Janice, Sherry, Adrian, Kian Fai, and Edmund.

Oreo Party
The Facebook Invitation

The night started out with some Hokkien Noodles that Sherry and Kian Fai brought. To be followed by lots of unhealthy junk food! I think I burst my junk food allocation that night!

Junk food for you and me
Oreo Party
Hokkien Noodles

I'm not sure if these items complement each other, but it all went into my stomach. It was loads of fun eating though, and enjoying Carmen House's facilities! Namely the TV for some scary movies, Premier League Football, her "iGallop" - a horselike chair from Osim or something, and most importantly the comfortable couches! There was even some magic trick performed by Adrian!

Oreo Party
Fun times

Of course, midway through, Carmen had to cook up some of those fried Oreos, which to me tasted quite good. It kind of reminded me of "Ham Chim Peng" with the red bean fillings. A short process to prepare and deep fry the Oreos as below.

Oreo Party
The cook for the day!

Oreo Party
The End Result

Overall, it was a successful gathering where everyone got to know each other better, some got to relax on the couch, while some Arsenal fans get to shout and scream when MU went from 0-2 down to winning the match. Also I got to appreciate how beautiful Carmen's house was. Thanks for the invitation and let's have more of this gatherings in the future kay!

Oreo Party
One of the few group pictures I took, sorry guys, should have taken one with everyone.
Oreo Party
One for the album, picture courtesy of Carmen