Behind 50 Penang

The other night, a few days before my big day when I was back in Penang, a couple of my friends called me out to this new chillout joint located at love lane Penang. The name of the cafe is aptly called Behind 50 Cafe due to it's location behind this building "50". This cool looking cafe has an old school feel to it, and really reminded me of the cafes you will normally see along Jonker Street in Malacca. It's rather unique in Penang as not many places have these concept cafe yet.

Behind 50 Cafe Love Lane
Behind 50 Cafe Love Lane

San How Restaurant Sungai Bakap

Fresh from my experience at Tai Mah Restaurant in Sungai Bakap, I had the chance to dine in at another chinese restaurant a couple of shoplots down, San How Restaurant. The settings are very much similar, introduced by my soon to be father-in-law, we had a nice dinner over there. Again it was an early dinner before 6pm.

San How Restaurant Sungai Bakap
San How Restaurant Sungai Bakap
San How Restaurant Sungai Bakap
5 & 7 Jalan Besar,
Taman Rebena, 
14200 Sungai Bakap, Malaysia
Phone: 045821587

It is rather interesting to note this restaurant has a Facebook page, an active one at that. A quick chat with the owner, and I found out the page is maintained by their son, the new generation. Now who says social media isn't an important tool?

San How Restaurant Sungai Bakap
Restaurant modest settings
San How Restaurant Sungai Bakap
San How Restaurant Menu

As usual with restaurants such as these, it did not take long for our food to arrive. Even the steamed fish was really fast to prepare. Served with chinese tea, we enjoyed a meal for four, a rather simple one really. Check out what we had that afternoon, the specialty would be the "Fried Egg Soup"

San How Restaurant Sungai Bakap
#1 Chinese Tea
San How Restaurant Sungai Bakap
#2 Fried Kangkung Belacan
#3 Steamed Fish Head, Janice's family seems to love steam fish a lot
San How Restaurant Sungai Bakap
#4 Fried Egg Soup

I was really intrigued with the egg soup, served with meat, prawns, fishballs, and vegetables, the main ingredient would be the egg. The egg is neither steamed, nor boiled but fried before being added into the delicious soup. I would have expected the soup to be really oily, but on the contrary, the soup tasted really good, not oily at all. The egg tasted like what one would get from a "fu yong tan" dish.

Overall, a really satisfying early evening dinner for a cost of RM53, which wasn't really expensive considering the fact the fish had so much meat on it. I can really get used to this eating out routine, but of course home-cooked meal would be the best.

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Hennessy Artistry Halo 2011 Coming Up

Hennessy Artistry, an event I have had the chance to attend a couple of times, and it's good to know coming up very soon would be the large scale Hennessy Artistry Halo 2011 which is touted to be the biggest HA event for the year. I was told in a year, there will be around 4 Hennessy Artistry. This post will serve to drive buzz and publicity over the upcoming event, as even I wasn't furnished with the full details yet, only the fact that Yolanda Be Cool would be performing there.

Hennessy Artistry Halo 2011
Yolanda Be Cool would be at Hennessy Artistry Halo 2011!

Tai Mah Restaurant Sg Bakap

The other day, while on another visit to Janice's home in Sungai Bakap, I was brought to another chinese restaurant to catch a bite. Tai Mah Restaurant is a typical coffee shop styled chinese restaurants serving simple chinese cuisine. I was pleasantly surprised that we were served food even though it was 4pm in the evening as most restaurants only starts their business in the late evenings.

Tai Mah Restaurant
Tai Mah Restaurant Sungai Bakap

QBean Desserts Cafe 1 Utama

QBean Cafe, serving everything soy related. Imagine everything with added soy, namely original soy milk, real fruit ice-blended soy milk, flavored soy milk, soy ice-cream, and "Tau Fu Fa" all available in one location and that's QBean for you! I was fascinated by the soy ice-cream, so when Nikel invited a bunch of us to have an afternoon of "SOY", I told myself I just have to taste the soy ice-cream.

QBean Cafe 1 Utama
QBean 1 Utama

Coupon Chief To Buy At A Discount

Another website advocating online spending, Coupon Chief. I guess the internet nowadays have become a haven to shop for great deals, discounted clothing, accessories, travel packages, even massage services. Practically anything under the sun can be bought online, which I feel you would agree.

When was the last time you suddenly had the urge to do an online transaction for that really cute small item? Then you find that it is neither useful, nor functional, it's just cute. Anyway that's beside the point. I'm here to introduce to you guys this rather unique coupon buying website below.

Coupon Chief
Coupon Chief
Coupon Chief

Voltage Super Selangor Series 2011

Coming soon, next week 24th Sept 2011 to be exact will be this really cool kickboxing event happening in Stadium Melawati Shah Alam. The event? The Voltage Super Selangor Series 2011, a kickboxing event where international stars converge at Shah Alam to give us viewers a chance to experience the world of high profile kickboxing.

Voltage Super Selangor Series 2011
Voltage Kickboxing Event Promotional Poster

Plaza Premium Lounge LCCT Airport

Airport premium lounges, I've always wanted to enter one just to see what's inside. Today, I happen to be at the Kuala Lumpur Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) Airport to send off Janice and found out LCCT do have their own premium lounge too. Unfortunately I was told this lounge isn't as good as the ones they have over in other international airports. Well, a few words with the person in charge, and I found myself inside the Plaza Premium Lounge ready for some free breakfast.

Plaza Premium Lounge
The front desk

Black Canyon Restaurant At Jusco AU2

Black Canyon Restaurant is located within Aeon Jusco AU2 Shopping Complex which serves local fusion dishes. The other night I was with Janice when it rained heavily after work, hence the nearest shaded place to crash for dinner would be Jaya Jusco AU2 in Keramat, Ampang. After a couple of rounds walking around trying to find a decent restaurant, we ended up having our dinner here.

Black Canyon Restaurant

Sony W Series Launch [Live]

One big group of bloggers were invited for the Sony Walkman W Series Roadshow at Sungai Wang today from 2.30-5.30pm. We have the Walkman series showcase as well as some events lined up to keep the crowd entertained.

Sony W Series Launch

Happy Malaysia Day 2011

Today Malaysians celebrate Malaysia Day, or "Hari Malaysia" throughout the nation. In fact since a couple of years back 16th September 2011 has been officially made a national public holiday, hence I'm happily "off-work" on a Friday today.

Happy Malaysia Day

Not to be confused with Malaysia's Independance Day which just passed on the 31st August 2011, "Hari Malaysia" marks the establishment of the Malaysian federation on the same date in 1963.

"It marked the joining together of Malaya, North Borneo, Sarawak, and Singapore to form Malaysia. The formation of the new federation was planned to occur on June 1, 1963, but was later postponed to August 31, 1963, in order to coincide with the sixth Hari Merdeka. Several issues related to the Indonesian and the Filipino objection to the formation of Malaysia delayed the declaration to September 16 of the same year"
Source: Wikipedia

I for one, am having this "I Love Malaysia" feeling and all, mainly due to the fact the government is giving us today off. So how are you utilizing your day off today, my friends?

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Mother's Cooking #3

This will be another post showcasing my mother's delicious home cooking. Honestly, I can never get enough of her cooking. Over the past weekend, I've had the chance to taste some more of the good stuff when I returned back to my hometown Penang. This round, the cooking happened over at my house, which we were decorating up in preparation for the upcoming big day.

Mother's Cooking
Sweet and simple, a table for four.

Janice was around too that day, hence the table for four, namely my parents, Janice and myself. Do check out below on what mother whipped up for lunch that afternoon. Taken with rice, the stomach is thankful for all these food.

Mother's Cooking
Dish #1: Black Sauced Chicken Meat
Mother's Cooking
Dish #2: Fried Egg Omelette with Ham and Long Beans
Mother's Cooking
Dish #3: Stir Fried Spinach with Chicken Meat
Mother's Cooking
Dish #4: Chicken Soup with Mushrooms
Overall, a good meal indeed and I just can't wait to return back soon for more of the good life. How about you? Do you appreciate your mother's cooking? I'm learning to pick up some techniques to do simple dishes from her too!

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Grandeur Of Beauty And Bridex Penang

Coming soon this weekend, 16th to 18th of September 2011 to be exact, Intrenasionale, the leading international tradeshow organizer in Penang will be hosting an event specially formulated for the beautiful ladies of Penang Island. Grandeur Of Beauty & Bridex, with a rather grand title will showcase several beauty competitions on top of nail art, makeup and table setting competitions.Where better location to hold it at than the very new happening hotspot in Penang, Straits Quay Convention Centre.

Grandeur Of Beauty And Bridex Penang
Promotional Banner

Johnny English Reborn (2011)

Johnny English Reborn, the sequel to the original Johnny English movie played by Rowan Atkinson back in 2003. I can't say I remember much from the original movie, but I can say I was quite excited when given the opportunity to catch the premiere of Johnny English Reborn at GSC Midvalley tonight thanks to Nuffnang.

Johnny English Reborn
Johnny English Reborn 2011

So there I was getting all hyped up for the premiere, caught up with fellow bloggers, had a nice dinner, took my cute red pillow from the car for Janice to cuddle up during the movie, and we're all set for the 9pm movie. Showtime!

Johnny English Reborn
The two pretty Ms ChurpChurp and Nuffnang Ticket Issuers (Junee and Farah)
Johnny English Reborn
Tickets for the premiere screening
Johnny English Reborn places Rowan Atkinson in his role as special agent Sir Johnny English that plays exactly like a James Bond film, except this movie is hillarious! We have him coming out from seclusion after a really bad episode of depression from a botched security job to work with this agency MI7. Even from the start, Johnny English gives us the impression of being this really straight, comical, but dead serious top notch spy.

Johnny English Reborn
Some Kungfu moves from our lovable hero Johnny English
This round, we see Johnnie English being pitted against this international assassin group who are bent on assassinating the world leaders. Paired off with another young agent Tucker (Daniel Kaluuya) who is a young kid fresh off grad school, they both make this awesome butt-kicking spies. Don't be fooled by English's bumbling foolishness, as he definately makes it count when it matters most, to bring down the villain for good. I loved some scenes in the movie which actually got me guffawing out loud until Janice, my partner gave me the "look".

Johnny English Reborn
This scene wasn't shown in the movie, for reasons I do not know.

We then have the usual lady boss Pegasus (Gillian Anderson, we all remember her from X-Files don't we), English's love interest Kate Summer (Rosamund Pike) and of course the villain who happens to be a mole in the same agency English works in.

Overall, I rather liked this movie, as we do not really have to think too much, and it really did make me laugh. Of course, don't put too much effort in understanding the logic of Johnny English, about how he can be a bumbling fool one minute, yet suddenly become this really smart cool agent the next minute. Most importantly, Johnny English Reborn made me laugh, and I love to just sit back and laugh out loud, don't you? I'll give this movie a 7/10. Remember, logic goes out the window for this one. Check out the trailer for Johnny English Reborn below.

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Jaya Jusco Mid-Autumn Festival Promotion

First off, Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to all of you and your families. I wish you all happiness and may you be prosperous and well. It's the time of the year again where we celebrate the mid-autumn festival, mostly with happiness and lots of Mooncake eating, not forgetting some lanterns lighting. It's also the time of the month where Jaya Jusco holds its mooncake sales with special discounts for their Jaya Jusco Card holders.

Jaya Jusco Mooncake Festival Promotion

Big Big Bowl Cafe Kepong

Big Big Bowl Cafe, my first impression when invited by Ivy to have dinner there was that this restaurant must serve their dishes in big bowls. Well, I wasn't very far off from the truth, as there are dishes served in rather large bowls, but Big Big Bowl Cafe is most famous for its Hakka dishes. It's signature dish would be the Hakka Lui Cha (Pounded Tea) dish which I have the pleasure of having that evening.

Big Big Bowl Cafe
Big Big Bowl Cafe

Mang Chuan Restaurant Wangsa Maju Breakfast

Mang Chuan Restaurant is located just behind the Wangsa Maju LRT Station and have been my favourite haunt for food at night. I rarely have the opportunity to catch my breakfast there, but recently I took the chance to have something light before my journey back hometown for the Raya holidays.

Mang Chuan Restaurant Wangsa Maju

Al-Amar Lebanese Cuisine Pavilion

Located in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, Al-Amar Lebanese Cuisine is this rather luxurious restaurant serving Lebanese and western flavour cuisines. This was my first time dining here, thanks to I Love Discounts who invited myself and a few other friends for Al-Amar's Sunday Lunch Buffet. Upon hearing the word food, what more some special Lebanese food, I immediately took up this chance to sample their buffet spread.

Al-Amar Lebanese Cuisine Pavilion
Al-Amar in Pavilion KL

1st Avenue Mall Raya Performances

This year, the second day of Hari Raya coincides with Malaysia's Independence Day, or better known as Hari Merdeka. Hence the term this year "Merdeka Raya" to refer the joint celebration. Selamat Hari Raya to all those celebrating, and happy holidays to the rest. So it happened I was with my family shopping on Merdeka Day over in 1st Avenue Mall, when I saw this Raya performances at its centre court on the ground floor.

1st Avenue Mall Raya Performances
Raya Perfornances at 1st Avenue Mall

Red Garden Food Paradise Penang

Char Kuey Teow, Fried Oyster, Loh Bak, these are a few of the local cuisine that Penang has to offer, and every time I'm back to my hometown there will surely be one food trip to try these out. Of course, I do not have them daily as these dishes are deep fried and definately not good for the body if taken excessively, but they are delicious though! This round, my family and I decided to drop by for an early dinner over at Red Garden Food Paradise, a cafe / food court type of place which serves both local and international cuisine located at Leith Street, Penang.

Red Garden Food Paradise Penang
Red Garden Food Paradise