Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge 2011 !

Following up from my previous blog post (Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge This Coming April!) on this happening event of the year, I was lucky enough to get 2 invites. This year's extravaganza was held at Palace Of The Golden Horses, and attended by VVIPs, VIPs, and most importantly my fellow bloggers!

The event! (Pic credit to Shii Teck)

The tagline for the night was "Bold, Stylish, Delivered in Black" and black it was. Everyone was decked in different shades of black, and it does look extremely cool! The event started at 9pm up until the wee hours of the morning. There were so many new faces for me, but I guess it's because I am still fresh to the blogging world. The bloggers were given tables close to the stage, and there we partied our way through the night!

I like the banner
Free flow of Black Label Whiskey throughout the night

It was a night of free flowing liquor, up to the point where it kind of scared me! Before we entered the floor, we were given our door gifts which I felt was kind of cool. Check it out below. I took the one given for the ladies for my partner. It was a necklace.

Door gift and my wrist strap for the night
Finger Food!
A special drink - Johnnie Walker Nut Crusta if i'm not mistaken

There were invited special guest DJ's as well, and dancers on the stage to bring more life to the party. Towards the end of the night, everybody was so pumped up from the songs, ambiance, and liquor that you could actually see the whole dance floor filled with people dancing! Pretty cool sight, which kind of reminded me of my clubbing days in the past.

Dancers on stage
We are Bloggers, All the way!

My camera that night couldn't compete with the majority of the DSLRs, so I shall put up some pictures which a couple of my blogger friends took. Check it out below. 

Tony, Me, Li Chuen, and Shii Teck (Pic credited to Li Chuen)
Me, Suresh, JFook, Elaine, Tian Chad (pic credited to JFook)
JFook, Simon Seow, Wilee, Me, Elaine, Tony (Pic credited to Shii Teck)
One for the album - Wilee, Jessy, Me, Elaine (Pic credited to Shii Teck)

Overall it was an awesome night, and I thank my lucky stars for having the chance to attend it. This night would definately go down as one of the cool and happening memories with fellow bloggers!