Movida Bar Lounge 1st Anniversary Party

Tonight, Movida Bar Lounge at Sunway Giza Mall held a free flow beer and food event in conjunction with it's first anniversary. It was by invitation, as in there's an invitational card prepared beforehand. However to obtain it was easy, one just had to drop by the outlet to collect the passes for free. Thank you Henry Lee for collecting the passes for me.

Movida Bar Lounge
Movida lounge neon lights
Movida Bar Lounge
Invitational Passes

I reached Sunway Giza just after 7.30pm and managed to meet up with some new blogger friends over at Coffee Chemistry Cafe. They were all new faces to me, but it was really great to get to know more fellow bloggers. I realize all bloggers are very friendly as I felt at home immediately even though it was my first time meeting them up. Check out our group picture below.

Blogger's short meetup at CCC - from L to R, Merryn, Eric, Caroline, Kelvin, Me and Janice

Come 8pm, the rest of the bloggers arrived at Movida bar just below Coffee Chemistry Cafe. Movida had sealed off the area, and food were served buffet style. The crowd was really big, and we had barely enough space to move around to get the food.

Movida Bar Lounge
The entrance to the food area
Movida Bar Lounge
Free food and beer!
Movida Bar Lounge
Some cakes for the light eaters

The tagline read, "Free flow of beer", and free flow it was indeed. Beers of all types were served, but frankly speaking, I prefer liquor to beers anytime. I'm not sure why, but beers don't go down well with me. The event kicked off with the food, and then the performances began. Do check out some of the photos I managed to capture of the colorful people as well as the people at the event.

Movida Bar Lounge
Endless refills for this cup
Movida Bar Lounge
Lovely blue dancer in the middle of a table!
Lovely lady to welcome you in.
Movida Bar Lounge
Lively Performances
Movida Bar Lounge
A magician clown going from table to table

The food was great, and I had no complains whatsoever. It's free right? The crowd was a bit overwhelming though. I guess when there is free food, there will be busloads of hungry people! An event would not be complete without a group picture of us.

Movida Bar Lounge
A happening bunch of bloggers - L to R front: Joey, Christy, Sherry, Labii, Sherry's cousin. L to R back: Janice, Me, Henry Lee, Tony

We did not join in for the after party as the gang continued on with a karaoke session. As for me, I went on my way home to get some much needed rest before work again tomorrow. What can I say, Movida 1st Anniversary Party was a blast!

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hildamilda said...

Oh wow! That is one big crowd, I wonder how movida can fit so many people :O

Smallkucing said...

looks like fun :D

Submerryn said...

So cepat nyer you post this up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ivan_5354 said...

haha always that efficient.. xD.. ishh... i missed out a lot of fun d la

jfook said...

Awesome 1st Anniversary. Looks like Movida's 1st Anniversary is more awesome that Fred Perry's one. You know what i mean. =P hahahha.

Eugeneung said...

Very geng lah bro, got invites to all these fabulous places and hang out s, life must be wondeful in KL for you

have a great weekend ya bro

suituapui said...

Wow! Party all the time. Your wife looks great...nice black outfit.

Caroline May Ling said...

awesome night! nice meeting u and ur lovely wifey Isaac! ;)

Edmend Koh said...

wa Sherry Cousin looks so mix! =X

Ahahah I say Ms. Merryn! =P Sorry for ffk you guys on CCC session! Take it as I miss the fun =P

Dam hardworking la you! Remember rest well at the same time ok? See you on this Sunday! =D

sean_mcgraddy said...

nice party. missed that.
hey, make sure to post any incoming event for us. :)

Isaac Tan said...

Hilda, Luckily the crowd was outside, there was definately not enough space to fit everybody into the bar inside.

Isaac Tan said...

Smallkucing, it was ok. Not to say very fun, but it was free food. What more can I ask for? :)

Isaac Tan said...

Merryn! Nice meeting you last night! Haha, I post up very fast when I feel excited about an event. And meeting up with you guys were good reasons to be excited about.

Isaac Tan said...

Ivan, Maybe in the future you can join us!

Isaac Tan said...

Jfook, I think yours not bad also bro! Jumping to your blog now to check.

Isaac Tan said...

Eugene, actually it's not geng lo, geng is getting invited. For me, I grabbed the invitational passes by choice. Nobody would invite me on their own free will.

You have a superb weekend too!

Isaac Tan said...

STP, Haha, not all the time ! Thanks, I will tell her that. Personally I feel she looks great too. :P

Isaac Tan said...

Caroline, Yup, it was rather awesome isnt it? Sorry I couldnt hang out longer at CCC. Nice meeting you too!

Isaac Tan said...

Kian Fai, ya man, we missed your presence there last night. Nvm, next round ok?

I shall rest soon over this weekend. :) See you on sunday bro!

Isaac Tan said...

Sean, Hi there! Thanks for dropping by my blog. Sure! If there's any upcoming happening event that I know off, especially those that are free, I might do a short post on it. :)

tekkaus said...

I would love to see the magician clown show his tricks. :D