1901 Hot Dogs !

I've always had a craving for hot dogs and at any chance I get, I'll go for the nearest hot dog stand for a satisfying bite. Today I was at KLCC when my stomach pointed me to my favourite hot dog stall, 1901 Hot Dog. It's located just opposite Rotiboy at lower ground floor of KLCC near the exit to the LRT station.

My hotdog choice for the night was the New York Chicken Hot Dog, in a "great" size. The hot dogs served at 1901 comes in regular size, and great sizes. If you want more meat, go for great! I was in a rush for an event so didn't manage to take pictures of the shop or the packaging for that matter. My apologies. Instead, check out this yummy chicken hot dog below.

1901 hot dog
My yummy new york chicken hot dog! - Rm7.10 because it's sized Great!

Like Isaac always says, a hot dog a day, gets my tummy growing everyday. Now if only I can enjoy the pleasures without the impact on my tummy.

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  1. I am here to bite your hot dogs LOL! sounds damn wrong LOL! btw how much it cost or it's free ahr 0_0

  2. Lol Bro! I actually couldn't remember how much it cost. Should be around RM7.10 because its in great size!

  3. Shiok Leng1:56 AM

    I just had Ikea hot dogs... Satisfying.... Until i saw this. Haha! *Stomach grumbles*

  4. There was a stall in Sibu before, closed down already...but I had that at Gurney Plaza, my trip last year...not the recent one. Nice... A bit expensive but once in a while, ok lah.

  5. Hehehe, actually I wanted to go for size regular hot dog, but their regular hot dogs were sold out. So ended up with one long hot dog :P

  6. STP, really appreciate you dropping by daily to read my sometimes short and messy posts. :)

    Know what I like best about this 1901 compared to other hot dog stalls? The fact that they steamed the bun until its warm and soft before serving to you. It makes the whole hot dog much more satisfying!

  7. I have eaten this like only once and I must say that they are delicious. :D

  8. yummy....mmg fav sgt2 nih !!..u buat i punya air liur leleh2 ni.....hehehe..jap lg nak gi cari..

  9. Reanact12:44 PM

    hehehe... hot dog.. sausages.. i think i let them go for a while... let me forget about the gruesome find first.. :p

  10. Smallkucing2:19 PM

    yum...i wonder they are still having the rm1-90 promotion every 19th of the month

  11. Submerryn4:44 PM

    Ppl always say 1901 very sedap but I have yet to try it! Must make it a point to try it one of these days :)

  12. grr!!! pic so big summore!! T.T hungry!!!


Always appreciate the comments. Thanks!

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