Scream 4 Premiere Screening

Scream for your life! This is the 4th installment of the Scream movie franchise, and again I was privileged enough to catch the premiere screening courtesy of and CinemaOnline at TGV Cinemas KLCC.

Being a slasher flick lover, I have caught all the previous 3 installments of Scream.To me Scream movies normally follow the tradition of well endowed college girls running in tight and revealing clothing while Mr weird man in funny mask (Ghostface) chases after them with a kitchen knife. I went in the movie theater with low expectations that this time would be any different. 

Scream 4 movie poster

First off, a brief background on the premise of this movie. Scream 4 was directed by Wes Craven of Nightmare on Elm Street. A quick check on wikipedia got me some interesting facts. Originally Scream series was only intended to be a trilogy, read only 3 installments, but I guess the producers thought they could milk more cash from number 4.

My tickets

Scream 4 picks off where Scream 3 ended, with survivor Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) returning back to her hometown Woodsboro after 15 years. It was the 15th anniversary of the original Woodsboro murders, and teenagers being young and foolish, decided this was cause for celebration. One thing led to another and suddenly you see Mr Ghostface making a comeback, stabbing and killing college students left and right. Most of the victims are young nubile college girls, who runs screaming before brutally stabbed.

The producers of Scream 4 tried to change the usual course of events and making it more interesting by adding some video-touting college guy, a couple of side characters with more air time.

A few things I really don't get after watching all the Scream movies.
1. Mr Ghostface the killer is always so weak, and with one kick from the victims he goes tumbling. Have the victims ever thought of beating him up instead of running? 
2. Why do they always portray blondes as helpless and always vulnerable?
3. Why do the victims always come out from a safe spot to "check" out the area? Just stay where you are and you'll be safe!

Anyway, there is a twist at the end, so be sure to catch this movie when it's out in the cinemas to find out who dies, who survives, and who takes off their clothes! Overall, it won't get me screaming at the top of my lungs, but the movie does have some sudden shock moments. Check out the trailer below, and some pictures from the movie.

She looked hot even in short hair
The sheriff is rather slow
A hot deputy sheriff
Hey, it's Mr Goofymask Killer himself!


  1. when the killer is kicked, i find that he flies back like a bat!

  2. There's always a wicked twist for this type of movie right? Especially at the will never know who make you scream...until the very last minute. :p

  3. I love the person who acted the voice! I wanna be like him =P I mean just the voices!

  4. I saw the first one. These movies - must not watch the trailer as the funny parts are all there. Then when you go and watch the movie, not funny anymore... So disappointing.

  5. Agree with Hayden Panettiere (whatever the spelling is) that she's hot with short hair. I want some!!
    Disagree with the Deputy being hot. Ewww... she looks scary to me with her popping, big eye haha!

  6. Eugeneung9:03 AM

    Bro, i think this show is rate 18. so it is no good for me, cos i can't go without watch movies without my two boys ,hahahahah. you will know what i mean when you have guys of your own, ,hahhahaahhh again

  7. yummydreams09139:14 AM

    cant wait for this movie here in the Philippines

  8. sounds interesting, will catch the movie next week... :P

  9. yer, what's that in the second last picture?? that policewoman points gun one..

  10. Reanact8:52 PM

    I love this type of movies but nowadays no one want to watch with me.. hahaha...


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