Sunway Hotel Food Marathon At Atrium Cafe

Have you ever tried a buffet which lasts 12 hours? Atrium Cafe of Pyramid Tower Hotel at Sunway Resort introduced the first 12-hour Marathon buffet which takes place every Sunday and public holiday from 11am to 11pm. How does it work? Well, diners are allowed to go in and out as many times as they wish and eat to their heart's content. Brunch, lunch, hi-tea, dinner or supper, it's your choice as once you're in, all these food are available to you throughout the day.

Atrium Cafe Buffet Marathon
Atrium Cafe
Atrium Marathon Buffet is a feast of the finest Pan-Asian cuisines featuring some really good food. Since it is a 12 hour buffet, the dining experience can be coupled with Sunway Lagoon's fun outdoor activities, relaxation at the Mandara Spa, and shopping at Sunway Pyramid. Whenever you feel hungry, just head back in to Atrium Cafe to continue eating!

Atrium Cafe Buffet Marathon
Atrium Cafe 12-Hour Marthon Food Buffet
A group of bloggers and friends were invited the other day to try this gastronomic adventure, and yours truly managed to hitch a ride onto this sweet adventure thanks to Elwyn. It was a one day event, where we already had our programmes lined up from 11am until 5pm, most of it involves eating. We kicked off the day by filling our stomach with the brunch buffet. Check out the photos of some of the food offered by Atrium Cafe 12 Hour Marathon Buffet.

Atrium Cafe Buffet Marathon
Lots of good food, you must go over and check out the array of choices available to fully appreciate this.
Atrium Cafe Buffet Marathon
More food
Atrium Cafe Buffet Marathon
Desserts for our sweet tooth.
The food was really good, and had lots of varieties with starters like smoked salmon, grilled chicken breast to soup such as roasted pumpkin soup and seafood tomyum soup. We managed to savor food from the Malay, Indian, Chinese and Western kitchens which was truly "yummy-tastic!" The menu changes as the day progressed, so no worries there about having the same food during brunch and supper. 

Throughout the day, we participated in 3 food challenges and 1 Go Cart experience at Extreme Park, Sunway Lagoon. I've never tried the go-cart over at Sunway Lagoon before, so naturally I was really excited that day. Check out the videos of the 3 food challenges that I participated in, my stomach had never felt such fullness before.

Food Challenge #1: Wanton-Eating Challenge

Atrium Cafe Buffet Marathon
The pot of wantons
This was the challenge I lost by 2 pieces of wantons. Both the winner Jonathan and I had completed 4 bowls (5pcs of wanton per bowl) within 3 minutes, but for the unfinished bowl, i had 2 more pieces than him. It was great fun competing though!

Food Challenge #2: Sandwich-Eating Challenge

Atrium Cafe Buffet Marathon
To make the sandwich with all these ingredients and get as many eaten within 3minutes
Isaac Tan Winner
Me feeling rather happy for winning the Sandwich Eating Challenge.
This was a rather tough food challenge due to the size of the salmon. We were required to put a piece of each ingredients into our bread before munching it down. The highest number of sandwiches eaten within 3 minutes wins. I managed to down 7, my poor stomach. 

Food Challenge #3: Spicy Popiah-Eating Challenge

Atrium Cafe Buffet Marathon
Red hot spicy popiah
Atrium Cafe Buffet Marathon Bloggers
The contestants for the spicy popiah challenge.
I did not manage to get this challenge on video, but it was pretty quick as Benjamin showed us how to down 8 of these spicy popiah within 3 minutes to win this challenge. I suspected they added chili padi to the popiahs as it was really spicy!

At 3pm sharp, after our short complimentary 5minutes massage meant for Atrium Cafe buffet diners, and also the buffet lunch, the whole bunch of bloggers and friends headed off for some Go Cart action!

5 minute massage
Janice and I enjoying the massage
Atrium Cafe Buffet Marathon
Happy faces heading to Extreme Park for our Go Cart experience
Sunway Lagoon Go Cart
Have you tried Go Cart'ing? You should! It's an awesome experience.
Overall, it was a really great day, both for the body, mind and stomach. At a price of RM68++ per adult, I feel this buffet is really worth it. You're paying for one buffet, but you get to eat the whole day! Children aged 12 years and below dine at 50% off. For reservations, do call up +60374951888, email or visit the hotel's website at

The best thing is, MilkADeal will be coming up with a deal which goes live begining 1st July 2011 for this buffet. "Feast like Kings & Queens at the 12-hour Atrium Marathon Buffet, Atrium Cafe, Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa for only RM55 instead of RM78.90 [30% OFF]

Olly Murs

Olly Murs, or Oliver Stanley "Olly" Mursis is this really talented song writer and singer hailing from England. A quick check on Wikipedia got me some really interesting information on this awesome dude.

" Olly Murs achieved second place on the sixth series of The X Factor in 2009. In early 2010, he was signed to Syco Music and Epic Records, who are owned by Sony Music. After he toured with X Factor Finalists tour, he began recording his debut album "

"Murs' debut single, "Please Don't Let Me Go" charted at number one on the UK Singles Chart, after releasing it on 27 August. Olly's debut album followed his second official single "Thinking of Me", which charted at number four on the UK Singles Charts, and a week later Murs debut album, Olly Murs charted at number two on the UK Albums Chart. "

Olly Murs
Olly Murs

Why the sudden interest in him? Well, on top of the really famous status, coming up this August, there's going to be a performance by the man himself over at Kempton Park Racecourse. It's in UK by the way. To get tickets for his performance, do drop this link: Olly Murs Tickets .

Olly Murs
Looking good

So what are you waiting for? If you're a big fan of him, and so happen to be hanging around Kempton Park Racecourse, get those tickets and enjoy the show! I leave you with one of his recent performances on YouTube.

Transformers 3 Dark Of The Moon

Our World, Their War , that was the title for the Nuffnang Transformers 3 contest writeup which got me 2 complimentary tickets to the premiere screening tonight over in Midvalley Megamall. This is one really hyped up movie, in fact it's everywhere to the point that I have my office colleagues talking about how irritated they were when the online cinemas website was down when they wanted to buy the tickets in advanced. Many thanks to Nuffnang for giving me the opportunity to catch this awesome movie!

transformers 3 premiere
Transformer 3 Premiere Tickets
Anyway there I was mingling with the really huge crowd gathering at GSC Midvalley. There was a red carpet gala event thingy going on with some celebrities showing their faces to sign off the Transformers 3 wall. I felt like putting my autograph there too, but I thought it was kind of inappropriate to steal their thunder.

transformers 3 review
Some of the celebrities
As usual, caught a quick dinner with some fellow bloggers. The anticipation was really high and everyone was really in high spirits to catch the show.

transformers 3 premiere
The Crowd During the Premiere Night
Nuffnang Bloggers
Caught up with these wonderful ladies from Nuffnang (Jo Ann, Anne and their friend)
Anyway coming back to the movie, it's still a pretty awesome high budget movie which will entertain people from all ages. It's Transformers anyway, and we all grew up watching this franchise. Transformers 3: Dark Of The Moon brings back the characters from the 1st and 2nd installment, with some addition, the most glaring one would be our star actor (Sam Witwicky-Shia LaBeouf) love interest went from Megan Fox to this really stunning English model (Carly-Rosie Huntington-Whiteley).

The movie plays on the same premise of Autobots versus Decepticons except this time, we see a whole lot of action in play, violence, and high robot body counts. I could literally feel the metal hitting each other in the crash and fight scenes. It was pure action, which was good in a sense, except I would love to have more character building, especially on the transformers. Yes we see the countless Autobots and Decepticons, but I couldn't catch the names of the less well known robots because the focus was only on Optimus and the big names.

Overall, it was a good watch, and judging from the response from sold-out tickets this week up until next week, I sense a lot of people will be catching this movie. Will I watch this again? Probably on DVD. So have you bought your tickets yet? I leave you with some pictures from the movie, and the trailer.

transformers 3
The rather captivating Carly, if only I could take her scripts more seriously.
transformers dark of the moon
Mean machines
New character- Sentinel Prime

Mother's Home Cooking

No matter how many times I have eaten her cooking, no matter if it remains the same dishes, mother's cooking will always remain my favourite food. I guess it's because the effort put in to cook them came from her love towards her family, towards us. Tell me if you think otherwise.

Anyway I was back in Penang, my hometown for the weekend early this month, the same time Henry Lee came to visit. Read about our food hunting here. (New World Park Penang, Penang Air Itam Laksa). Mummy dearest whipped up some of her nice food which I feel like sharing with all of you. Do check out the below pictures.

Home Cook Curry Chicken
#1 Curry Chicken
home cook fried prawn fritters
#2 Fried Prawn Fritters
home cook fried crunchy fish
#3 Fried Crunchy Fish
fried chicken
#4 Fried Chicken
mum's home made yong tau foo
#5 Home Made Yong Tau Foo
Just seeing these food again made me wish I was back in Penang enjoying her cooking every day. Probably I might rush back to Penang again one of these coming weekends. Home cooked meals, nothing beats mum's cooking. So am I "Mama's boy"? In a way, I am, all the way!

Magnum Karaoke Party

"I Want To Sing-K With Magnum" reads the tagline for tonight's karaoke party fully sponsored by Magnum 4D. It was a Facebook invitation event, but a whole bunch of bloggers attended it too so I guess we could call it an awesome karaoke night by Magnum. Bloggers are awesome people remember? The venue was to be at the premier lounge of Red Box at The Gardens KL. A good venue because it gave me a chance to try out the The Gardens' Red Box Karaoke for the first time.

Red Box Karaoke
Red Box Karaoke, The Gardens
Magnum Karaoke Party
The promo banner for the night.
Upon arrival at Red Box, we were greeted warmly by the organizers (Magnum) especially the MC for the night KK. It was to be a night of singing, food, beer, some nintendo Wii games, and the very unique "Multi Million Ringgit Draw Program" which will be explained further down this post. As I was slightly late, most seats were already full, yet I still managed to squeeze in between some bloggers. There were some 60+ people all ready to have fun in the Premier Lounge.

Magnum Karaoke Party
Full house, people were everywhere snapping photos though.
With the yellow Magnum balloons flying everywhere, one would be forgiven if he or she thought this was a Digi party. Bear in mind the colour for Magnum is yellow too! The event kicked off with the compulsory "makan makan" session, this time we had the Red Box dinner buffet. Check out some pictures I took of the buffet spread and the food we had below.

Red Box Karaoke Food
Having an om nom noming good time!
It was a buffet spread, and that means there's going to be 2nd round, 3rd round, even 4th and 5th for the really hungry people. I enjoyed the food, but that was secondary as the next event on the schedule was going to be the main event, singing! What is a Karaoke party without people singing their lungs out to some beautiful karaoke music. Sing we did, clapping and swaying our heads to the music. I do feel there were so many talented singers among us.

Magnum Bloggers
Bloggers Group Pic #1
Magnum Bloggers
Bloggers must get good photos right? So here we are snapping photos of the singers.
Magnum Karaoke Party
Some of the winners for the Karaoke session, awesome voices here.
Next up was the "Multi Million Ringgit Draw Program" What is it about? In a nutshell, this was going to be a draw for 3 numbers spun out on the spot using this rather cute looking circular pointy wheel thingy. The numbers chosen will be played for the upcoming Magnum draw 770/11 on 02-07-2011. If the number were to hit the jackpot, the winnings will be divided among all the participants in tonight's party. For example, if the number wins RM1,000,000, divided by 88 participants, we would each get RM11,363. Let's all hope the numbers below pop up in the draw this 2nd July.

Magnum karaoke party
Spinning the wheel for lucky numbers
magnum karaoke party
"Huat Ah!", translated to literally mean luck is coming!
In fact, I was shouting "Huat Ah!" throughout the night, especially when the time for lucky draw came around. The prize? Lots of cash vouchers to be used for Magnum betting games. Yours truly got one of the lucky draw prize too, together with a bunch of other friends. Pretty cool idea actually, as it makes everyone happy.
magnum karaoke party
Janice and I with our winnings! Again, forgive the red face, blame the Carlsberg beer.
More singing ensued, while everyone took the opportunity to catch up with each other. I was glad to see some familiar faces, and meet some new friends. I make it a point to get to know as many new friends from each event. Of course, there were lots of photo taking, I leave you with some that I manage to capture.

magnum bloggers
Bloggers and Friends Group Pic #2
magnum bloggers
Group pic #3, aren't we aweomse?
The event ended on a happy note at 10.40pm, with the option to continue on until 3am if one so wishes to continue singing. Magnum Karaoke Party was a success, thanks to the organizers, Magnum, KK, and a whole bunch of great people. Thanks again Magnum for filling up my Saturday night with great friends and awesome music!

Magnum, Play The Game!

Another Visit To Nuffnang KL Office

My first time to Nuffnang's office over in Heritage House, Jalan Yap Ah Shak was back in January 2011, and the experience did leave a good impression on me. My previous writeup can be found here, "A Visit To Nuffnang KL Office". Ever since then, there were a couple more times I have dropped by the creatively orange decorated office.

If you're driving here, do park at the designated parking about 50-100 metres away where they charge around RM3/hour as roadside parking is illegal and may warrant a summon.

Nuffnang office KL
Nuffnang Office *Recycled image from previous writeup*

Nuffnang Sdn Bhd
12B-5&6, Heritage House, Jalan Yap Ah Shak,
Kuala Lumpur,
50300 Wilayah Persekutuan
03-2694 8828

There I was a few days back to collect some tickets, and this time I had company. A few fellow KL bloggers were there too to collect their tickets, hence we were able to catch up before heading up to the office. The recent Transformers: Dark of the Moon premiere tickets had to be collected from the office instead of the normal collection during the day of the screening. Probably Nuffnang wanted to meet the bloggers in person before handing over the tickets? I'm not really sure on the reasons though.

As always, each time I am there I'm always intrigued by the "Nuffnang Footprints Wall" for visitor to leave their mark in pieces of colored papers or photos. I said it was really creative then, and I will say it again here, creative and sentimental. Check out below on our quick group photo in front of the wall.

Nuffnang Bloggers
Us in front of the Footprint Wall L-R: Bernard, Jayren and I

Of course, I checked whether my piece of paper left there since January 2011 was still there. I'm happy to say, my orange colored piece of "footprint" is still happy and well, tucked in a corner of the big wall. Well, hopefully as the number of "post it" increases, my paper does not get missing.
My orange footprint, forgive me for I'm not creative enough to make an elaborate one.

Of course, I saw so many other "footprints" of fellow bloggers and am really impressed with the effort they put in. We had a few which had photographs included, some with a collage of pictures, and most had brightly colored writings and drawings. Creative bloggers indeed. Have you dropped your footprint there yet?

Transformers Premiere Tickets
The Transformers Premiere Tics that we collected that day.

Of course, after the short visit, we adjourned for some food at PappaRich Cafe at the Asian Heritage Row just next door. A really nice environment to hang out with friends. "PappaRich Asian Heritage Row"

PappaRich Asian Heritage Row

I had the opportunity to dine in at my second PappaRich recently, this time at it's outlet at Asian Heritage Row at Jalan Doraisamy, KL. My first time eating at this franchise was at Papparich Cafe Sri Rampai. I've always thought of PappaRich as an eatery similar to Old Town, but this outlet at Asian Heritage Row proved to me the ambience was a class higher.

PappaRich at Jalan Doraisamy, Asian Heritage Row

Samsung Chelsea Tour 2011 Experience

Whether you're a fan of the Blues (Chelsea) or not, these are exciting times. Come this 21st July 2011, English Premier League Champions Chelsea will be in town for their Asia Tour 2011 and also for pre-season training. Malaysia has been listed in their itinerary, with a friendly match between Malaysia XI versus Chelsea FC to be played at Bukit Jalil Stadium this coming July!

Chelsea Vs Malaysia
Coming Soon!
Malaysia XI vs Chelsea FC
Time: 8.45pm
Date: 21st July 2011
Venue: Bukit Jalil National Stadium

The last time Chelsea came here for a match with Malaysia XI was in 2008, where Malaysia lost 0-2 to Chelsea FC at the Shah Alam Stadium. Are we going to see a repeat this year? Or has our Malaysian football team improved enough to bring the fight to Chelsea? I for one am extremely hyped up for this upcoming event. Tickets are currently on sale via Ticketpro but do check out how you can get a pair of passes for free and more via Samsung's Chelsea Contest!

Samsung Chelsea Experience, brought to you by Samsung is a fairly simple contest which can win you a chance to sit with the Chelsea team during the showdown! Do check out the banner below. The contest runs from 7th June to 10th July 2011.

Chelsea Vs Malaysia
Samsung Chelsea Experience
The mechanics to enter this contest is fairly simple, just purchase any Samsung products for a minimum of RM300, and SMS to their number, and you're in the running to be one of the 120 weekly winners for the next 5 weeks.

Chelsea Vs Malaysia
Details on how to join.
For more details, do log on to or See you there this 21st July 2011 at Bukit Jalil National Stadium my friends!

Pantai Ria Restaurant Port Dickson

Today, I was over at Port Dickson, one of the few times I actually dropped by this part of Malaysia. This time I'm here for my pre-wedding photoshoot. It was 3pm, and we have not had our lunch yet, the first chinese restaurant we headed to was closed. Our seasoned photographer then suggested this Pantai Ria Restaurant for a quick tea/lunch break.

Pantai Ria Port Dickson
Pantai Ria Restaurant
Restoran Pantai Ria‎
4/223 Jalan Pantai
71050 Port Dickson

The first thing that caught my attention was the word "Muslim Seafood" printed on its banner. It got me thinking on the reason why they chose to go halal. The owner is a chinese muslim? Or probably they figured by going halal, there would be more customers. Anyway that's secondary, because I was more interested in the quality of the food.

Pantai Ria Port Dickson
A signboard by the main road pointing the way
Pantai Ria Port Dickson
Clean and tidy environment

Since there were four of us, I went ahead to order four dishes. The settings and menu is akin to being in a chinese seafood restaurant, minus the pork. Do check out some of the dishes we ordered.

Scrambled eggs
#1 Foo Yong Tan (Scrambled Eggs with Onions and Prawns) - RM8
Lemon Fried Chicken
#2 Lemon Fried Chicken - RM12
Sizzling Toufu
#3 Sizzling Hot Plate Toufu - RM12
Belacan Kangkung
#4 Belacan Kangkung - RM10

All four dishes were really rather delicious. The lemon fried chicken was great with the lemon sauce on it which kind of reminded me of Thai food. As for the sizzling hot plate toufu, it came sizzling, with enough toufu to feed four hungry mouths.

One thing that was lacking was the egg contents. They were more generous with the toufu than the egg which should be spread all round the pan. As for the scrambled eggs and sambal kangkung, no complains here. They both tasted exactly how I would have expected from a good chinese restaurant.

Isaac Tan
Janice and I before the meal

For the pricing, the total damage came up to RM53.20 inclusive of rice and drinks which I felt to be quite reasonable. Bear in mind this was a meal for four adults. Somehow, I still wonder if Muslims will still drop by this restaurant, because other than the words "Muslim Restaurant", I could not find the Halal logo anywhere. Anyway it was a good meal, and if you so happen to drop by Port Dickson at 3pm in the afternoon where all other restaurants are either closed or not opened yet, go for this restaurant!