Conan The Barbarian (2011)

Last night, I had the opportunity to catch this movie Conan The Barbarian over at GSC Gurney Plaza in Penang. It wasn't a planned activity as I had these vouchers for another movie, but upon entering the cinema I figured Conan The Barbarian would be a better watch. I'm a sucker for violent, brutal and gory movies, and I heard initial reviews about how violent this movie is.

Conan The Barbarian
Conan The Barbarian The Movie

Farlim Coffee Shop Penang

There's this coffee shop within walking distance from my family house in Farlim, Penang that serves local Penang cuisine. In fact there are many coffee shops around the vicinity, but as of now, I didn't get a good look on the name, so we shall just give it a generic "Farlim Coffee Shop Penang" name.

The stall I ordered Sar Hor Fun from, which my friend told me is rather famous in Farlim.

Sakae Sushi Sunway Pyramid

Sakae Sushi, the cooler and some people say better version of Sushi King. To me both these franchise are very similar, with Sakae Sushi having a slighter edge in terms of the environment and food quality. My last visit to Sakae Sushi was at its branch in The Curve. Anyway the other day, I was at Sunway Pyramid with Janice when we decided to grab a quick bite over at its Sakae Sushi Japanese Restaurant.

Sakae Sushi Sunway Pyramid
Sakae Sushi

ZenQ Desserts Sunway Pyramid

Did you know there's a really nice new place to have some desserts in Sunway Pyramid? Opened not too long ago, ZenQ Desserts with dessert styles originating from Taiwan invited a bunch of us for an evening of "sweetness". Sweet indeed, from the moment we arrived until we finished tasting some of their finest desserts on ZenQ's menu.

ZenQ Desserts Sunway Pyramid

Wine Tasting With Dean Hewitson

Vineyards Direct Malaysia held their wine tasting event over at Menara Citibank, Ampang the other day for investors and medias to have a sampling of their spectacular wine as well as to learn up more on wine investment. Thanks to Newskaki and Servcorp, I was invited to sample first hand some really good Hewitson's wines.

Wine Tasting With Dean Hewitson

Wine Investment, which is pretty new to me.

Asia Cafe Kota Damansara

Last week, after catching the special screening of Bridesmaid, a couple of us decided to drop by this rather nice looking food court Asia Cafe over at Kota Damansara. I was told there is another similar food court by the same name in PJ which was way more popular. Anyway this was my first time here to sample some of their local delicacies.

Asia Cafe Kota Damansara
Asia Cafe Kota Damansara

The Smurfs Contest Free Giveaways !

Smurfs are in town! I'm just too excited over this fact, this time there will be free giveaways courtesy of Sony Pictures and NewsKaki! So what if i have already written two previous writeups on Smurfs, this time it's different because freebies are involved. I shall explain the mechanics of this contest further down this blog post. 

The Smurfs Contest Free Giveaways

Final Destination 5 (2011) Movie Review

Thanks to ChurpChurp, I got a chance to catch the movie Final Destination 5 over in TGV KLCC tonight. Being a fan of the Final Destination franchise, I did not miss out the chance to catch this special screening. My expectations weren't very high to begin with because we all know Final Destination movies recycle the same plot to death (pun intended) It's how they play out the death scenes that I'm interested in.

Final Destination 5 (2011) Movie Review

Feeling Cafe Wangsa Maju

Feeling Cafe over at Section 2 Wangsa Maju has been around for quite some time, and is ever popular with the residents and students staying around the surrounding area. I've been here on numerous occasions before just to have a quick bite while listening to some nice live singing. The other night, a couple of fellow bloggers so happen to be in the area and we decided to catch up over at Feeling Cafe Wangsa Maju.

Feeling Cafe Wangsa Maju

The Lounge GTower Hotel

GTower Hotel, the luxurious and corporate looking hotel located on Jalan Tun Razak has been the favourite topic for KL folks recently for it's Ramadhan buffets, exclusive bars, lounge, restaurants, gym and rooms. I personally have been here on numerous occasions, two of which was by invitation for the TimeOut KL Cocktail Mixing Workshop and the View Rooftop Bar Cocktail Review. This time around, I was invited by Elwyn, and a bunch of other blogger friends to try out the High-Tea 3-Tier Sandwich and Pastries menu at The Lounge GTower Hotel

The Lounge G Tower Hotel

Bridesmaid (2011) Movie Review

A couple of days back thanks to Mikhaela and United International Pictures, I got a chance to catch the premiere of this movie Bridesmaid over in E@Curve. First thing that came to my mind when I heard of the movie title was, is this a horror movie? I'm not sure why, but Bridesmaid do give me the perception its a horror movie. I was so wrong, Bridesmaid is this really funny comedy / chick flick which I guess anyone who has a wedding coming up soon can relate to.

Bridesmaid (2011) Movie
Bridesmaid Movie

Eccentric Urban Hip Club At Sri Hartamas

There's a new bar or urban hip club as per written on the signage in Sri Hartamas, just next to Souled Out. A bunch of us were invited for Eccentric Bar in Sri Hartamas for it's grand launch a month back. It wasn't a really big affair, as the owners were adamant to keep the exclusiveness of the bar.

Eccentric Urban Hip Club At Sri Hartamas
Eccentric Urban Hip Club

Taiwan Recipe Midvalley Megamall

I found myself dining in this restaurant more times than I can remember, not because it is exceptionally good, but more of convenience, affordability and speed. I realize I always set foot to dine at Taiwan Recipe, previously known as Little Taiwan every time I'm rushing to get a bite before a movie. This time it wasn't any different, as I needed to get something to eat before my movie started and Taiwan Recipe in Midvalley Megamall just next to the cinema was my choice of dinner venue. 

Taiwan Recipe Midvalley Megamall
Taiwan Recipe Midvalley

Penang Fried Oyster At Seng Thor Coffee Shop

After having some good food at Penang Batu Lanchang Market, Jamie and I decided to drive to Seng Thor Coffee Shop in Carnavon Street for its famous fried oyster. Seng Thor Coffee Shop has been around for ages and serves one of the best fried oyster I've tried on top of a couple of other usual Penang fares. We were there primarily for its fried oyster.

Fried Oyster At Seng Thor Coffee Shop Penang
Seng Thor Coffee Shop, Penang

Carmen's House Party With Bloggers

Still remember a Fried Oreo Party which I attended back in April 2011? If not do check out my past writeup here for a refresher. (Oreo Party Gathering At Carmen's Place) A couple of us, KL bloggers decided to organize another similar pot luck event, and invited fellow bloggers to join in the fun. This time around, we had Edwin to prepare his homemade macarons and sweet desserts which were awesome to say the least.

KL Blogger Party
Sweet sweet Macarons for the party

Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Penang !

Coming this August 25th, Johnnie Walker, the world's number one Scotch whisky and the market leader in Malaysia will continue the iconic and successful series of glamorous Black Circuit race parties by launching the first event of its kind in Penang. I had the opportunity to catch this exclusive V-VIP event back in April over at the Palace Of The Golden Horses, and it was awesome. Check out my previous post -event write-up here. (Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge 2011!)

Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge 2011
This time the party to be at is Happening in Penang!

Cowboys And Aliens (2011) Movie Review

Cowboys and Aliens, a new movie directed by the same director of the Iron Man franchise is set to hit our local cinemas. Based on a comic book series, with reknowned actors Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford heading the cast, this movie brings much promise. Thanks to ChurpChurp, I had the opportunity to catch the premiere of Cowboys and Aliens over at TGV cinema, KLCC.

cowboys and aliens movie review
Movie Poster for Cowboys & Aliens

Penang Batu Lanchang Market Food Court

My last trip to Penang last weekend was a fruitful one where I managed to get some things done. I managed to slot in an afternoon of penang food "makan makan" session with 2 other Penang bloggers (Eugene and JamieY) over at Batu Lanchang Market Food Court. My last meet-up with Eugene was over some good dim sums in Farlim a few months back. (Maxim Dim Sum Farlim Penang)

Penang Batu Lanchang Delicious Food
Penang Batu Lanchang Market Food Complex

Penang Air Itam Assam Laksa

Each time the topic on food in Penang surface among my friends, this place is sure to be on the tip of their tongue. The famous Penang Assam Laksa at Air Itam, they say you must try it at least once if you're up in the island of Penang. My family house in Penang is just a stone's throw distance away from this spot, so I wasn't really sure what's the hype surrounding this stall.

Penang Air Itam Assam Laksa
The famous Air Itam Penang Laksa Stall

My Favourite Smurf

The Smurfs movie is coming to down, and it's coming really soon! From my childhood days, I've always been in love with these little blue people humming to their little blue Smurf song going "La la la la la la la... la la la" whole day. Smurfs 3D movie will hit our cinemas this 1st September 2011 and I'm all hyped up over the prospect of reliving my childhood interest! Specially customized for this post, all fonts shall be in light blue, the colour of Smurfs!

The Smurfs
The Smurfs Poster

Gleneagles Intan Medical Centre

I sit here tonight on a chair companying my dear partner Janice Soon while she lies on a hospital bed in Gleneagles Intan Medical Centre. This wasn't my first time over at this very high class hospital, as I've had colleagues who were admitted here before. However, it is my first time spending the night over, not on a hospital bed, but on a chair in a ward.

Gleneagles Intan Medical Centre

Guinness Arthur's Day Media Launch

Arthur's Day, I was rather confused when invited by a fellow blogger for this event, but when told it was Arthur Guinness' Day Launch Event, everything fell into place. Initially I thought Arthur was this rich KL fellow that held a party to celebrate his special day with Guinness Stout. After a quick check online via my iPhone, I was brought up to date on this event.

Guinness Arthur's Day Media Launch
Arthur's Day at The Beer Factory, Sunway Giza

World of Warcraft Visualized

World of Warcraft or WoW in short has been one of the hottest and massive multiplayer online role-playing game for many years now, and the interests have not been dwindling. In fact, if you look at the infographics below, WoW's popularity is increasing

The Process of Brewing Beer

Here's an interesting infographic to share on the process of brewing beer. 
Do check out the below infographic for the starting process of "malting" up until the last process of "packaging" all ready to be delivered to our local beer distributors.

Aroma Thai Restaurant Damansara Perdana

Aroma Thai, the name alone got me thinking of some aromatic nice tasting Thai food. The other day, together with a couple of other bloggers, we were invited for a dinner at Aroma Thai in Damansara Perdana by Iris from Aroma Thai showcased some "homecooked" Thai, as the owner Julius Khoo mentioned that their cooks are employed from Thai to prepare "homecooked" styled dishes.

Aroma Thai Restaurant Damansara Perdana
Aroma Thai Restaurant

Weissbrau Pavilion KL New Beer Launch

Weissbrau German Bar & Bistro, a great German bar to have some really good beer and food in Pavilion KL. My first time over at this happening place was back in May for their new menu launch. This round, Weissbrau Pavilion had their new beer launch, Schneider Weisse, available exclusively in Malaysia at Weissbrau. Yours truly did not miss the chance to sample this smooth German beer.

Schneider Weisse German Beer

Hennessy Artistry 2011 Mist Club

Following up on my pre-event writeup for this happening clubbing event Hennessy Artistry happening this July 2011, today I'm going to wite about Hennessy Artistry 2011 held at Mist Club, Bangsar last weekend. The first Hennessy Artistry event was organized four months back in April. Do check out my previous post on Hennessy Artistry 2011 Opera Sunway. I was delighted to be invited again this round over in Mist Club.

Hennessy Artistry 2011 Mist Club

Molten Lava Cafe One Utama

Molten Lava has been around on the lower ground floor of One Utama New Wing and may not be a new thing to some of you. However for me, Churros is definately a new term for me. Molten Lava specializes in Churros and Funnel Cakes with a mix of fusion local dishes and Macarons! I was delighted when invited by Carmen to go for a round of good food in Molten Lava the other day. 

Molten Lava Logo