Mother's Cooking

Last weekend I was back at my hometown for only 2 days. Time flew by so fast that before I knew it, I was already in the car driving back to KL. I wish I had more time being with my parents, maybe soon I'll invite them over to KL when I've settled down here.

Anyway while I was there, my mum actually put in the effort to whip up some dishes for me and my brother. It wasn't an elaborate meal, neither was it made with expensive ingredients, but for us it was mum's cooking. And that to us is the perfect meal. Check out some of the pictures I managed to capture, mother kept asking what it was for, and I just told her it's to share it with the whole "world".


What can I say, I love you mum. Not forgetting father too, both of you brought us up with love and I hope to be able to repay the love you've showered unto us that helped shaped us into what we've become. Mother's cooking is still the best for me and my brother in this whole wide world.