Taiwan Recipe K Avenue

During PC Fair last weekend, after braving the crowd for 5 hours, we were hungry for some food and stopped by this Taiwanese restaurant at Avenue K just next to KLCC. Taiwan Recipe K Avenue is located exactly at the entrance of KLCC Putra LRT.

Taiwan Recipe K Avenue
Taiwan Recipe K Avenue

I've always thought the name of the shop was Little Taiwan, but guess I was mistaken, not sure if it was a name change or not. Anyway it's called Taiwan Recipe now. We were 3 hungry guys just back from PC fair looking for some good food to fill our hunger and immediately proceeded to order from the menu.

Taiwan Recipe K Avenue
The menu

The ambience of the restaurant was nice, it had an orange colored hue to the whole place. I could see some students actually studying there with their notes.

Taiwan Recipe K Avenue
Studying while you eat?

We ordered a main dish for each of us, and an extra side dish. The bill that came up was pretty reasonable, under RM60 if I can remember correctly. Do forgive my memory as I couldn't remember exactly how much each dish was priced. Anyway below would be some pictures of the food we took that day.

Taiwan Recipe K Avenue
Our side dish, and Taiwan Restaurant Favourite, Salted Fried Chicken

Taiwan Recipe K Avenue
My Beef Balls Noodles, the beef balls were nice.
Taiwan Recipe K Avenue
Pork balls noodles
Taiwan Recipe K Avenue
Taiwan Sausage Lou Shu Fan
Taiwan Recipe K Avenue
Taiwan Recipe K Avenue
My usual Honey Dew Pearl Milk Tea

Overall it was a good meal, and filling enough to feed 3 hungry grown man. The taste was good, but recently I think I've been to one too many Taiwan Restaurants as this one tasted the same as the rest. There were no exceptionally unique flavors which got me excited.

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suituapui said...

Food looks ok. This kind of places usually a bit more expensive, no? Cheaper in kopitiam...and often nicer too.

suituapui said...

P.S. I was expecting a Penang post... This one is a scheduled post, no? Guess you're still in Penang right now.

Crazywrazy said...

Ambience checked. Food photos checked. Food description checked. Food price OMG hilang LOL! Food taste HALF HALF lol! When you wan to turn into food pro blogger ahr :) hahaha

darranlow said...

Under 60RM for 3? That is really cheap. I can only wish we could eat at such prices in Singapore

Bananazஇ People said...

Bananaz would go for the tikus noodles with Taiwan sausage. So you met the Godfather of Penang and paid your protection money haha.

tekkaus said...

The food there still look kinda localized ler. :p Not very taiwanese. :p

tekkaus said...

I would love to drink your milky honey dew too. :p

hildamilda said...

Beef noodles and pork ball noodles seem yummy (:

Reanact said...

STP and myself opt for coffeeshops.. hahahaa.. we older generation is like that... but i guess in big cities, it is different.. mostly are fine dining now...

wenn said...

i hv been to taiwan and i love its food.

tracey said...

Lol reading ur blog at dis hour make me feel so hungweeey! >.<
The food looks so yummeh.