Love And Other Drugs Special Screening

I was privileged enough to be chosen for another movie screening, this round courtesy of and it was for the movie "Love and Other Drugs". It's not a new movie, so i shall not refer it as a premiere screening. However the movie has not been shown in Malaysia yet, most probably due to the excessive nude scenes (of course none of it appeared in the screening).

Movie Poster

The screening started at 9.30pm, but I was there very early at Cathay, e@Curve to collect the tickets at 7pm. You can call me "kiasu", but it paid off as I got myself couple seats at the back row. Watching a couple love story while sitting on a couple seat, with my couple, now that's really something.

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My Couple Seats Tickets

Before actually watching the movie, I asked one of my blogger friend if she had watched it, and she did! She gave a heads up that the movie was quite funny but warned me that there would be a lot of censored scenes. True enough, the screening was peppered with cut and censored scenes! I lost count after the 5th or 6th cut scenes. It was quite bad, as the storyline was affected.

Anyway, let's not be biased over the excessive censorship and focus on the short review I have on this movie. Love and Other Drugs is actually based on a memoir named Hard Sell: The Evolution Of A Viagra Salesman. However the main plot of the movie isn't about viagra, but more towards a love story of a successful salesman Jamie Randall (Jake Gyllenhaal) with a young lady Maggie Murdock (Anne Hathaway) who was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease.

Randall is this super charming handsome block who could sway any lady into bed with him, and uses it to good effect to get ahead in the world of pharmaceutical medicine sales while Maggie is this free spirit girl who won't let anyone tie her down. They meet, and after countless occasions of sexual encounters with no strings attached, both of them started to fall for each other. Then the dilemma comes in, is Randall willing to sacrifice his strength and the impending full time care of Maggie whose condition would inevitably worsen in the future? Would love conquer all? Well, watch it to find out.

Overall it is a nice romantic comedy, but with all the censored cuts, a huge chunk of the story was messed up. Somehow I think getting the uncut dvd version would be better, if it is possible. Do check out the trailer and some photos of the movie below.

Lovely couple
Our super Viagra Salesmen
Happy couple