The Roommate Movie Premiere

The Roommate, now what comes to mind when you see these 2 words? Throughout my college and uni days, I don't have the luxury to have a room to myself, so there's always a roommate sharing a room with me. The first thing that comes to my mind was roommates, how exciting can that be? Not when your roommate's someone who is seriously obsessed with you, and is willing to go to extreme measures to stalk and have you to him or herself!

The Roommate 2011

Think along those lines and you have the plot for this new movie to hit our cinemas "The Roommate". I was fortunate enough to obtain 2 invites from Eli for this premiere screening by Nuffnang held at GSC 1 Utama. As usual, reached earlier to have a nice dinner with the gang before heading off to collect the movie tickets at 8pm. The show started at 9pm.

Complimentary pair of movie tickets

Ticket Counter
Mr and Mrs Ticket Issuer (Thara and hubby)

Coming back to the movie, The Roommate stars Minka Kelly (Sara Matthews) as this college girl who just entered this new college apartment and Leighton Meester (Rebecca) as her new roommate. Both are really hot ladies I might add.The movie is very simple, really. Here's how it goes, new roommate comes in, new roommate obsessed with Sara, hurts and kills Sara's close friends, Sara finds out, Sara gets scared, Sara fights back with boyfriend Cam Gigandet (Stephen).

Somehow I find the movie really very predictable, with an expected finale. Come on, if I knew what was going to happen, why would I pay good money to watch it. The movie sort of redeems itself by the sound effects and scare tactics to make the audience jump every now and then. My only thoughts after the movie was, if the 2 main actresses weren't hot, I wonder if the movie would still be watchable. Anyway check out the trailer and a few photos from the movie below.

BFFs forever?
Still BFFs, notice the freaky stare from the roommate on the left.
See the stare again! Kind of scary I tell you.


  1. air_canada36712:44 AM

    cepat nya lol

  2. air_canada36712:45 AM

    cepatnya lol

  3. hahah I wan the laptop lol omg!

    as my view here, you can discribe more about the movie by not giving so much spoiler out.

    but it seems that this movie trailer already give out the movie spoiler so . . . well it is slightly screw up and this movie is normal for me anyways XD

  4. Oh! So this movie very predictable? Aiya, like dat not nice lah. OK not watching it unless really nothing to do and no movies to watch haha!!

  5. Foongpc, watch it for the actresses. *winks.. Lol!

  6. Kian Fai, Hehe, but ok la, can get scared also, especially with the roomate's obsession.

    Did i Give out too much? I didn't give out the ending :) And you're right, by watching the tralier, we already know how the movie goes.

  7. Tony, Cepat when I'm excited. And I'm excited tonight! Wahahaha.

  8. Shiok Leng1:28 AM

    They look sooooooo alike that i thought she played two roles.. Haha! And damn youre fast!

  9. I'd prefer a room all to myself... I need privacy. LOL!!!

  10. Alice Law9:45 AM

    This movie sounds a little creepy to me... congratulation anyway for the movie treat!^^

  11. yeay! naseb baik i don't look too fat in this pic :P nice review! and yesss, superrrr cepat! but u know, all the while at the cinema ive been wondering, did that sara girl get a chin job?

  12. i don't mind watching it again :P, i love leighton meester :)

  13. Reanact4:26 PM

    wow..what a great review! u r really good in writing movie posts...

  14. Submerryn5:13 PM

    LoL! Ada Ms and Mr Ticket issuer lagi.. :D

    I lived in a room with 11 others from different countries during college time.. I've seen worst! :P

  15. Eugeneung5:36 PM

    Bro,next time ask lah Nuffnang to give us penang's bloggers some goodies loll,, so jelos of you guys in KL,,sob sob

  16. Minka and Rebecca look alike! You're most welcome, Isaac :D

  17. Err.. hurm not interest me enuff. :/

  18. Minka and Rebecca look alike! You're most welcome, Isaac :D


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