Wealth & Destiny Fengshui Workshop By Joey Yap

The full day feng shui workshop displayed with prominent words "Wealth & Destiny" by Joey Yap. Now who doesn't want to get a  chance to take charge of their wealth, career and relationships? When I was given the opportunity to catch this workshop free courtesy of Celcom, I snapped at the chance. The workshop was held at KL Convention centre to a full convention hall packed with eager participants.

Wealth & Destiny Fengshui Seminar By Joey Yap
Wealth & Destiny Seminar Ticket

MTV World Stage LIVE in Malaysia 2011

MTV Worldstage was held LIVE in Malaysia last couple of weeks on the night of 24th July 2011 over in ICity, Shah Alam. I was fortunate to get a couple of invites thanks to Benjamin. So there I was for an outdoor concert hosted by MTV feeling rather excited because I rarely go for concerts of this sort. This year's MTV Worldstage had a line-up of 30 Seconds to Mars, Neon Trees, Beast, and Pop Shuvit.

Astro Hitz Spin Master 2 Finale

Astro Hitz Spin Master 2 is the second edition of the only televised DJ competition in Malaysia, kicked off in May 2011 (Astro Hitz Spin Master 2 Launched) culminated with its finale in Zouk KL on the 16th July. The competition itself attracted 50 hopeful DJs in a battle to win an all expense paid trip to London, and a 30 minute spin slot at the "Gallery", Ministry of Sound in London.

Astro Hitz Spin Master 2 Finale
DJ Spin Master 2!

Pepper Lunch Sunway Pyramid

Just before catching the movie Hangover 2 the other day, a bunch of us decided to crash into this eatery called Pepper Lunch located just one floor below TGV Cinemas in Sunway Pyramid. The Pepper Lunch franchise wasn't new to me as I have had the express version over at Midvalley Megamall a few months back. Read about my previous writeup of Pepper Lunch Express Midvalley Megamall here.

Pepper Lunch Sunway Pyramid
Pepper Lunch Sunway Pyramid

The Hangover Part 2 Movie Review

Tonight I had the chance to catch this movie "Hangover 2", a sequel to the movie "Hangover" thanks to Nuffnang. It was held at TGV Sunway Pyramid, and judging from the good reviews from the original movie, I went into the cinema hall hoping to catch a good classy comedy.

the hangover part 2

Hometown Kopitiam At The Curve

The other day, I was at E Curve for Larry Crowne screening when a few of us bloggers decided to get together over a quick dinner. I've tried the Vivo Pizza a couple of times, as well as Sakae Sushi and Xian Ding Wei, so we figured we should try a different eatery. One quick round, and we decided to dine in at this nice looking restaurant aptly named Hometown Kopitiam which showcased some authentic kopitiam decor.

Hometown Kopitiam

True Discovery Reptile Collection At ICity

Fresh from the laser tag event with fellow bloggers last week over in ICity, we were introduced to True Discovery, tagged to be the largest reptile collection in Malaysia. True Discovery was just a few steps away from Laser Warzone in ICity, Shah Alam. Being someone really interested with new stuffs, and believe me, having so many reptiles under one roof is really a new experience for me!

True Discovery Reptile Farm Showcase
True Discovery @ ICity; Take a walk on the wild side with me!

Musang King Durians

Musang King durians, what do you know about these "more expensive than normal" yellow colored, creamy sweet tasting durians? Well for me, I have no idea there's a durian variety named Musang King until recently when I saw some tweets from friends discussing about it. A quick check online got me educated on what the fuss is all about.

Musang King Durian
Musang King Durians

View Rooftop Bar At G Tower Hotel

Happy times are when we're with friends just chilling out enjoying an activity together. Last weekend, I was elated to get invited for a cocktail tasting event over at this really posh View Rooftop Bar over at G Tower Hotel KL. The last time I was over at G Tower Hotel was for the TimeOut KL Cocktail Mixing Workshop, which left me with a very lasting good impression of the place.

view rooftop bar G Tower Hotel
View Rooftop Bar @ G Tower Hotel (Photos credits to Nikel Khor)

Huge Fried Bananas At Ampang

Today I had the urge to grab myself some fried bananas and it just so happens there's one just opposite my company. "Goreng Pisang" as they call it here, is one of Malaysia's favourite tea time snack. In fact, it doesn't necessarily have to be taken only during tea time, any time is a good time for a goreng pisang!

Huge bananas
This is one huge banana called the "pisang tanduk"

NZ Garden Cafe At Jalan Ampang

The other day I was at Zouk KL around lunch time for the Astro Spinmaster 2 Finale and found myself looking for some food. I found it rather tough finding affordable and nice food around Jalan Ampang area, and ended up at this nice looking restaurant about 150 metres away from Zouk. NZ Garden Cafe is this mamak eatery offering mixed rice and malaysian specialty food.

NZ Garden Cafe Jalan Ampang

Laser Tag At Laser Warzone ICity Shah Alam

Have you ever tried the latest craze in town? Laser tag, a new form of "paintball" minus the mess, the heat and pain. I've always thought Paintball should be renamed 'Pain'ball as there's a whole lot of pain involved in that game. But hey, in laser tag battles, the only pain you will get would be the heartache when you get shot and lose the game! I have had the chance to try out this laser tag game over in this cool new place in I-City Shah Alam called Laser Warzone with 25 other fellow bloggers thanks to Elwyn who invited us.

laser tag event at Laser Warzone
Laser Warzone with the tagline "The Ultimate Lasertag Challenge"

First Ever ChurpOut Session At Mark's Place, PJ

Tonight, ChurpChurp with the tagline "A community for social media influencers" held their first ever ChurpOut session at this fresh and cool bar named Mark's Place in PJ. Mark's Place is located in Kelana Jaya and serves fusion cuisine and fine whiskey by the lake. Yes, there's a lake just in front of the venue. I was truly excited when I got the invites to attend this session by ChurpChurp, reminding me of yet another awesome blogger's gathering I attended early this year (Nuffnang Sharing Session).

ChurpChurp ChurpOut
ChurpChurp's Invitational Poster (An Invitation to Chill Out and Make Friends)

Larry Crowne (2011) Movie Review

From my previous post here, I actually won myself 2 tickets to catch a special screening for the new movie by Tom Hanks, Larry Crowne. I was actually interested in this romantic comedy because it actually starred two rather famous stars Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts, and I love catching romantic comedies with my loved one.

Larry Crowne Movie Review
Larry Crowne Banner at E Curve

DiGi WWWOW Awards 2011

Digi WWWOW Awards, an online voting contest that ran for the past month or so culminated with an awards night over at the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (KLPAC) in Sentul on the 12th July 2011. I was privileged to get invited by Qian and Benjamin to witness the first internet based awards. The tagline was "Malaysia's 1st By The People, For the People, Internet for all Awards" and this was truly a first for people to get recognized for all their works through the internet.

Digi WWWOW Awards 2011
Digi WWWOW Awards 2011 Banner

Marrybrown Restaurant Genting Highlands

Marrybrown is a Malaysian owned fast food franchise which isn't as popular as the usual KFC or Mcdonalds but have been around the local scene for quite some time now. They serve a localized fare of fried chicken, chicken porridge, nasi lemak, burgers and more. Anyway this post would be my take on Marrybrown's branch in First World Plaza, Genting Highlands.

Marrybrown Restaurant
Marrybrown Genting Highlands

Marrybrown Restaurant
First World Plaza,
Genting Highlands

Part of the reason how I ended up in a fast food restaurant on the first night I was up in Genting Highlands the other day was the fact that I arrived way past midnight. Walking around Genting, there weren't much choices for hot food as most eateries were already closed for the night. This was when I stumbled upon Marrybrown with it's "Open 24hours" sign, with the promise of offering hot freshly prepared food. It was indeed a welcome sight on a cold night.

Marrybrown Restaurant
Marrybrown with its "open door" concept

Since it was already late, we did not order a heavy meal but something light which consisted of their signature dish the Marrybrown Nasi Lemak, some porridge, and a Fish & Chips set to share. Check out below on what we had that night.

Marrybrown Restaurant
#1 Chicken Porridge
Marrybrown Restaurant Menu
#2 Marrybrown Nasi Lemak
Marrybrown Restaurant Menu
#3 Fish and Chips
Marrybrown Restaurant Menu
#4 Soft drink included

There's nothing much to shout about in terms of the food, and I was surprised at the size of the fried chicken drumstick which came with the nasi lemak. It looked like it shrunk during the cooking process. The porridge was hot and tasted good though, and so was the fish and chips. For a price of around RM12 per set with drinks included, it's not too cheap but we all know food prices in Genting Highlands are always overpriced to begin with.

Marrybrown Restaurant
The wall design which tempted me to get the fried chicken in the first place.
An affordable yet satisfying meal at close to 2am in the morning. I was just thankful that they still had restaurants serving hot food this late at night, or early in the morning, depending on how you look at it. I should also mention, by showing your Genting Worldcard, you're able to obtain a 10% discount off your total bill.

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Sony Ericsson W8 Review -Spec and Design

Fresh from unboxing my Sony Ericsson W8 (Sony Ericsson W8 Review -Unboxing), it's time to share on the nitty gritty technical specifications on this tiny gadget, and what sets it apart from it's previous generation, the Sony Ericsson Xperia X8. In this post, I shall be sharing the specification and a short comparison of this latest W8 and Experia X8. This post serves as Part 2 of my review.

Sony Ericsson W8 Review
#1 To open the cover for access, just snap off from the side as shown.
Design wise, the W8 is a real piece of art as I found it both pleasing to look at, and light as feather. My iPhone felt like a brick when comparing their weights. Weighing at only 104gms, for a smartphone, no other mobile phones come close.

Sony Ericsson W8 Review
#2 Sony Ericsson W8 Design
To open the cover, there was no sliding involved, as it just involves snapping the back cover out. It came off easily without much trouble. I was initially apprehensive that it will spoil the phone, but it was just needless worries. Inside we have the 1200mAH battery, as well as the the sim card and micro SD memory card slots.

Sony Ericsson W8 Review
#4 With the back case off
Sony Ericsson W8 Review
#5 Sony Ericsson W8 1200 mAh capacity battery
The W8 came with a 2GB micro SD memory which should suffice for normal usage. Should you find you have too much songs or videos, you can upgrade to a bigger storage memory card. For me, the 2GB storage space should be more than enough for my daily needs.

Sony Ericsson W8 Review
#6 Slots for the simcard and micro SD memory card

When I brought this phone out to the office, quite a number of my colleagues commented that it looked exactly like its predecessor the Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 Smartphone. The Sony Ericsson Xperia W8 basically looks like a differently colored Xperia X8 with a Walkman logo inscribed on it. We have the same 3-inch scratch-resistant capacitive touchscreen with a resolution of 320x480 pixels.

Do check out below on the detailed specification of Sony Ericsson W8 being compared side by side with the Xperia X8.

Sony Ericsson W8 Review
#7 Side by side comparison (Sourced from Thephonedatabase.com)
Also, since we are in the midst of reviewing this phone, do check out the the TV commercial of Sony Ericsson W8 Android Smartphone below.

Do take note that Digi is currently having a promotion for this exclusive phone. Imagine getting this baby for only RM99? Terms and conditions applies of course. Check out their website here.  (http://www.digi.com.my/whatshot_v3/sonyW8/landing.do)

Sony Ericsson W8 Review
Digi Sony Ericsson W8 Promotion

Ning Baizura New Album Launch

Following up on my previous post, "An Afternoon With Ning Baizura", where I was honored to be able to have a 1 on 1 session with the diva herself. This time, I was at Zouk, KL for Ning Baizura's latest album Dewa launching amidst all the media, fans, and bloggers. The environment was awesome that night, all waiting anxiously for the star's appearance. The event was jointly brought to us by Universal Music Malaysia and Era FM.

Ning Baizura Dewa Album Launch
Ning Baizura Album Launching at Zouk

We were ushered in to our seats on the top floor, but in order to get a better view, I actually went down to where the action is at. Ning Baizura made her entrance in style, with hunky shirtless muscle men carrying her to the stage. I swore I heard some ladies around me sighed in awe at those muscles.

Ning Baizura Dewa Album Launch
Entrance in style

Ning Baizura Dewa Album Launch
Ning Baizura on her throne being brought up to the stage

On a side note, I got the chance to meet up with so many other famous bloggers that night. I'm delighted as it was always great to widen my circle of blogger friends. They're a bunch of really friendly and happening people. Check out some of the pictures I took that night of the bloggers.

Ning Baizura Dewa Album Launch
#1 Happening bloggers. L-R: Isaac, Zaid, Zaid's friend, Redmummy, Kak Ina and friend.

Ning Baizura Dewa Album Launch
#2 With DD Fabulous and blogger friends

Ning Baizura Dewa Album Launch
#3 Elated to be able to get a group photograph with Ning Baizura, just check out my smile.

Ning Baizura Dewa Album Launch
#4 With Ning's hubby, Chris

Ning Baizura kicked off the night with one of her new songs on her new album Dewa, titled "Raksasa", to be followed by 4 more of her songs, Mama Papa, Propaganda, Alhamdulilah, and Aku Bukan Dewa. The songs she sang were really good and got the crowd moving. I have to say the clothes Ning Baizura wore that night were really classy and really portrayed her image as one of Malaysia's greatest pop diva.

Ning Baizura Dewa Album Launch
Ning Baizura moving the crowd with her songs.

Ning Baizura Dewa Album Launch
Ning Baizura in her really classy dress mesmerizing the crowd.

Her voice is really good and with her powerful vocals, it's no wonder she has so many fans everywhere. In fact throughout the session,  there were a few die-hard fans who actually got a chance to duet with Ning Baizura. I can just imagine their happiness, one of them actually nearly cried from happiness. Ning Baizura's latest album Dewa contains 8 brand new songs, and to own one, you just have to fork out a cool RM29.90, which was actually a very low price to pay for some really good music.

Ning Baizura Dewa Album Launch
The one and only, Ning Baizura promoting her latest album Dewa

I apologize for the bad sound quality of the video recorded, as I was using a low end camera video to record. The bass was too boomy for my poor camera that night. Bear in mind its just for sharing purposes only. I leave you with Ning Baizura's FB Fanpage (http://www.facebook.com/Ning.Baizura) and Twitter handler @NingDalton . Follow her there to get up close and personal.

Pizza Hut At Jusco AU2 Keramat

This is one often used Pizza Hut near my company, one that we will drop by whenever we felt like having something heavier than the average lunch fare. This afternoon was one of the special days where my colleagues and I felt like having some pizza for lunch. Our destination? Pizza Hut at Jusco AU2 Keramat, just a couple of kilometers away from our company.

Pizza Hut AU2 Jaya Jusco, Keramat
Pizza Hut AU2 Jusco Keramat
Lot No: G55, Ground Floor, AEON AU2,
Shopping Centre,
Mukim Ulu Kelang,
54200 Kuala Lumpur.

View Larger Map

Since there were around 6 of us, we decided to go ahead to order the pizza set for 4 comprising of two regular pan pizza, 4 garlic breads, 4 mushroom soups and a jug of Pepsi drink. We took a separate order of 2 more soups to cater for all of us.  Anyway, do check out the dishes we had this afternoon.

The Menu

#1 Mushroom Soup
#2 Garlic Bread
#3 Pepsi
#4 Thai Spicy Seafood Pan Pizza
#5 Hawaiian Chicken Pan Pizza
Overall the pizza tasted okay, but not exceptional. I feel the pizza hut's franchise is too  commercialized that it wasn't really special anymore. Anyway it was my first time having this Thai Seafood flavour, and I felt it was rather good. But still, nothing exceptional.

Colleagues, Interns and friends: Shun Ru, Lau, Joanne, David, Me, and Kok Beng

The set for four was priced at RM49.70 (before tax) while the ala-carte soup was charged at RM2.80 per bowl. The price came out to about RM64 for 6 hungry folks, which wasn't really cheap to me because I still felt rather hungry after the meal. I did not order any extra side dishes because I felt it was better not to overstuff myself during lunch breaks. Time to work out and start dieting soon!

I want to win tickets to Larry Crowne and Lulla Man!

Before you start going, "Lullabye? Larry? L?", just hear what's this all about. This post will serve as a contest entry for me to win a pair of tickets each to watch these two upcoming movies, Larry Crowne and Lulla Man on the 13th July and 19th July respectively. I'm required to answer two questions in this blog post as creatively as I can. Bear with me and do wish me some luck at the comment section.

Larry Crowne Movie
Larry Crowne

Question #1
“If you could get a second chance, what would you have done differently in highschool?”

Who wouldn't want a second chance to re-live their high school days? If I am given this golden magical opportunity, I will definitely join in more school activities, make more school buddies and laugh more! Throughout my high school years, I was quite the anti-social, mixing only with my clique. Somehow this had limited my experiences and knowledge which I could have gotten had I mixed around with a wider pool of friends. Well, that's just me anyway.

Lulla Man Thai Movie
Lulla Man Movie

Question #2
“How do you rekindle a dying relationship?”

A tough question indeed, a dying relationship is named "dying" because it just is.  Now how do you save something like that? Pecan chocolate ice cream, that's how! Get a bucket of that stuff, look each other in the eye, put a spoonful in and Voila! Love is in the air! Now wasn't that easy? So the next time you find yourself in a "dying" relationship, which "touch wood" I hope you don't, try this method.

Thank you for reading, and watch out for my review of the movie should I get the chance to win the tickets.

Liverpool FC Tour 2011 Experience

July is definitely an exciting month where football is concerned. Two weeks ago, I shared on how to get your hands on some Chelsea Vs Malaysia tickets this coming 21st July 2011. Fret not if you are not a Chelsea fan, because today I'm going to share on how to obtain two passes to watch Liverpool FC play our Malaysian team this 16th July 2011. Yes, Liverpool FC will be in KL and by joining this simple contest below, you will be in the running for a pair of tickets.

Liverpool Malaysia tour 2011
Presented by Standard Chartered.
Thanks to Standard Chartered (the biggest bank in Asia and proud sponsors of Liverpool Football Club), we have a chance to catch Liverpool FC live in KL. They have arranged this tour to bring Liverpool FC to China and Malaysia where two games will be played against a local team. The match will happen this 16th July at 5.45pm at Bukit Jalil Stadium, Kuala Lumpur.

So how do you get these tickets for free? Standard Chartered have designed a new application website within the LFC tour website, where they want you to show your support to Liverpool FC. It's really a simple competition to win those tickets. I'll explain the mechanics of this competition below.

Step #1:
Head on over to http://www.lfctour.com/english/getbehindyourteam where you'll see the screen as below with all the small Liverpool fans avatars holding customized messages.

Liverpool Malaysia tour 2011
Main competition screen
Step #2: 
Input your message for Liverpool team in the message column. The message is up to your creativity but bear in mind anything you type there will show up with your avatar. Of course, the next step would be to create your avatar.

Liverpool Malaysia tour 2011
Input the message and customize an avatar
The final step is the most important one. After you have completed your avatar and message, click submit and a popup will prompt you to fill up your personal details. Do that and you could win two tickets to the match and the chance to meet a player from the team! Check out my cool fan avatar wearing Liverpool's black away jersey and donning cool black shades.

Liverpool Malaysia tour 2011
My personalized avatar!
The winner will be picked from the leaderboard and the message displayed. You can then cheer on your favourite team at the match thanks to Standard Chartered. Get behind your team with Standard Chartered and make sure that Liverpool Football Club have a summer tour to remember!