Hoodwinked Too Movie Premiere

Tonight, courtesy of Hahah.com.my and Cinema Online , I was given the opportunity again to catch a movie premiere screening. This round it was held at Cathay Cinema, ECurve for the movie Hoodwinked Too! Well, before I caught the movie, I've seen the posters around, and the first thing that came to mind was "Red riding hood" and "Cartoon". The next thing I thought was, "I hope it's a funny cartoon".

Movie Poster
I reached the cinema pretty late due to the traffic jams, luckily I had a fellow blogger Kelvin Tan help me collect the tickets first. I was pleasantly surprised to see the CinemaOnline ticketing counter still opened even after 8.30pm. That was when I got to meet up with this 2 pretty ladies representing CinemaOnline, Samantha and Joyce. They were really friendly to say the least!

Ms Samantha and Ms Joyce from CinemaOnline
My tickets

Coming back to the movie, Hoodwinked Too: Hood Vs Evil is actually a sequel to the original Hoodwink which I did not have the chance to watch first. Anyway the movie starts off with Red, this very cool girl in a red riding hood that knows kungfu and hails from Sisters of the Hood. Red was called off from her training to help save her Grandma who was captured by the Evil witch to bake this super truffles. Take note super truffles can make you invincible.

Red teams up with Wolf, and with the ever hyperactive Twitchy (Twitchy reminded me of the cute squirrel from Ice Age) and goes off on their quest to save Grandma. Along the way you get to see hilarious scenes of fairy tale characters. It was really funny the way some scenes were played out that it had the whole cinema laughing. The movie was really THAT funny! Oh, I forgot to mention the other main characters in this movie were Hansel and Gretel who looked like these spoilt fat little kids.

Will Red succeed in saving her Grandma? Does the Truffle really give invincible powers? Why is Hansel and Gretel so fat?  See how Twitchy goes from hyperactive to being Super Hyper! Find out all these when you catch this movie in the cinemas! I personally found this cartoon movie hilarious!

Check out the trailer for Hoodwinked Too and also some pictures from the movie below.

Hansel and Gretel
Red and the team


  1. mag_abmy1:18 AM

    Lol, looks like a real funny one xD

  2. Mag, it is funny! You should catch it in the cinemas when its out!

  3. Winneelim1:55 AM

    i like cartoon~~super like~~=)

  4. Looks like a good one. Any songs? These animated features usually have very nice theme songs.

  5. Must be very funny and light-hearted. :D

  6. what the hell, so off from the real story, shall watch if I free LOL

  7. Submerryn2:22 PM

    aww.. hansel n gratel soooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Alice Law11:48 PM

    I heard it was packed with children stories, but didn't know it's hilarious! Perhaps should plan with my girl for another movie outing liao!;D

  9. my girls would love to watch this..

  10. LOVED this movie! Check out the Fabook page. http://www.facebook.com/hoodwinkedtoo


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