Gintell Rest N Go Station

Have you seen these massage chairs sitting around major shopping malls lately? You know, those that requires you to input some cash for a couple of minutes of relaxation. Well, recently I've noticed a sudden increase in these machines especially the ones by Gintell, aptly named Gintell Rest N Go Massage Stations

Gintell Rest N Go Station Massage Chair
Rest N Go Station by Gintell

Now, I've never taken a second glance at these massage chairs, not until recently while I was with Janice shopping at Gurney Plaza Penang. Feeling tired from the endless shopping, or at least that's me, I noticed quite a number of folks were trying out this Gintell Rest N Go Station massage chairs. Gingerly walking up to the chair, initially I had trouble locating the slot to input the cash, but soon enough it was all good, and we were ready to get some soothing relaxing "mechanical" massage. 

Gintell Rest N Go Station Massage Chair
These were essentially full fledged massage chairs being modified to be able to "eat" cash
Gintell Rest N Go Station Massage Chair
Everything was automated, with the display showing which part of your body is being massaged

Being a first timer to this machine, I did not know how much to feed in, and slotted in an RM5 note. Janice was the first to have a go, and the Gintell Massage Chair immediately jolted to live with a 15 minutes countdown. Everything was automated without a choice for the user to customize anything, but we didn't need to change anything anyway. 

Gintell Rest N Go Station Massage Chair
Janice and her sister

RM1 will get you a 3 minute massage session, where the mechanical rollers will move from your neck down to your buttocks giving them a good squeeze. There was even a separate leg massager which gives a good squeeze as well. It wasn't a bad experience at all, the Gintell Massage Chairs gave a much needed relief for the aching muscles. Who says shopping isn't tiring must be a woman, or a guy that has not accompanied a lady shopping before!

Gintell Rest N Go Station Massage Chair
And that's me giving the thumbs up, I'm annoyed with my fat stomach now. 

A short check with the Gintell outlet later on saw the same massage chair going for more than RM3k per chair. The Gintell Rest N Go Station is rather popular with shoppers nowadays, and I personally don't find anything wrong with it. In fact, for RM1, the 3 minute massage is more than adequate for the average shopper. Of course, more RM will give you a longer relaxation session. Have you tried them out yet? 

P.S: It's already the end of the year, so it's time for me to wish a Happy New Year 2012 to all of you folks out there! May the new year bring lots of prosperity and success to you and your family.

Hennessy VSOP Privilege Collection NYX Launch

For the past year, Hennessy have been a hit with their Hennessy Artistry events throughout 2011. I  personally have attended a couple of their Hennessy Artistry parties. This time around, Hennessy is back again with their latest and greatest launch, the Hennessy VSOP Privilege Collection NYX Launch. This post will be a promotional post for Hennessy NYX roadshow and launching.

Hennessy VSOP Privilege Collection NYX Launch

It's an all new really cool Hennessy VSOP in this space age looking bottle which glows in the dark which is rather cool especially if taken out during parties. Hennessy Privilege NYX Collector's bottle is the symbol of sophistication, with the colours and the distinct design which evokes the imagination and brings to mine thoughts of dreams coming true.

The space age Hennessy VSOP NYX

There will be a roadshow from 2nd - 10Jan 2012 at Midvalley Megamall showcasing the Hennessy VSOP NYX Concept Space. Check out the details below and do check them out if you have the chance.

Hennessy V.S.O.P NyX Concept Space ‘Roadshow’
Date: 2nd – 10th January 2012
Venue: East Atrium Entrance @ Mid Valley Megamall

On the 5th of January 2012, there will be an exclusive launch party for the Hennessy Privilege Collection NYX. It's by invitation only, but there is a way to obtain these exclusive invites which I will share below.

Launch Party Details
Date: 5th January 2012 @ 8.30PM
Venue: Secret Location in Mid Valley Megamall (By-Invitation only)

Launch Party This 5th January 2012

So how do you get your hands on these invites, plus a chance to win the limited edition Hennessy VSOP NYX 70CL Bottle? It's rather simple actually, just join the "Illuminate the Night" contest on Hennessy Malaysia's Facebook page (, simple as that. 

Join the NYX game (, and be part of the Hennessy NYX experience.

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CRC Restaurant Penang

Chinese Recreation Club Restaurant or better known as CRC Restaurant in Padang Victoria, Penang is nothing new to the folks in Penang. Numerous wedding dinners, company functions, and family "makan-makan" have been held here throughout the years, In fact I've been here a couple of times in the past, and the food has always managed to please me.

CRC Restaurant Penang
CRC Restaurant Penang

We R Malaysia The Musical

Early this month, I had the opportunity to catch this rather interesting play, We 'R' Malaysia The Musical which was held over in Ampang. Held on a Sunday night, I went ahead to catch this musical because it had a rather unique ring to it, something local and Malaysian.

We R Malaysia The Musical
We 'R' Malaysia The Musical - There is Hope

We 'R' Malaysia The Musical - There is Hope
Date: Sunday, 4 December 2011
Venue:  Dewan Lee San Choon, Wisma MCA
163, Jalan Ampang, KL
Time: 8pm

"We 'R' Malaysia - There Is Hope is a musical organized by Persatuan Perintis Bina Negara Melaka (PPBN) to create a platform for engaging the next generation in nation building"

"In 2008, the song, "We 'R' Malaysia" was composed. It was presented before a 30000 crowd with the Prime Minister present; sung by a 300 member choir on 16 September 2010 in Kota Kinabalu. The We 'R' Malaysia campaign then was launch and continue with road shows in schools and colleges; targeting to reach 100000 youths across the nation"

We R Malaysia The Musical
#1 A scene from We ' R' Malaysia the Musical

We 'R' Malaysia musical tells the history of Malaysian Chinese from the 1400's to the present day, and gives the audience a first hand view on what challenges they had to go through from the different generations. It portrays those who have lost their sense of belonging and is contrasted with those who continue to hope even in the face of adversity. 

We R Malaysia The Musical
#2 Another market scene

The musical itself had 2 parts to it, where Part 1 tells of the early generation of Malaysian Chinese, while Part 2 revolves around Ah Xiong, a young Malaysian Chinese boy who grows up during the unprecedented economic growth of 1980's. Check out a few photos from the musical below. 

We R Malaysia The Musical
#3 Elvis wannabe in action
We R Malaysia The Musical
#4 How a father reacts on hearing about his son's academic results in the '50s
We R Malaysia The Musical
#5 The expressions in the musical tells a tale in themself
We R Malaysia The Musical
#6 A scene from Part 2 of the musical

Looking through the eyes of who the Chinese were and what they are becoming, this has certainly been an entertaining watch, but one which we already know since we have been living in this country for so many years. Life has not been easy for the Chinese and each generation had to weather its own storms. 

"We can hope because we know that those whom have gone before did not give up and we too will go far if we don't give up. When there is hope, there is motivation to take ownership and build for the future"

We R Malaysia The Musical
A quick shot of the bloggers that attended that night
We R Malaysia The Musical
A couple more cool Malaysian bloggers

Overall, I wouldn't say this is the best musical I've been to, but We 'R' Malaysia Musical does get the message across. Some scenes were redundant and pretty draggy, and I expected a more elaborate set, but that's just my view. Good musical which really plays out the plight of Malaysian Chinese, and how with hope we can overcome any conflicts that arises.

Chatime Sunway Carnival Mall

Sunway Carnival Mall in Seberang Jaya Penang has their own Chatime outlet which was in operations since a couple of months back. Tonight, I dropped by Sunway Carnival Mall for some late night shopping and managed to drop by their Chatime outlet to quench my thirst. Despite my numerous desserts review, both Taiwan and local, this was actually only my second time trying out Chatime, the first was during the Nuffnang and ChurpChurp Chatime event.

Chatime Sunway Canival Mall
Chatime Sunway Carnival Mall
Chatime Sunway Carnival Mall
LG-K4 & LG-K4A, Lower Ground
Sunway Carnival Mall
3068, Jalan Todak, Pusat Bandar Seberang Jaya, 
13700 Penang, Malaysia

Chatime Sunway Canival Mall
A couple of shots around the Chatime outlet

So I have heard of folks going crazy over Chatime's bubble milk tea with nearly every other outlets in KL having long queues and all. It was really different over at this outlet though, as there were hardly anyone queuing up to order. Probably it was the timing as it was already 8pm that time. Chatime Sunway Carnival Mall had a clean, white and simple look to it which played a big part in my decision to drop by for some bubble milk tea that night. 

Chatime Sunway Canival Mall
Chatime Menu
Chatime Sunway Canival Mall
We were given this redemption card, where we could drink more towards a free drink

I was not well versed with the bubble milk tea lingo, hence it took me nearly 5 minutes to figure out what to order from Chatime's extensive drinks menu. Chatime's staffs really have to be trained to give good suggestions for their new customers who were unsure of what to order, like me. Finally, Janice and I settled on two of their drinks, namely the Honey Lemon Aloe Vera Pearl drink, and the Chocolate Hazel Milk Tea with Pearl.

Chatime Sunway Canival Mall
#1 Honey Lemon Aloe Vera Pearl Drink - Regular + Pearl (RM6.90)
Chatime Sunway Canival Mall
#2 Chocolate Hazel Milk Tea with Pearl - Regular (RM5.90)

Janice took the Honey Lemon Aloe Vera Pearl Drink which was without tea because she mentoned tea keeps her awake at night. We added pearl, and requested for less ice. The aloe vera inside were nice and gave us something to munch on while drinking. However the drink was a tad too sweet, and according to Chatime's staff, the sugar level for this drink could not be adjusted because it was prepared beforehand. 

As for my Chocolate Hazel Milk Tea, I rather like it as it tasted just like my favourite "milo ice" with some exotic hazel flavour inside. Of course, the pearls made it nicer.

Chatime Sunway Canival Mall
Janice and her sister at Chatime Sunway Carnival Mall
Chatime Sunway Canival Mall
I was rather intrigued by the Coffee-mates inside Chatime's cabinet

Overall, Chatime Sunway Carnival Mall served nice bubble milk teas, not unlike the hundreds of other Chatime outlets all over Malaysia. Personally, I wouldn't wait in queue for more than 20 minutes for this drink though, but that's just me. Now can someone educate me on the usage of Coffee-mate in Chatime? I'm sure it is rather useful somehow, as a creamer for the milk tea?

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Mirrors Ambassador Search 2011/12 Grand Finals

Mirrors Ambassador Search is back for another round of exciting activities and voting of wonderful ladies vying to be to be on the front covers and ambassador of Mirrors. After four months of searching, Mirrors will be holding the grand finale of Mirrors Ambassador Search over at Zouk KL this coming 11th January 2012. I'm pretty excited to catch the finals as I had the oppotunity to meet the finalists, and my, they were really outgoing and friendly on top of being pretty and all.

Mirrors Ambassador Search Beautiful Ladies
A few of the Mirrors Ambassador finalists
Mirrors Ambassador Search Grand Final 2011/12
11 January 2012
6pm - 2am
Zouk KL

Tel: 03-7956 7888

"Mirrors is a fashion and lifestyle magazine with unique emphasis on connecting with their readers featuring columns by local bloggers, street styles segment and a shopping guide for shopaholics who are always hunting for great bargains. Mirrors is also driven by lifestyle contents to help inspire and educate readers whilst maintaining the ‘fun’ factor in hoping readers to discover new things with Mirrors!"

Mirrors Ambassador Search 2011/12 Grand Finale

The run-up to the grand finals started off from road shows at selected local universities around Klang Valley for recruitment of contestants. Mirrors managed to enlist 482 beautiful young girls to be in the running for the Top 25 semi-finalist. These girls are from Universities such as INTI College, KLIUC, Taylor’s University, UCSO, MMU, Stamford College, Segi College, Binary University, TAR College and Sunway College. 

The Top 25 semi-finalist selected had gone through a Phase 2 voting session and activities pumping them through in hoping of being in the Top 12 finalist. The semi-final event was held on the 4-6 November 2011 at Fahrenheit88, Kuala Lumpur. All Top 12 finalists had gone through a set of pre-final activities such as SpartanZ Class at BodyExpress, KeepSlim Workshop, Meiko Cosmetic Workshop and attended a Diet and Nutrition Talk by Wong Yu Jin, the Official Nutritionist for Miss Malaysia Universe.  

Mirrors Ambassador Search Beautiful Ladies
The Mirrors Ambassador Search finalists introducing themselves

For the Grand Finals of Mirrors Ambassador Search 2011/12, the Top 12 will not only be judged through online voting but also through ground voting and their performance evaluation by Mirrors special judges. Other than the highlight of the event, there will also be flash mob, fashion show and announcement of Mirrors side contest organized along with the Ambassador Search.

Mirrors Ambassador Search Beautiful Ladies
Be there!

Tickets are available at the price RM75 and can be purchase by emailing to
For more information, log on to Mirrors Facebook page at

Be sure to catch the the Mirrors Ambassador Search 2011/12 Grand Finals at Zouk KL if you're interested to catch some pretty ladies working really hard on the runway to vie for the title.

Mystical Eve 2012 Countdown Encorp Strand

The new year is upon us, 2012 will be whatever we make of it, whether it is an awesome success, or a bitter failure will solely depend on how we go about striving for the best. To usher in the new year, folks everywhere usually flock to the hot spots around the city to count down with the masses. This post will be a promotional post on the upcoming Mystical Eve 2012 Countdown which will be held at Encorp Strand Kota Damansara amidst some performances by celebities. 

Mystical Eve 2012
Mystical Eve 2012
Red Carpet Avenue, 
ENCORP Strand, 
46-G, Jalan PJU 5/22, 
Pusat Perdagangan, 
Kota Damansara, 

31st December 2011
6pm - 2am
Will there be fireworks? It won't be called a new year eve's countdown party if there aren't any, hence Mystical Eve 2012 will be putting up an extravagant fireworks display. With a tagline that reads, "Stellar line-up, fantastic ambiance,  jaw-dropping aerialists, illuminating laser light show and extravagant fireworks to rival any others", you know it will be a grand affair this coming 31 December over at Encorp Strand. 

Mystical Eve 2012 Countdown Party
The artist lineup who will be performing at Mystical Eve

With a New Year’s Eve party themed “Mystical Eve”, and hosted by well-known TV personalities Julie Woon and Megan Tan, the evening’s stellar line-up will comprise of some of Malaysia’s ‘who’s who' such as hip hop doyenne,  
  • Joe Flizzow; international pop princess,  
  • Mizz Nina; rock band, Pop Shuvit; indie-darling,  
  • Reza Salleh; Berkeley undergraduate and award-winning female vocalist, 
  • Najwa Muhyideen; violin virtuoso, 
  • Dennis Lau and his compatriot, world-ranked beat boxer,  
  • Shawn Lee, on top of international aerialists ala Cirque de Soleil 
  • A 3-D video projection mapping and an extravagant countdown (yes, with fireworks!).

Mystical Eve 2012 Countdown Party
Joe Flizzow and Mizz Nina
Mystical Eve 2012 Countdown Party
Pop Shuvit

The evening promises to be a "not-to-be-missed" affair by anyone (singles, couples, and families included) looking to party the night away towards 2012. The best thing about Mystical Eve on top of the acts and performances, would definately be its location in Kota Damansara which will be the perfect spot to reach, avoiding the KL City traffic jams and all.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you folks a very happy new year 2012 in advance here, May the New Year prove to be more successful than what 2011 has been!

Kronenbourg 1664 L'Aperitif Fashion Launch

A couple of weeks back, Kronenbourg 1664 (France's #1 Selling Beer) launched their L'Aperitif Fashion amidst some really good Kronenbourg beers over at The View Bar, GTower. L'Aperitif Fashion, a renvention of the Happy hour in Malaysia that showcases French glamorous influence in Malaysian fashion was officially launched on the 15th December 2011.

Kronenbourg 1664 L'Aperitif Fashion
(L-R), Amber Chia, York Spencer (Marketing Director, Carlsberg Malaysia), Theresa Thian (Gallo by Thian), Gillian Hung (President of the Malaysian Official Designers' Association), Dato' Professor Jimmy Choo OBE, Soren Ravn (Managing Director, Carlsberg Malaysia)

L'Aperitif Fashion Launch By Kronenbourg 1664
15 December 2011
View Bar, G-Tower Kuala Lumpur
7pm till late

Kronenbourg 1664 L'Aperitif Fashion
Theresa Thian of Gallo by Thian with Models wearing Gallo's Spring/Summer 2012 collection.

So there I was, reaching just in time at View Bar to catch up with some friends before the fashion show kicked off. The crowd arrived looking really good as most followed the fashion theme that night, "fashionably chic" was the key word.

Kronenbourg 1664 L'Aperitif Fashion
The large screen LCD TV showing tweets with the #laperitif1664 hash tag, check mine out.

To the honour of L’Aperitif Fashion, the world-renowned Malaysian-born shoe designer Dato’ professor Jimmy Choo, OBE made a special appearance at the inaugural launch. Other well-known fashion icons of Malaysia such as Andrea Fonseka, Amber Chia, Gillian Hung and Keith Kee were also present at the launch.

Kronenbourg 1664 L'Aperitif Fashion
The VIPs having a toast at L'Aperitif Fashion Launch by Kronenbourg 1664
"The first-of-its-kind and inspired by Kronenbourg 1664’s French Art of Pleasure, L’APERITIF FASHION was launched with the unveiling of Gallo by Thian’s concept
designs by lead designer, Teresa Thian."

"The Kedah born fashion designer who is well-known for her chic, feminine and elegant designs unveiled her L’APERITIF FASHION collection. The design combines vintage with elegance, reflecting French’s sophistication. It is a bold fashion statement that is seductively French infused with Malaysian elements."

Kronenbourg 1664 L'Aperitif Fashion
#1 The crowd that night, all ready to witness the launch of L'Aperitif Fashion

Kronenbourg 1664 L'Aperitif Fashion
#2 Us with our bottles of Kronenbourg1664 and Blanc 1664 beers
Kronenbourg 1664 L'Aperitif Fashion
#3 Another group photo with some really cool folks

Josiah Mizukami, ambassador of L'Aperitif Fashion shared, 
“France has been recognised as a leader of decorative arts and high culture since the 17th century. L'Aperitif Fashion  is inspired by one of the biggest fashion capitals of the world and it is a great platform to assist talented local designers to reach a more international level in the fashion scene here in Malaysia. I look forward to more exchange sessions when we combine experienced designers with local talented designers at the upcoming L'Aperitif Fashion  runways in 2012.”

Overall, it was a successful event, one which both introduced the Kronenbourg 1664 as a French luxury beer, and also the L'Aperitif Fashion debut. Do check out Kronenbourg 1664's Facebook page at to know further on L'Aperitif Fashion.

Reservoir Garden Baptist Church Christmas Celebration

It's Christmas today, folks around the world are celebrating the birthday of Jesus Christ giving thanks and also enjoying the holidays. Well, this year's Christmas, my parents decided to visit Reservoir Garden Baptist Church for their Christmas Morning Celebration Service. It was probably only my third time to this homely church, hence I was pretty impressed with the crowd and the performances that was prepared this morning.

Reservoir Garden Baptist Church Christmas Celebration
Reservoir Garden Baptist Church

Reservoir Garden Baptist Church
4, Reservoir Garden Road, 
11500 Ayer Itam, 
Penang, Malaysia

Tel: 604-8280322 / 604-8280343

"Reservoir Garden Baptist Church aims “To be the Antioch Church in the Pearl of the Orient reaching out to Asia and beyond”. The Antioch Church speaks of the early churches in preaching the gospel, discipling believers, caring for the poor and needy and missions."

Reservoir Garden Baptist Church Christmas Celebration
RGBC's weekly activities

We reached Reservoir Garden Baptist Church just in time to catch the start of their morning Christmas service, where the auditorium was already packed with people of all races and ages. We were all gathered there on a Christmas morning to celebrate the day Christ was born and celebrate we did, with some rather commendable performances from the youths of RGBC.

Reservoir Garden Baptist Church Christmas Celebration
#1 Performances by the church's band, singers and youths

The Christmas celebrations began with four really cute small children rendering a song for us using this small musical instruments. It was nice just to watch these adorable kids move and jiggled along with the music. 

Reservoir Garden Baptist Church Christmas Celebration
#2 The first performers were these really young and adorable kids

The second act had us watching a short musical drama acted out by more young kids, this time of a shepherd and his flock of sheep. The moral of the story was to never stop searching or give up on your one sheep that goes missing out of the thousands that you have, as how Jesus Christ never stopped believing and loving us even if we have strayed and will keep on waiting for us to come back.

Reservoir Garden Baptist Church Christmas Celebration
#3 Cute sheeps and their shepherd

Up next was a musical performance by the youths of the church where catchy mainstream songs were played as they came out dancing all over the front of the stage. I was pleasantly surprised at the vigor and high spirits of these youths as they were really giving their all to perform in this Christmas Celebration.

Reservoir Garden Baptist Church Christmas Celebration
#4 High spirited performances by the youths

We were treated to a couple of wonderful Christmas songs by the choir. Now this choir were pretty well prepared, and sang some really nice songs. They were from Reservoir Garden Baptist Church and sang beautifully. Check out the short video of them singing below.

Reservoir Garden Baptist Church Christmas Celebration
#5 Christmas Choir

Reservoir Garden Baptist Church had really good speakers as well, whereby the pastors of the church came up to the podium to give some really meaningful talks and preached about Christmas and how we should emulate how the Wise Men of the east to sacrifice on faith alone. Interesting talk if you asked me. 

Reservoir Garden Baptist Church Christmas Celebration
#6 Pr. Thomas Barnabas and Rev. Ong Sooi Lin giving their speeches
Reservoir Garden Baptist Church Christmas Celebration
#7 That's me with the very charismatic Pr. Palanivel Ramasamy
Reservoir Garden Baptist Church Christmas Celebration
#8 With my parents
Reservoir Garden Baptist Church Christmas Celebration
#9 Janice with her brother and sister.

Overall it was time well spent, and we celebrated Christmas morning with my family and so many other church goers this morning which was pretty cool. Reservoir Garden Baptist Church really took the effort to provide the best environment and Christmas spirit for everyone that attended their Christmas session this morning. Thank you, and Merry Christmas 2011 to all of you and your families! 

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