Hennessy Artistry 2011 Mist Club

Following up on my pre-event writeup for this happening clubbing event Hennessy Artistry happening this July 2011, today I'm going to wite about Hennessy Artistry 2011 held at Mist Club, Bangsar last weekend. The first Hennessy Artistry event was organized four months back in April. Do check out my previous post on Hennessy Artistry 2011 Opera Sunway. I was delighted to be invited again this round over in Mist Club.

Hennessy Artistry 2011 Mist Club

H-Artistry 2011 Registration Counter
Hennessy Artistry 2011 Mist Club
Registration for media and bloggers who got to enter the VIP area on the top floor.
So there I was pretty early in the night, around 9.30pm to be exact all dressed up and ready to party. By partying, I mean standing around swaying to the music and watching happening people dance of course. Outside the club, Hennessy had taken the liberty to set up the decoration with 4 big booths showcasing some games, and photography opportunities. I didn't miss the opportunity to capture some photos against the cool backdrop with my loved one, as well as play all the booth games.

Hennessy Artistry 2011 Mist Club
Janice and I posing for the cameras
Hennessy Artistry 2011 Mist Club
We had the Hennessy music DJ game, as well as the Hennessy "Fruit Ninja" Game
Do check out the short video of me trying my hands on the Hennessy music DJ "game". It is akin to placing these cute round blocks on the table, which in turn changes the music by adding instruments sounds, drums, melodies and voice to the music.

Also check out the score for the Hennessy "Fruit Ninja" game. I'm glad to announce that I got first place, where the top 5 winners were promised a cool prize, probably a bottle of Hennessy VSOP. I've yet to get the prize though as it hasn't been announced yet as of today.

Hennessy Artistry 2011 Mist Club
See who's on top!
As with any Hennessy Artistry event, we had the awesome mix of Hennessy drinks. We have the Hennessy Berry, Hennessy Apple, Hennessy Citrus, and Hennessy Ginger which was mixed at these cool mixing counters manned by beautiful ladies. I personally loved the taste of Hennessy Apple. With the sweet taste of Hennessy plus Apple, one could get intoxicated very quickly.

Hennessy Artistry 2011 Mist Club
The four flavors before being mixed with Hennessy
Hennessy Artistry 2011 Mist Club
A beautiful blogger, Kate was behind the mixing counter that night
Before anybody could yell, "Let's Party!!", the music had already begun, and the crowd were really hyped up. I managed to meet up with quite a number of fellow bloggers, but did not manage to take a photo with all of them. The MC for the night was the stunning Julie Woon, and with performances by Reshmonu and DJ Gina Star, the environment was just awesome. Check out some shots of them below. 

Hennessy Artistry 2011 Mist Club
Emcee Julie Woon
Hennessy Artistry 2011 Mist Club
Reshmonu with his awesome performance
Hennessy Artistry 2011 Mist Club
DJ Gina Star from the UK mixing some good music
Hennessy Artistry 2011 Mist Club
View from the bloggers and media section on the 2nd floor. It was packed to say the least.
Of course, the night wouldn't have turned out as awesome as it did without the company of friends. Friends make the world go round, and at events like these, they really made everything warm, happy and fuzzy. Check out some of the photos I managed to capture of a couple of us bloggers. Good times indeed.

Hennessy Artistry 2011 Mist Club
#1 Sweet bloggers with Janice
Hennessy Artistry 2011 Mist Club
#2 Janice and I
Hennessy Artistry 2011 Mist Club
#3 Awesome bloggers
Hennessy Artistry 2011 Mist Club
#4 More awesome bloggers
Hennessy Artistry 2011 Mist Club
#5 Shii Teck, Jolyn, Isaac and Janice

Hennessy Artistry 2011 Mist Club
#6 Isaac, Rosalyn and Henry Lee
Hennessy Artistry 2011 Mist Club
#7 That's us again!
Hennessy Artistry 2011 Mist Club
#8 More of us!
The event went on smoothly, and I was feeling really good and all, that is until they stopped the free flow of drinks at 11pm. In fact, they stopped it at 10.50pm, and gave the "no more free flow" sign. That was my only gripe about the event, other than that we all had a fantastic time! Thank you Hennessy for organizing yet another successful edition of Hennessy Artistry.


wilee said...

Janice looks so good in this outfit! and Jolyn's dress is stunning! 

sherdegarmo said...

happy party together!

fang said...

woww the party looks great !! =D


Kellye Tan said...

woww this event so cool! media blogger O.O

suituapui said...

By 11, were you still standing? Somebody had to carry you home?

Alien said...

wow! first place in fruit ninja eh? awesome! =D

[SK] said...

wow, congratulations for topping the leaders board, you didn't expect that also right?? hoooh, must share with us what prize you get later.. a fun night with games and knowing other bloggers yeah?? :)

wenn said...

wow, u seem to be having lots of fun!

Twilight Man said...

Hello Isaac! Your blog is pretty with pretty ladies. You bet, I will come here always. What caught my eye is the Media/Blogger word. Time has changed and soon they might put 'Media/Blogger/Twitter/Facebooker/Spammer' ... LOL... Spammers would be SK, FoongPC and me!!!

Isaac Tan said...

Wilee, I think they both looked awesome that night! :) 

Thristhan said...

Wow, you're the leader bro. Good job wei :). I still don't understand how the game works.

Nicole Chang said...

I wish to attend too. :-( Sighhh.

jfook said...

Eh where is jfook?

Caroline May Ling said...

happening aye! my manager went there too. lol!

Annie Q said...

Now i know why that area was jam packed with cars last weekend. I was back from dinner, and passed that area, caught by surprise on the big crowd!!

Looks very happenening!

Jolyn said...

nais post, had fun with u guys too that night!

Punk Chopsticks said...

Looks like you guys had an awesome time xD Gahhh I LOVE reshmonu *gushes*  grats on the fruit ninja btw

Aki Karut said...

Damn,I was just,what!! I Like it Man.. we call em V.S.O.P back at Sabah.. LoL.. ^_^.v.. -Rexs-

darranlow said...

Looking good there! What's up with the thumbs up pose on every picture though? ;)

bendan said...

Hate myself already... can't go because of sick!! Arghhhhh!! Miss the fun la!! =[

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