The Lounge GTower Hotel

GTower Hotel, the luxurious and corporate looking hotel located on Jalan Tun Razak has been the favourite topic for KL folks recently for it's Ramadhan buffets, exclusive bars, lounge, restaurants, gym and rooms. I personally have been here on numerous occasions, two of which was by invitation for the TimeOut KL Cocktail Mixing Workshop and the View Rooftop Bar Cocktail Review. This time around, I was invited by Elwyn, and a bunch of other blogger friends to try out the High-Tea 3-Tier Sandwich and Pastries menu at The Lounge GTower Hotel

The Lounge G Tower Hotel

The Lounge, G Tower Hotel

The Lounge At GTower Hotel
199 Jalan Tun Razak, 
50400 Kuala Lumpur
03-2168 1800 

The Lounge G Tower Hotel
One of the decor which caught my eye, 2 giant chillis

The Lounge is located in the middle of the ground floor of GTower Hotel facing the main entrance, a good location for a first timer like me. I reached just in time to catch up with some of the bloggers there before the 3-Tier Sandwich and Pastries Set were served. We were all warmly greeted and welcomed by Gladys from Goldis Berhad who took the liberty to explain to us what we were going to have. 

The Lounge G Tower Hotel
Gladys Gan and I
The Lounge G Tower Hotel
The rather nice looking menu
The Lounge G Tower Hotel
The Cozy Environment of The Lounge, GTower Hotel

So what exactly is the 3-Tier Sandwich and Pastries Set? A quick look at the menu describes this set as and afternoon meeting tea set nice enough for 3 persons. The exact descriptions were "Afternoon Meeting Tea Set, a selection of  3 tier sandwiches  or pastries (as per chef discretion) & your choice of coffee or local tea" We were awed at the choices of pastries when the set was actually served. Check out below on some actual photos of the set.

The Lounge G Tower Hotel
The 3-Tier Sandwich and Pastries Set
The Lounge G Tower Hotel
1st Tier - Mini sandwiches of all types
The Lounge G Tower Hotel
2nd Tier - Muffins and Pastries
The Lounge G Tower Hotel
3rd Tier - Heavenly Cakes

The sandwiches and pastries were of a varied range with different flavors to cater for everyone's taste bud. We have the ones which are savoury with meat, which I like, and also the ones which are really sweet. I admit the sweet pastries will garner a lot fans from the ladies, but it may be a tad too sweet for me. The set that came in was really unique to me, and really filled up our stomachs. Bear in mind this was meant for tea time specifically. Good stuff indeed.

The Lounge G Tower Hotel
Some tea to quench our thirst
The Lounge G Tower Hotel
The Lounge G Tower Hotel
My Hazelnut Flavored Iced Chocolate, you'll have to stir it first before drinking

All in all, we all had a good tea time today, and it's not that often we get to gather around just relaxing and chatting in a cozy hotel environment while sipping on coffee/tea with sandwiches and pastries. Again, I would like to re-emphasize my stand that all bloggers are really friendly folks. Below are some photos I managed to capture of some of us who attended today's session.

The Lounge G Tower Hotel
Kah Mon, Jackie, and YY
The Lounge G Tower Hotel
Elwyn, Isaac, Iris, and Tony
The Lounge G Tower Hotel
YY, Kah Mon, Iris, Yee Ing and Qian

Good times indeed, so if you're in the vicinity, and would like to enjoy this set of 3-tier sandwiches and pastries, do drop by The Lounge at GTower Hotel. The published price is RM45 for the set plus 1 serving of any coffee or tea. However MilkADeal will be coming up with a deal soon to get a cheaper rate for this combination, so be on a lookout for their upcoming deals at their webpage.


suituapui said...

RM45!!!! Ummm...never mind, you guys go ahead and enjoy yourselves.

suituapui said...

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Isaac Tan said...

Guess this price is a bit steep, that's why MilkADeal is coming up with a special deal for it! :)

Okay, I think i don't like disqus too now. Have taken it off already. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. And you bother because we're best buddies? :p lol

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[SK] said...

oh, i am very much impressed by that two chilis, they are huge!! haha.. the high tea set looks good, i love the first and third tiers, yummy yummy!! actually looking at the photo again, the second one also nice lah~~ haha!! means i love them all!! :D

Isaac Tan said...


Then you must love desserts a lot too. So do I! but if too much, the sweetness sometimes overwhelm me! Haha. : Thanks for dropping by bro. :)

Ken Wooi said...

yummmmy :D

Isaac Tan said...


Yummy with a lot of sugar overdose for the evening! :P

Anonymous said...

o my!!! aha i wanna go just to see the two giant chilis - so cool! it looks like a really nice place to chill and the heavenly cakes just look heavenly!

Merryn said...

totally agree with STP on the comment part! Damn u dun know how much i dislike to comment in blogs using the disqus format!

Hilda Milda™ said...

Cute tiny yummy pastries! :D Waaah so nice, so many food reviews to attend ah you guys!

Isaac Tan said...

Hello there, thanks for dropping by ya. Hahaha, 2 giant uneatable chilis. Heading over to your blog now :)

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Hehe, its very cute indeed. Not many lo, but i take whatever chance i can get, gives me materials to write on. Hehe :)

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I thought for a moment it was G Hotel in Penang! :)

Baboon Tan said...

Personally I don't think the food looks attracting! But the coffee! ummmmm!NICE! :)

T said...

tak biasa tengok Tony in formal/ work wear. wahahahah.

looks like a nice place :)

I AM A BLOGGER said...

wow, another spot for outing^^~

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Omg. The 3tier sandwich & pastries set ! Mum mum mum mah !

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The food looks OK but the coffee looks attractive. :D

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What a delicious spread of pastries for afternoon tea, yum!!!^^

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i would love those mini sandwiches!