Weissbrau Pavilion KL New Beer Launch

Weissbrau German Bar & Bistro, a great German bar to have some really good beer and food in Pavilion KL. My first time over at this happening place was back in May for their new menu launch. This round, Weissbrau Pavilion had their new beer launch, Schneider Weisse, available exclusively in Malaysia at Weissbrau. Yours truly did not miss the chance to sample this smooth German beer.

Schneider Weisse German Beer

Schneider Weisse , available exclusively in Malaysia at Weissbrau
A short history on how the name Schneider came about. 

G. Schneider & Sohn is a Bavarian brewery company founded in 1872 by Georg Schneider I and his son of the same name, after they acquired the Weisses Brauhaus in Munich, the oldest wheat beer brewery in the city. In 1927 the owners, who to this day are descendants of Georg Schneider I, expanded their brewing operations into Kelheim and Straubing. After the breweries in Munich were destroyed in 1944 by bombing, the entire production was relocated to Kelheim.

Touted to be one of the best wheat beer around, Schneider Weisse wheat beer are all brewed with incomparable brewing art. Their diligent production creates its own characteristic taste and its unique aroma. Together with the original recipe, the excellence of the art of brewing wheat beer is passed from generation to generation. Now we get to taste this awesome beer in KL itself!

Schneider Weisse German Beer
This is how the beer is poured out, to minimize the froth bubbles formation
Weissbrau Pavilion offered 3 Schneider Weisse specialty, namely the "Mein Blondes", "Unser Original", and "Mein Kristall". Check out the short description for each specialty below. 

Schneider Weisse - Mein Blondes
"Refreshing like a dance in a summer breeze, tempting with light dishes"
Shiny golden wheat beer with a delicate white head. Full-bodied and sparkling with refreshing citrus and hoppy notes. 
Wheat beer 5.2% vol. alc.,
original gravity:12.5%

Schneider Weisse - Unser Original
"The full complexity of the genuine Bavarian wheat beer, great with hearty food"
Amber mahogany colored wheat beer. A full-bodied and sparkling beer with a harmonious finish. 
Wheat beer 5.4% vol. alc.,
original gravity:12.8%

Schneider Weisse - Mein Kristall
"Refreshing for body and soul with a delightful tingle"
Light golden yet crystal clear wheat beer without yeast. Sparkling and refreshing with plenty of carbonation.
Wheat beer 5.3% vol. alc.,
original gravity:12.3%

Weissbrau Pavilion also introduced to us the Glengrant Scotch Whisky, and the De Bortolli wine which was their specialty drinks. Check out below shots of our "happy" drinks. 

Weissbrau Bar Pavilion KL Food
Glengrant Single Malt Scotch Whisky "User Manual"
Weissbrau Bar Pavilion KL Food
Glengrant Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Weissbrau Bar Pavilion KL Food
Cabernet Merlot 2008 (Red Wine)
Weissbrau Bar Pavilion KL Food
Traminer Riesling 2009 (White wine)
Weissbrau Bar Pavilion KL Food
Our various shots to test out the different flavors of each beer, wine and whisky.
Of course, we all know there has to be a good meal being taken first before consuming any alcoholic beverages, and Weissbrau was so kind as to provide us with wonderful German dishes. Check out below for these wonderful dishes.

Weissbrau Bar Pavilion KL Food
Sausage Platter
Weissbrau Bar Pavilion KL Food
Traditional "Flammkucken"
Weissbrau Bar Pavilion KL Food
Bavarian Bacon and Cheese Burger - RM28+
Weissbrau Bar Pavilion KL Food
Swiss Mushroom and Cheese Burger - RM32+
Weissbrau Bar Pavilion KL Food
Crispy German Pork Knuckle - RM48+
Weissbrau Bar Pavilion KL Food
Country Style Rosemary Pork Ribs and Neck - RM38+
All in all, it was a good night of beers, whisky shots, and wine. Weissbrau Pavilion KL proved to be a great place to just chill out and unwind. There was a steady stream of patrons and yet we see everybody having a good time. Do check out their outlet in Pavilion KL should you happen to be in the vicinity. 

Weissbrau German Bistro & Bar
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
168 Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur


Reanact said...

Bottoms up!  So..that is the way the beer is poured?  like that, not so much gas, right? no spilling.. 

Eugeneung said...

They have got one outlet in Penang too Strait Quay,,,, my fav place for good food and good drink, Penang outlet the Koren boss Wayne is name is a very good boss, every time i go there, sure got freebies one....but this kind of beer expensive lah

Koh Kian Fai said...

WO Wonder sausages! hahah jk jk :) Want me to pour beer for you? lol I know how to pour too :P

Isaac Tan said...

Claire, Yup i guess that's the right way. I rarely see it done this way btw >< 

Isaac Tan said...

Eugene, yea bro. There's one in Straits Quay too XD wow, you always go for this good food? Hehe, for me, to go have food here will always be reserved for special occasions. XD wana belanja me there this weekend? Hehe 

Isaac Tan said...

Kian Fai, I love the sausages man! :) The way she poured the beer was kind of obscene, meaning while pouring, she had to move the bottle up and down. :P 

ken said...

wah.. the sausage platter!!

Nikel Khor said...

Nice one...

Thristhan said...

Beer looks cool bro, like fruit flavoured only, 3 colors summore :). Food looks interesting too, we ada discount tak?

bendan said...

ALL THE FOOD LOOKS NICE!!! IWANAGOTHERENEXTTIME!!! OMG!! Wondering is it pricey?? I feels like trying the burgers, sausage and Flammkucken!! Pffttt~remind me of Mark's Place. HAhahahahah!!

Punk Chopsticks said...

Hahahah nooooooo not more food dammit xD

Twilight Man said...

Your photos are very well taken and got me drooling at the sausages & alcohol of course! If I get invited so often like you, I am gonna end up becoming alcoholic! LOL... I love to drink and non stop too. Ha ha ha...
Have a good weekend Isaac!

suituapui said...

At this rate, you are going to be a kaki botol in no time at all...or were you there mainly for the food?

Grrrrrrrr....trying to comment in your blog requires the patience of a saint - waiting for this, waiting for that...waiting for a thousand things before I can finally comment. Next time, I'll just comment on Facebook. Tsk! Tsk!

[SK] said...

not a fan of beer, but wine perhaps.. and those food is definitely more attractive and enticing to me than those beers, haha!! wow, i love the sausages, Flammkucken, bacon and cheese burger, pork knuckles, pork ribs.. errr, i think that means ALL of them right?? :D

Isaac Tan said...

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Small Kucing said...

wah lau eh....can finish all the food or not?

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Emeryn said...

Sausage platter looks kinda scary. LOL

Kimiko Foo said...

I'm getting thirsty for the wines :P

suituapui said...

Aha!!! This is better...

suituapui said...

Fast and easy...no problem at all. Any benefit if you use discus or intense debate or others? I know somebody else who has gone back from discus to blogger...

• Stephanie C • said...

Oh my gosh,the sausages are so huge O.O hahaha yeah,shopping with girls are always the best! XD

shii teck said...

beer and sausage!! perfect combination. should try next time


Alice Law said...

Have yet tasted any German beer but geez, I love those sauerkraut and sausages, yum!!!

shii teck said...

beer and sausage!! perfect combination. should try next time


Emeryn said...

Sausage platter looks kinda scary. LOL

Isaac Tan said...

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