Eccentric Urban Hip Club At Sri Hartamas

There's a new bar or urban hip club as per written on the signage in Sri Hartamas, just next to Souled Out. A bunch of us were invited for Eccentric Bar in Sri Hartamas for it's grand launch a month back. It wasn't a really big affair, as the owners were adamant to keep the exclusiveness of the bar.

Eccentric Urban Hip Club At Sri Hartamas
Eccentric Urban Hip Club

Eccentric Urban Hip Club
Jalan 28/70a
Sri Hartamas
50480, Kuala Lumpur

The location of Eccentric is just 2 doors away from Souled Out, one of the largest cafe in the vicinity, and probably would be Eccentric Bar's largest competitor. Anyway, we were greeted by the owner and his wife before the launch. This bar would be one of his first ventures into the food and beverages industry, and is meant for patrons to just unwind and chill after a long day at work.

Eccentric Urban Hip Club At Sri Hartamas
With the owner and his wife
The exterior and interior of Eccentric Urban Hip Club has the typical bar decor, with a laid back low light environment. The bar serves up a myriad of alcoholic beverages, but for this grand opening, we were served with some food and free flow of beer. Check out below on Eccentric's interior as well as the "finger" food we were provided with.

Eccentric Urban Hip Club At Sri Hartamas
The bar counter
Eccentric Urban Hip Club At Sri Hartamas
An array of alcoholic drinks
Eccentric Urban Hip Club At Sri Hartamas
Free flow of beer up till 9pm.
Eccentric Urban Hip Club At Sri Hartamas
Some of the food served, fried chicken wings, fried mee hoon, curry lamb, and bread
So there we were just hanging out listening to this band perform while catching up with each other. A couple of bloggers were invited as well, which made the night much better. The crowd started coming in by 8pm, mostly invited guests of the owner. There was even a short ribbon cutting ceremony to signify the grand launching of Eccentric Urban Hip Club.

Eccentric Urban Hip Club At Sri Hartamas
Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
As the night wears on, we realized this bar's environment was catered more towards the chilling out crowd rather than the swaying to the music crowd. The moment the free flow ended, which was rather early at 9pm, the mood of the crowd quickly wore off. Nevertheless, I managed to snap some photos with a few of the bloggers who attended this short launching event. I must say it's good to catch up with them over some beers, music and food.

Eccentric Urban Hip Club At Sri Hartamas
Shii Teck, Kah Mon and I
Eccentric Urban Hip Club At Sri Hartamas
Shi Teck, Joshua Law, and I
Eccentric Urban Hip Club At Sri Hartamas
Yeong Boon and Zack
Eccentric Urban Hip Club At Sri Hartamas
Joshua Law and fellow bloggers
Eccentric Urban Hip Club At Sri Hartamas
My new friends, bloggers too.
Eccentric Urban Hip Club At Sri Hartamas
Henry Lee and I
One unique thing about the decor of Eccentric Bar was the walls. They have this end to end wall, with words which any customers can jot down their names. We have words like "unusual", "bizzare", "erratic", and "genius" just to name a few. I took the chance to leave my mark there, as did everyone else.

Eccentric Urban Hip Club At Sri Hartamas
The Unique Wall of Words
So there you have it, a spanking new bar opened in the vicinity of Sri Hartamas. It's a rather cozy bar which focuses on making sure you can relax and unwind over some drinks. As this was the owner's first venture in the food and beverage business, be prepared for some minor kinks to be ironed out soon enough.

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HenRy Lee said...

u guys were there quite early ah... Their cocktails weren't to expensive. The only thing was unique there was the wall... hahaha~

[SK] said...

oh, so this was rather a smaller scale of publicity and the owner try to be more intimate with the guests.. i like the wall of words, looks cool..

wenn said...

yummy food! Btw, hv u received yr gift?

Jamie Yap said...

enticing... syok nya

Nikel Khor said...

Nice Nice

Isaac Tan said...

Henry, yeap, we reached rather early, and got a chance to have a short chit chat with the owner..

Isaac Tan said...

SK, yep. but the problem was, the owner didnt really appreciate the bloggers attending. In fact he treated us rather porly, hence i took more than a month to get this post up. lol!

Isaac Tan said...

Wnn, not yet, which method did you send it ya?

Isaac Tan said...

jamie, hi!! nice to see you dropping by here ya XD Not really very syok this round. But ok lar

Isaac Tan said...

Nikel, thanks for dropping by again ya!! XD

Smallkucing said...

Good to meet so many new friends

suituapui said...

FINALLY!!!! Behold,a miracle!!! Now, I can comment... Tsk! Tsk! Hmmmm...go there and meet and make friends, ok...go and eat, ok...but drink, a bit ok... Just don't make it a habit. Later become kaki botol!!! :(

Koh Kian Fai said...

fuiyoh what is this! another drink drink session at the early time hahaha just joking! fun dupe up there XD

ken said...

i see "owner and wife".. wah.. :P

Caroline May Ling said...

awesome pawsome la ! u surely had a great time there! :D

Twilightzone518 said...

The word Long island Tea sure got me excited! I was once a regular party animal during Party Box's era at D'sara Uptown. I was such drunkard that the owners Peter & David often gave me free jugs of Long Island. I will visit that place to enjoy my old days again.

Twilightzone518 said...

I mean I will visit Eccentric soon! My client's office is just at Wisma Rapids.

Anonymous said...

I'm not suprise the owners treated you poorly. They are currently being investigated by the police for CHEATING by the Commercial Crimes Unit. SIVALINGAM THECHINAMOORTHY and his wife Gurmeet Sivalingam.

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