World of Warcraft Visualized

World of Warcraft or WoW in short has been one of the hottest and massive multiplayer online role-playing game for many years now, and the interests have not been dwindling. In fact, if you look at the infographics below, WoW's popularity is increasing


  1. the fact of WoW right now . . .

    Player decreasing due to Cataclysm Expansion Set.

    And difficulty is harder than previous Expansion WOTLK! LOL!

  2. WoW itself is the benchmark to all mmorpgs nowadays. I don't think WoW is increasing in popularity. in fact I believe it is losing popularity but not because it is a bad game, but becoz it has been around for 8 years and people want something new. with that said, what other mmorpg has had success for 8 years? good job blizzard :)


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