World of Warcraft Visualized

World of Warcraft or WoW in short has been one of the hottest and massive multiplayer online role-playing game for many years now, and the interests have not been dwindling. In fact, if you look at the infographics below, WoW's popularity is increasing

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Koh Kian Fai said...

the fact of WoW right now . . .

Player decreasing due to Cataclysm Expansion Set.

And difficulty is harder than previous Expansion WOTLK! LOL!

AdamTam said...

WoW itself is the benchmark to all mmorpgs nowadays. I don't think WoW is increasing in popularity. in fact I believe it is losing popularity but not because it is a bad game, but becoz it has been around for 8 years and people want something new. with that said, what other mmorpg has had success for 8 years? good job blizzard :)