Guinness Arthur's Day Media Launch

Arthur's Day, I was rather confused when invited by a fellow blogger for this event, but when told it was Arthur Guinness' Day Launch Event, everything fell into place. Initially I thought Arthur was this rich KL fellow that held a party to celebrate his special day with Guinness Stout. After a quick check online via my iPhone, I was brought up to date on this event.

Guinness Arthur's Day Media Launch
Arthur's Day at The Beer Factory, Sunway Giza

Arthur's Day media launch was held at The Beer Factory Sunway Giza in a run-up to the actual celebration day on 22nd September 2011. I guess it must be a very big date to have a media launch with free flow of Guinness Beer before the actual Arthur's Day. Check out below o find out more on what Arthur's Day is all about.

"Celebrate with fellow Guinness fans around the world as we raise our glasses for the third annual Arthur Guinness Day. Kicking off at 17:59 GMT on 22nd September 2011, we'll join together to toast the legendary Arthur Guinness, the man who created our beloved beer. From Ireland and Europe across to the USA, Caribbean and ending in Asia, 24 hours of global celebrations and live music events will mark another year of Guinness goodness. "

Guinness Arthur's Day Media Launch
Join in the festivities!
It was the place to be for good food, lots of Guinness Beer, some music and best of all, lots of blogger friends! The company of friends itself was enough to make it a successful event. I reached just in time for the buffet, and grabbed a couple of beers to catch up with fellow bloggers.

Guinness Arthur's Day Media Launch
I guess this wasn't meant for me, but I had the chance to sit at the table where this sign was at.
Guinness Arthur's Day Media Launch
Free Flow of the "black stuff", Guinness for all!
Guinness Arthur's Day Media Launch
My Chilled Cup of Guinness
Of course, like any event where I'm invited to, I did not miss the chance to catch some pictures with the rest. I did realize my shirt was out of place that night, I was wearing a green shirt, which someone mentioned represented a competing beer brand. It did not deter me from joining in the festivities though. Just check out the happy faces below, and this was before anyone got drunk!

Guinness Arthur's Day Media Launch
Johnson Tay and I
Guinness Arthur's Day Media Launch
Ah Bok, Isaac and Henry Lee
Guinness Arthur's Day Media Launch
Happy us, A fellow blogger, Ken Wooi, Isaac and Evelyn
It was a good night with free beers and good friends, and I do look forward to the actual Arthur's Day Celebration which is going to be celebrated on 23rd September 2011.

More photos from Guinness Arthur's Day Media Launch can be found here. ('s Day Media Launch)

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Aki said...

I don't like Guinness Stout that much.. But still,I can finish half a carton of em.. ^_^.v..

suituapui said...

What rich KL fellow? You did not think it was me kah? LOL!!!

[SK] said...

hmmmm, drinking guiness out of plastic cups?? haha, that's kind of funny.. anyway, it's an invitation to the event, so free flow of beer, why not?? TO ARTHUR, haha~~ :)

cutebun said...

Wish I can go to the 23Sept event =P

Ken Wooi said...

i look noob!

u removed disqus? :)

wenn said...

guinness stout..that reminds me of my late father. He used to drink a bottle every night.

Nikel Khor said...

Wow.. I miss this

jfook said...

i want Guiness bro. Slurpppp

Isaac Tan said...

Aki, lol, don't like but still can drink a lot yea. Pro! :)

STP: come to think of it, probably it was a celebration for you day!! XD your birthday hor

SK, i guess important thing is the black stuff. :) To Arthur!

Cutebun: come over KL again that time! XD

KenWooi: Where got look noob. Haha, yup, removed coz some friends complaint it couldnt load probably. :( You think i should use it?

Wenn, ohh. ya its true, guinness stout has always been related with the older generation. Not sure why though.

Nikel: don't miss the sept one bro!

JFook: Lol, come come. we get drunk bro

Twilight Man said...

I thought KL finally opened a Beer factory like the one I visited in Bangkok. Their joint is huge with giant beer brewer inside filling glasses with the freshest beer while watching live shows! It was fun and I was stoned drunk! Eh tell your Johnson Tay to start blogging again dei. He FFK so long... eerrr did I delete him. OMG! LOL...

You really enjoy life Isaac!

Koh Kian Fai said...

eh whassup with the comment system.

anyways, I dun really fancy Guinness haha :P

Reanaclaire said...

Bottoms up!!
Familiar faces I see are Via (Johnson) and Ken...

Small Kucing said...

Huh??? why plastic cup geh?

Alice Law said...

Ahhh... free flow of Guiness, how nice... can ta pau kar, wakakaka!*kiasu mode

Small Kucing said...

Huh??? why plastic cup geh?

cutebun said...

Wish I can go to the 23Sept event =P

Aki said...

I don't like Guinness Stout that much.. But still,I can finish half a carton of em.. ^_^.v..

JoinMe said...

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P/S: We have put your name and link credit back to this article.