I want to win tickets to Larry Crowne and Lulla Man!

Before you start going, "Lullabye? Larry? L?", just hear what's this all about. This post will serve as a contest entry for me to win a pair of tickets each to watch these two upcoming movies, Larry Crowne and Lulla Man on the 13th July and 19th July respectively. I'm required to answer two questions in this blog post as creatively as I can. Bear with me and do wish me some luck at the comment section.

Larry Crowne Movie
Larry Crowne

Question #1
“If you could get a second chance, what would you have done differently in highschool?”

Who wouldn't want a second chance to re-live their high school days? If I am given this golden magical opportunity, I will definitely join in more school activities, make more school buddies and laugh more! Throughout my high school years, I was quite the anti-social, mixing only with my clique. Somehow this had limited my experiences and knowledge which I could have gotten had I mixed around with a wider pool of friends. Well, that's just me anyway.

Lulla Man Thai Movie
Lulla Man Movie

Question #2
“How do you rekindle a dying relationship?”

A tough question indeed, a dying relationship is named "dying" because it just is.  Now how do you save something like that? Pecan chocolate ice cream, that's how! Get a bucket of that stuff, look each other in the eye, put a spoonful in and Voila! Love is in the air! Now wasn't that easy? So the next time you find yourself in a "dying" relationship, which "touch wood" I hope you don't, try this method.

Thank you for reading, and watch out for my review of the movie should I get the chance to win the tickets.

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  1. Sam Wong12:01 AM

    good luck...Answer 1 and answer 2 is ok ah..Not bad. Funny movie. Hope u win it.

  2. Good luck in winning this yea Isaac! :D 

  3. An interesting movie. Julia Robert and Tom Hank? Should be a great combo. :D All the best. May you win the movie.

  4. An interesting movie. Julia Robert and Tom Hank? Should be a great combo. :D All the best. May you win the movie.


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