Astro Hitz Spin Master 2 Finale

Astro Hitz Spin Master 2 is the second edition of the only televised DJ competition in Malaysia, kicked off in May 2011 (Astro Hitz Spin Master 2 Launched) culminated with its finale in Zouk KL on the 16th July. The competition itself attracted 50 hopeful DJs in a battle to win an all expense paid trip to London, and a 30 minute spin slot at the "Gallery", Ministry of Sound in London.

Astro Hitz Spin Master 2 Finale
DJ Spin Master 2!

I was invited as part of the media to catch a glimpse of this really cool event as it was recorded live to be telecast over Astro Channel 705. Excited over the prospect of catching my first "live" DJ Spinning Competition, I quickly found my seat in Zouk getting all ready to soak in the experience.

Astro Hitz Spin Master 2 Finale
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Joey G returns as the host of the competition, and he is one really good looking host. he is joined by recurrent judges DJs Blink and Goldfish and industry legend DJ Gabriel. That sets the stage for an explosive DJ Spinning competition judged by reknowned DJs, experts in their field. Who will go on to win this competition for a chance of a lifetime to perform in London? Read on below.

Astro Hitz Spin Master 2 Finale
Joey G doing a great job being a TV host
Astro Hitz Spin Master 2 Finale
The panel of DJ judges, DJ Goldfish, DJ Gabriel, and DJ Blink
The four finalist to battle and spin out their songs were DJ Musher, DJ Ben Cracko, DJ Ramsey, and DJ Ayeev. By virtue of being in the final 4 among 50+ contestants were already proof of their skills. For the huge crowd that turned out that day including members of the media, the finale was awesome as these 4 finalist battled it out to claim the title of being the ultimate DJ in the nation.

Astro Hitz Spin Master 2 Finale
#1 Semi-finals between DJ Ayeev and DJ Ben Cracko
The first semi-finals pitted DJ Ben Cracko against DJ Ayeev in a 15 minute show of technical spinning skills, showmanship, and great music. DJ Ben Cracko won the battle to reserve a slot for himself in the finals.

Astro Hitz Spin Master 2 Finale
DJ Ayeev and DJ Ben Cracko
The second semi-finals was a really close match up as we saw DJ Ramsey pit his rock music control versus DJ Musher with his highly skilled hi-tech spinning which included an iPad and an Apple laptop. It was also the time where we saw the crowd jump onto the floor dancing and grooving to the beats of the songs. The atmosphere was heated up as we see both DJ Ramsey and DJ Musher's fans move to the music on the dance floor.

Astro Hitz Spin Master 2 Finale
#2 Semi-finals between DJ Ramsey and DJ Musher
Astro Hitz Spin Master 2 Finale
A shot of DJ Musher
The second semi-final battle was a close match, as both competitors were equally good. However there can be only 1 winner to proceed to the finals, and it went to DJ Ramsey. Then there were two, the finals will pit DJ Ramsey agaisnt DJ Ben Cracko in a showdown to see who gets to go London!

Astro Hitz Spin Master 2 Finale
Finals between DJ Ramsey and DJ Ben Cracko, check out the crowd giving their support
Again, they were so closely matched that everyone including the judges had a tough time choosing the winner. Both were equally good, with DJ Ben Cracko having the technical edge, while DJ Ramsey have the rock DJ feel. After contemplating like forever, our 3 judges came to a consensus and DJ Ramsey emerged the champion! Congratulations, as he will be flying off to London for his very own 30 minutes spin slot at the Gallery, Ministry of Sound, a prize far better than any cash prize could offer!

Astro Hitz Spin Master 2 Finale
The new DJ Spinmaster 2 Champion DJ Ramsey with his family and supporters
Astro Hitz Spin Master 2 episodes aired on Astro Hitz channel 705, every Wednesday at 3.30pm. The grand finale episode (which is written in this post) was aired on 20th July 3.30pm. For more information, do check out their Facebook at or Will there be a DJ Spinmaster 3? I'm not sure, but the signs fare well for this televised DJ competition.


toninkush said...

DJs are such posers, thinking that they're musicians.

Anyway, first time seeing you take so long to post about an event haha

Isaac Tan said...

Tony, lol, i'm not really into the dj scene, but went there to see how happening they are.
Lol, depends on events, for those i really like, it'll be up quite fast.

Actually for this competition, I wanted to write on it the night itself, but we were told to wait until after the TV telecast a week after, so abit potong stim dy. LOL!

suituapui said...

Gosh! Joey's much older now since last I saw him on tv... Still very handsome though. You  didn't join?

Reanact said...

My nephew joined the "the perfect gentleman" in NTV7.. every sunday 6pm..he is in the last 16.. hahaa...

Isaac Tan said...

STP, oh you're a fan of Joey as well? haha, of course I did not join. I'm not a DJ, but DJ Isaac does have a nice ring to it :P

Isaac Tan said...

Claire, wow, is it still on-going? would love to watch him in action, but unfortunately no astro here :(

The perfect gentleman, let me google it up

wenn said...

too bad..i don't hv astro :(

Ainatikazailani said...

fantastic!!!! hmm kalau lah i boleh pergi event macam ni...arrgghhh!!! kenapa i macam dalam batu ni? btw the Joey G look ssssooooooooo hot! kakakkaka

Smallkucing said...

Wah syok, Fun night.

tekkaus said...

I once wanted to be a DJ. I think a DJ looks so cool. LOL :D

HenRy Lee said...

oh didnt ajak me for this event la! haha just kidding... well nowadays DJ & VJ can be so popular, even more popular than actor or singers ya~ ^^

Isaac Tan said...

Wenn, Sigh unfortunately I do not have astro in KL too. But i got Astro for my parents in penang though

Isaac Tan said...

Aina, stick around, and soon we can catch all these awesome events :)

Isaac Tan said...

Smallkucing, ok lo, but for a non-enthusiast like myself, it was moderate only. ehhe

Isaac Tan said...

Tekkaus, you already look like one! With your goatee :P  hehe

Isaac Tan said...

Henry, lol! it wasn't a high profile event. DJ competition, for me this was a first, and i was glad i experienced it first hand.

moonlight_zone said...

Sigh... I hv nvr gotta chance to meet DJ...>_< u hv got such privilege!

Isaac Tan said...

 Alice, it's no biggie actually. :)