First Ever ChurpOut Session At Mark's Place, PJ

Tonight, ChurpChurp with the tagline "A community for social media influencers" held their first ever ChurpOut session at this fresh and cool bar named Mark's Place in PJ. Mark's Place is located in Kelana Jaya and serves fusion cuisine and fine whiskey by the lake. Yes, there's a lake just in front of the venue. I was truly excited when I got the invites to attend this session by ChurpChurp, reminding me of yet another awesome blogger's gathering I attended early this year (Nuffnang Sharing Session).

ChurpChurp ChurpOut
ChurpChurp's Invitational Poster (An Invitation to Chill Out and Make Friends)

It was a Friday evening, and coupled with heavy rain, most of us arrived slightly late. However, the party kicked off on time at around 8.30pm. This was my first time coming over to Mark's Place, the location was rather hidden. The cool thing was, there was a lake just in front. I would say it has good ambience, and the food which was good too. More on the food and fun further down this post. Check out below on some photos of Mark's Place and it's decor

Mark's Place
Mark's Place
Mark's Place
Units 01-02 & 02-02,
Block B, Jalan SS7/13A,
Plaza Kelana Jaya, Petaling Jaya
Tel: 012 345 7731

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Mark's Place
Mark's Place Decor

ChurpOut! It was a night dedicated for the churpers, and we truly had fun as we spent the night chatting, laughing, and chilling. There were a bunch of activities already planned out by the ChurpChurp awesome staffs for us. The first activity to take place was a rather tough sausage eating competition. We had 5 very sporting churpers take to the table in their mission to be the first to finish 4 huge sausages. Check it out below.

ChurpChurp ChurpOut Session
#1 Sausage Eating Competition : Winner was Simon Seow in a very close match

Immediately after the sausage competition, we were invited to try out the food that Mark's Place had to offer. In fact, the owner Mark came out to introduce each dish personally. One by one the ChurpChurp beautiful ladies took their turns to present out the dishes. A nice touch indeed.

ChurpChurp ChurpOut Session
#2 Food Presentation and Introduction By Mark
ChurpChurp ChurpOut Session
#3 Food, food ...
ChurpChurp ChurpOut Session
#4 And more food for all of us

The food were presented in huge platters to be shared among all the Churpers present. It was so filling, that for once I could only manage one round. Usually I go an average of 3 rounds, that's how filling these dishes were.

ChurpChurp ChurpOut Session
#5 The band that night

Hardly a moment to rest when the next round of activities were announced. This time it was an ice breaking session where each of us got a random number and had to locate our pair with the same number. Each numbers came in a pair, and to locate our "same numbered" partner, we could not use sign language nor speak, and must only "Churp" out the number. Anyway, the first 5 pairs to find their partners were chosen to come up to the stage for a fun dance. It was interesting to find some churpers really knew how to move their bodies.

ChurpChurp ChurpOut Session
#6 A dancing session for 5 couples, we had boy-girl couples, boy-boy as well as girl-girl couples.
ChurpChurp ChurpOut Session
A couple of awesome bloggers. (There were many more but ChurpChurp has the BIG group photo, which I will update here once I get my hands on it)

Overall it was an awesome night out with bloggers, churpers, and new friends. Yup, not forgetting the wonderful staffs of ChurpChurp who manage to feed us with great food, music and much laughter. ChurpOut is definately a success and I'm looking forward to seeing more of these events coming up.

Aren't we awesome?
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MsMiaos Labii said...

alaaa always the fastest one la~good writeup whei!

arlida abdullah said...

the food looks truly yummy :)

suituapui said...

Ooo...looks like fun, looks like a nice place and food looks good. Got band? Got music kah...or is it only for this event? No photo of you dancing?

HenRy Lee said...

hoahhh... so nice lor this event... too bad my friday night are always occupied. Nevertheless its good to see u all enjoy urself :)

Smallkucing said...

WOnderful deco. Aiyk...makan competition again ah?

Jessy Long said...

u attend so many nn events eh!

Koh Kian Fai said...

awesome friday :D hahah I have mine sitting on massage chair for 18mins and go cinema watch movie :P

Jia Ying said...

lol.....I'm lack of badge of "emo on twitter"...haha!!! 

darranlow said...

Looks like you had a great time. The ice breaking game was rather interesting, you should have recorded a video of it!

wenn said...

simply to dance too

June Tan said...

Issac: nice want... Churpchurp had great event... =D

Submerryn said...

The dancing session is very cute! :D Janice is dancing :)

moonlight_zone said...

How I wish I can join too, such scrumptious meal and nice event!