True Discovery Reptile Collection At ICity

Fresh from the laser tag event with fellow bloggers last week over in ICity, we were introduced to True Discovery, tagged to be the largest reptile collection in Malaysia. True Discovery was just a few steps away from Laser Warzone in ICity, Shah Alam. Being someone really interested with new stuffs, and believe me, having so many reptiles under one roof is really a new experience for me!

True Discovery Reptile Farm Showcase
True Discovery @ ICity; Take a walk on the wild side with me!

True Discovery

K10-02-01, I-City, Citypark,
Persiaran Multimedia,
Seksyen 7, 40000 Shah Alam, Selangor
(Right behind Old Town White Coffee Shop)
GPS : N03 03.769'  E101 28.802'

Tel : 03-79587008 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            03-79587008      end_of_the_skype_highlighting / 012-2363283 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            012-2363283      end_of_the_skype_highlighting (Francis Poh)

Upon entering True Discovery, we were introduced to the place by Francis who was really an expert in everything reptilian. He's such a "guru" that every reptile and animal in True Dicovery was explained in detail without him referring to anything. Hats off to Francis for being such a wonderful host that morning.

True Discovery Reptile Farm Showcase
Francis Poh, our host for the day

I managed to capture quite a few unique animals being showcased there, and there was even a very rare occasion of seeing a snake shed its skin. Scroll down to the bottom for this rare video. For now, do have a look at some of the photos I took. I apologize for not remembering all the names of the reptiles.

True Discovery Reptile Farm Showcase
#1 This lizard was left to wander around
True Discovery Reptile Farm Showcase
#2 A rather active reptile, running all over the place
True Discovery Reptile Farm Showcase
#3 A two headed tortoise
True Discovery Reptile Farm Showcase
#4 Kiss the frog and get a prince?
True Discovery Reptile Farm Showcase
#5 I was told this scorpion is really poisonous
True Discovery Reptile Farm Showcase
#6 Tarantulas
True Discovery Reptile Farm Showcase
#7 Check out how this snake blends in
True Discovery Reptile Farm Showcase
#8 How green can you go?
True Discovery Reptile Farm Showcase
#9 Staring right into your soul
True Discovery Reptile Farm Showcase
#10 How's that for some really scary croc eyes.
On top of just "oooh"ing and "aah"ing at the exhibits there, we were all given a chance to get really close and personal with some snakes, a parrot, and some birdies. It was really cool that they let us play with these animals. I have always wanted to get a chance to curl a snake around my upper body, and at True Discovery, I got my chance! Janice, who's normally afraid of reptiles also braved up to get a picture. Check awesome us below.

True Discovery Reptile Farm Showcase
Janice having a really good experience with the snake.
True Discovery Reptile Farm Showcase
Isaac having some fun time as well

Coming back to the rare experience I was talking about at the beginning of this post, we got to see a snake shed it's skin. This was happening real time in front of our eyes, and we were told a snake only sheds its skin a few times in a year. Check out a short video I managed to capture below.

For an entrance fee of only RM18/person, this was a really good place to get up and close with reptiles. Even if you're not a fan, do drop by for the experience! Check out MilkADeal's latest deal [Rm18 for 2 with pictures] for this place.

True Discovery Reptile Farm Showcase
Picture perfect bloggers!


darranlow said...

Wow! I never actually seen a snake shed its skin. With that being said, I have a phobia for snakes and I don't dare put them on my shoulder. Well I tried to overcome it once and I was shivering all over.

[SK] said...

goosebump!!! urgh, i don't like reptiles at all, feel so eerie with them.. while i enjoy just watching them from a distance but definitely not touch them at all.. i always admire those who can hold a snake around themselves, brave!! haha :p

Isaac Tan said...

Darran, oh my, if you have a chance should really try again to overcome that phobia. Personally I've never seen a snake shed its skin too, hence the video. I was going "I MUST take this video" lol!

Cumidanciki said...

Interesting but not my cup of tea, i must say LOL. what an ugly frog!

shiiteck said...

nice place!!! I should go with my friends.

ken said...

i think the collection of snakes here is so much better than the penang snake temple right?
hahaha.. nice vid of the snake shedding its skin! :)

bendan said...

Wow, you have really nice photo for this post! I like the #2, the active reptile... haha, it looks like Rango. LOL!! Cute~ XD

Anyway, THE SNAKE IS FREAKING ME OUT!! Janice so brave!!! ><

Smallkucing said...

looks like i-City is the next 'in' place to be. Any good food there?

toninkush said...

Will be grabbing some details from here. I lost the fella's namecard lol

Nikel Khor said...

I really scare of this kind reptile.. no nice photo from me.. good job u...

suituapui said..., thank you! I'm not going near that place. LOL!!!

Submerryn said...

Nice nice! Didn't know such place exist! now can plan a trip there dy :)

Bananazஇ People said...

The lizards are like those we saw in Jurassic Park except smaller in size. No way to wrap the snake around my next too cold and geli. What a 'cute' frog haha.

wenn said...

wow, u r really brave! i would dare to even go near the snake!

tekkaus said... even managed to capture the snake shading its skin? Awesome!

reana ct said...

Something new to me.. so many reptiles..
hey, your partner is very brave... i wouldnt dare to take pic with the yellow snake.. 

Caroline May Ling said...

OMG!!! OMG!! So scary n u n janice so brave la let the snake "cuddled" ! :x

DC said...

Wow, that is one cool place to visit! I had always wanted to take pic with a python!