Ning Baizura New Album Launch

Following up on my previous post, "An Afternoon With Ning Baizura", where I was honored to be able to have a 1 on 1 session with the diva herself. This time, I was at Zouk, KL for Ning Baizura's latest album Dewa launching amidst all the media, fans, and bloggers. The environment was awesome that night, all waiting anxiously for the star's appearance. The event was jointly brought to us by Universal Music Malaysia and Era FM.

Ning Baizura Dewa Album Launch
Ning Baizura Album Launching at Zouk

We were ushered in to our seats on the top floor, but in order to get a better view, I actually went down to where the action is at. Ning Baizura made her entrance in style, with hunky shirtless muscle men carrying her to the stage. I swore I heard some ladies around me sighed in awe at those muscles.

Ning Baizura Dewa Album Launch
Entrance in style

Ning Baizura Dewa Album Launch
Ning Baizura on her throne being brought up to the stage

On a side note, I got the chance to meet up with so many other famous bloggers that night. I'm delighted as it was always great to widen my circle of blogger friends. They're a bunch of really friendly and happening people. Check out some of the pictures I took that night of the bloggers.

Ning Baizura Dewa Album Launch
#1 Happening bloggers. L-R: Isaac, Zaid, Zaid's friend, Redmummy, Kak Ina and friend.

Ning Baizura Dewa Album Launch
#2 With DD Fabulous and blogger friends

Ning Baizura Dewa Album Launch
#3 Elated to be able to get a group photograph with Ning Baizura, just check out my smile.

Ning Baizura Dewa Album Launch
#4 With Ning's hubby, Chris

Ning Baizura kicked off the night with one of her new songs on her new album Dewa, titled "Raksasa", to be followed by 4 more of her songs, Mama Papa, Propaganda, Alhamdulilah, and Aku Bukan Dewa. The songs she sang were really good and got the crowd moving. I have to say the clothes Ning Baizura wore that night were really classy and really portrayed her image as one of Malaysia's greatest pop diva.

Ning Baizura Dewa Album Launch
Ning Baizura moving the crowd with her songs.

Ning Baizura Dewa Album Launch
Ning Baizura in her really classy dress mesmerizing the crowd.

Her voice is really good and with her powerful vocals, it's no wonder she has so many fans everywhere. In fact throughout the session,  there were a few die-hard fans who actually got a chance to duet with Ning Baizura. I can just imagine their happiness, one of them actually nearly cried from happiness. Ning Baizura's latest album Dewa contains 8 brand new songs, and to own one, you just have to fork out a cool RM29.90, which was actually a very low price to pay for some really good music.

Ning Baizura Dewa Album Launch
The one and only, Ning Baizura promoting her latest album Dewa

I apologize for the bad sound quality of the video recorded, as I was using a low end camera video to record. The bass was too boomy for my poor camera that night. Bear in mind its just for sharing purposes only. I leave you with Ning Baizura's FB Fanpage ( and Twitter handler @NingDalton . Follow her there to get up close and personal.


Koh Kian Fai said...

wow sooooh many muscular man surrounded her! lol but no 6 packs = potong stim lol

pouleen said...

Haha... the muscly men too much lar~~ boobs bigger than mine! unacceptable!

Henry Tan BW said...

Banyak body guard la! :D checking it out the youtube video!

Unknown said...

Omgg... I also wanna sighh for those macho men :)

suituapui said...

Wah! I thought you were one of the guys carrying Ning. LOL!!! I must say she's getting more and more beautiful - has the looks of a diva. Well, she's one, no doubt about that....

Sam Wong said...

Wow...can attended this event. So good. look so happy can get a photograph with Ning. :p

aqi crezqa said...

body builder with no six pack..

Joann said...

i love her dress!!!! i guess the launching of her new album is awesome!

DDFabulous.Com said...

nice to meet you too Isaac...your fiance was a blogger too?

zunaidi dali said...

tq 4 sharing Isaac!

reana ct said...

wow...really Up, Close and Personal... Ning has her own unique voice.. 

Suiying84 said...

wahhh.. so nice to be close and personal with a celebrity! i bet her live singing must be really awesome. i also had one experience like this with Stacy, our AF6 winner ^^v

kak ina kl said...

hai ..akak pun seronok dapat jumpa aa dapat blogger chinese yang peramah..
nanti kita jumpa lagi event yang lain yer

[SK] said...

oh Ning!! she is definitely one of the best songstress in malaysian history.. i can still remember her very debut "In Another Life" after so many years..

tekkaus said...

Wow....why the entrance is so damn grand...what's with the shirtless men? :p

Cleffairy said...

Most prolly I wouldn't swoon at the men... muscle... I can see it anywhere... but men's V shaped waistline? now that is HAWT!

moonlight_zone said...

So lucky to meet with another artist!!!! Wow at the muscle men!!!!

Mikhaela Chan said...

Omgg... I also wanna sighh for those macho men :)

i'm shin... i'm inesen said...

baru nak try layan.. hope x mendukacitakan