Hometown Kopitiam At The Curve

The other day, I was at E Curve for Larry Crowne screening when a few of us bloggers decided to get together over a quick dinner. I've tried the Vivo Pizza a couple of times, as well as Sakae Sushi and Xian Ding Wei, so we figured we should try a different eatery. One quick round, and we decided to dine in at this nice looking restaurant aptly named Hometown Kopitiam which showcased some authentic kopitiam decor.

Hometown Kopitiam

Hometown Kopitiam logo, established since 1960.
Hometown Kopitiam
Hometown Kopitiam, one of the few affordable restaurant at The Curve PJ

Hometown Kopitiam

Lot 141, 1st Floor, Western Courtyard,

The Curve,

Jalan PJU 7/3, Mutiara Damansara,

47810 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor D.E.

Hometown Kopitiam
The Restaurant Menu
A quick glance at the menu, and I was rather pleased with the prices. In fact, when I was searching online for the address of this Hometown Kopitiam, I found some other reviews who complimented on their prices as well. Anyway check out what we had that night.

Hometown Kopitiam
#1 Hor Fun, ordered by Janice RM7+
Hometown Kopitiam
#2 Nasi Lemak with Yellow Rice - RM8.90
Hometown Kopitiam
#3 Nasi Lemak - RM8.90+
Hometown Kopitiam
#4 Spicy Tomyam MeeHoon - RM7+
Hometown Kopitiam
#5 My 100 Plus
I wish to add that the spicy tomyam meehoon tasted really good, with the right amount of tomyam taste, and lots of spiciness in it. Taken with my 100 Plus drink, it was a perfect match. As for the nasi lemak, and hor fun, there were no complaints from my friends so I figured it was good as well. Overall a good meal before the movies, and I was just happy we all managed to catch up over some food.

Hometown Kopitiam
That's us! Kian Fai, Benjamin, Janice, Isaac and Sherry
The next time if you happen to drop by The Curve, do try out this Hometown Kopitiam. It's sure to make you miss your hometown! It didn't really make me miss my hometown though, because I was already missing my hometown so much even before I stepped into the restaurant. How I wish I can just drive back to Penang again soon.


Zach said...

yes yes.. spicy + 100 plus = perfect match!!

Koh Kian Fai said...

next time try shih lin la LOL!

hildamilda said...

Looking at yr post now makes me hungry since I skipped dinner ): Definitely will give it a try!

Queennie said...

What's with the tongue kian fai.Hahaha!

tekkaus said...

Wow...established since 1960? That early? :D

Foongpc said...

Nice meh this place? I dun really like it last time I went there. Besides it's self service right? Haha!! But the price quite OK lah : )

June Tan said...

Looks yummy.... Thanks for sharing... =D

suituapui said...

Yum! Looks really good... Most important, no compromise on taste. Such places, usually a bit more expensive and taste is all right...just not as great as the authentic stuff. Disappointing.

Reanact said...

You must come to IPOH la.. more home cooked food dishes... :)

Caroline May Ling said...

the hor fun look nice! hehehe whoaa u love spicy foods one eh?? xD

ken said...

makin me hungry o.o

[SK] said...

i start to wonder why there are so many kopitiam at a sudden, and all have similar names - old town, home town, george town etc etc, and all selling the same thing?? anyway, i actually prefer the traditional kopitiam than all these modern ones.. :p

toninkush said...

this aint my kinda place to eat haha

ying ying dai tao har said...

oh... i think the price is much more cheaper than the other "town" which is not so "new" to us hor... not sure we have this in penang or not.. good to know that the food is good too .

bendan said...

OMG!!! The spicy mihun looks attempting.. Hahahah!! Why u guys have secret gathering pula... never ask me together... T-T

Bananazஇ People said...

Wow they are maximising on the brand names with "town" to confuse the public? Oldtown, newtown, white town whatever town haha. Oh the nasi lemak looks good, tomyam goes well with 100+?. Got a friend whose recipe would be after nasi kandar + coke = ho liao..haha.

Smallkucing said...

The nasi lemak is really killing me. love it

Ivan said...


Eric Lee Huangshi Huangshi said...

lol..lately too many similar cafe like this...at the point, not sure which is a better one

Lonelyreload said...

gonna check it out one day ~

wenn said...

those nasi lemak look yummy!

DC said...

Wow, everything looks goo dwhen you are hungry... lol