NZ Garden Cafe At Jalan Ampang

The other day I was at Zouk KL around lunch time for the Astro Spinmaster 2 Finale and found myself looking for some food. I found it rather tough finding affordable and nice food around Jalan Ampang area, and ended up at this nice looking restaurant about 150 metres away from Zouk. NZ Garden Cafe is this mamak eatery offering mixed rice and malaysian specialty food.

NZ Garden Cafe Jalan Ampang

The entrance from the side. NZ Garden Cafe Jalan Ampang
NZ Garden Cafe Jalan Ampang
NZ Garden Cafe,
Jalan Ampang,
50450 Kuala Lumpur,

It was a quick stop before heading back to Zouk so we did not order much, only enough to fill our stomachs. I was rather impressed with the cleanliness and ambience of the whole place. There were already quite a few customers dining there when we arrived.

NZ Garden Cafe Jalan Ampang
The Mixed Rice section
NZ Garden Cafe Jalan Ampang
NZ Garden Cafe decor and ambience
Check out below on what we had for lunch that day. I took the tandoori chicken because it really looked nice from the kitchen. My partner had the mixed rice which tasted good, while I took the fried maggi mee with an added sunny side up egg,

NZ Garden Cafe Jalan Ampang
#1 My Maggi Goreng
NZ Garden Cafe Jalan Ampang
#2 Don't leave out this beautiful sunny side up egg
NZ Garden Cafe Jalan Ampang
#3 Janice's Mixed Rice consisting of curry chicken and long beans vegetables
NZ Garden Cafe Jalan Ampang
#4 Delicious Tandoori Chicken
NZ Garden Cafe Jalan Ampang
#5 A cup of iced Milo to wash all the food down.
Overall it was a good meal. At RM21 for two persons, I wouldn't say it's very cheap, but I guess the pricing at KL Mamak Restaurants are normally above average. It's the only eatery nearby Zouk KL for that matter, unless I wanted to hop over to have some of those hotel food.

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jfook said...

Looking at the ambiance of the restaurant, i would say RM 21 is cheap. And I love Mee Maggi Goreng max. My fav mamak food.

Nikel Khor said...

Preferring hotel food.. wakaka.. 

hildamilda said...

The tandoori chicken looks really yummy! (:

suituapui said...

Place looks great, impressive...a lot more impressive than the nasi kandar shops in Penang, food looks good...and RM 21.00 is cheap! May even be cheaper than in Penang or the same...and the shops there not even half as nice. Just wondering- what does NZ stand for? Not New Zealand, I'm sure...? LOL!!!

Reanact said...

 The egg... still raw?  I like the design of this outlet.. looks neat...

Kelly C said...

this is good, it's beautify Malaysia and also makes tourist feels that we are organized!

Foongpc said...

OK, now I know where to eat if I am in that area. But why they call it NZ Garden?

[SK] said...

wow, that's a very nice and cosy place, high-end mamak that is?? haha, this NZ is doing better and better huh, going more diversified for their business already..

wenn said...

NZ? Not new zealand ma?

HenRy Lee said...

the food looks nice, well nowadays mamak price is too expensive... last time it used to be budget unless we go for the stalls along the roadside la...

toninkush said...

seems like a mamak i'd go to when i'm working for my new company

Thristhan said...

I've had Lunch here quite a number of times. Their western menu is superb too. Never had the chance to take photos because lunch time they are always packed. You managed to tak some great shots bro :)

moonlight_zone said...

I didn't knw this place leh... hv been passing through Ampang area very weekend....>_<
Yalor, not cheap for these malay spread of food(usually very cheap), the price worth for Chinese stir fry though...

Ethnic Food said...

Nice post.