Tai Mah Restaurant Sg Bakap

The other day, while on another visit to Janice's home in Sungai Bakap, I was brought to another chinese restaurant to catch a bite. Tai Mah Restaurant is a typical coffee shop styled chinese restaurants serving simple chinese cuisine. I was pleasantly surprised that we were served food even though it was 4pm in the evening as most restaurants only starts their business in the late evenings.

Tai Mah Restaurant
Tai Mah Restaurant Sungai Bakap
We were the only ones there as the dinner crowd haven't arrived yet.
As there were only four of us that afternoon, we only ordered three simple dishes. This wasn't dinner by the way, it's like an afternoon tea time meal, and I wonder why my waist size keeps increasing. Anyway check out what we had that day in the photos below.
Tai Mah Restaurant
#1 Sweet and Sour "Heh Kor Bak" , a shrimp thingy

Tai Mah Restaurant
#2 Sizzling Mixed Vegetable with Seafood with Egg
Tai Mah Restaurant
#3 White Carrot Soup
Tai Mah Restaurant
#4 Steamed Fish Head

Personally, I don't really fancy having the fish head and would prefer the body portion as fish heads don't have much meat to begin with. But the dish was nice, simple yet tasted good as the fish was fresh.The other dish which I really liked here was the "heh kor bak", it was really fragrant with the right amount of crispiness. And with these dishes, it completes my afternoon tea time meal for the day.

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