Big Big Bowl Cafe Kepong

Big Big Bowl Cafe, my first impression when invited by Ivy to have dinner there was that this restaurant must serve their dishes in big bowls. Well, I wasn't very far off from the truth, as there are dishes served in rather large bowls, but Big Big Bowl Cafe is most famous for its Hakka dishes. It's signature dish would be the Hakka Lui Cha (Pounded Tea) dish which I have the pleasure of having that evening.

Big Big Bowl Cafe
Big Big Bowl Cafe

Big Big Bowl Cafe
No. 31, Jalan Metro Perdana Barat 2 (Opposite Jusco Kepong)
Taman Usahawan Kepong
52100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 012-211 5564

Business Hours:
Mon – Fri: 11 a.m. till 9 p.m.
Sat – Sun: 11 a.m. till 10 p.m.
Close on every alternate Tuesday

Located just opposite Jusco in Kepong, the place wasn't really hard to find. The atmosphere was really homely, as the owner Angie came out to welcome us. Big Big Bowl Cafe markets itself as a cafe serving traditional Hakka dishes, one which I have not had the chance to taste until that evening.

Big Big Bowl Cafe
The decor
Big Big Bowl Cafe
Big Big Bowl Cafe Menu

The first dish I had the opportunity to have was their signature dish, the Hakka Lui Cha. I was initially apprehensive over the green colour of the dish, as this was my first time trying. Upon mixing the ingredients with the Lui Cha (pounded tea soup), I would say it tasted really good, with the correct amount of crunchiness from the nuts. The Lui Cha was home-made,and really unique to say the least.

Big Big Bowl Cafe
#1 Hakka Lui Cha served with Lui Cha Soup (before mixing) - RM7.50
Big Big Bowl Cafe
Hakka Lui Cha after mixing the ingredients in

The first dish was really a healthy dish, which actually makes it easier to proceed for the rest of the really delicious but slightly more savory dishes. Check out below on the other dishes we had that night.

Big Big Bowl Cafe
#2 Claypot Rice Wine Chicken - RM15.50
Big Big Bowl Cafe
#3 Claypot Siam Style Pork Belly - RM13.50 (regular) RM16.50 (big)

I just have to mention that I really liked this dish #3 Claypot Siam Style Pork Belly, it had just the right amount of spiciness and lots of dried chilli with the extra Basil leaves to bring out the taste.

Big Big Bowl Cafe
#4 Claypot Vinegar Trotters - RM15.50

#4 Claypot Vinegar Trotters will have to be one of the oiliest dishes I have taken in a while. I guess that's what you get when ordering trotters. The vinegar added in was surprisingly good, just the right amount, not too much.

Big Big Bowl Cafe
#5 Belacan Fried Lady Fingers - RM8
Big Big Bowl Cafe
#6 Seven Veggie Pan Mee - RM5.50 (Regular) RM8.50 (Big)
Big Big Bowl Cafe
The same Seven Veggie Pan Mee being evenly distributed out because the bowl was just too large for a single person!
Big Big Bowl Cafe
#7 Signature Curry Pan Mee - RM10.50 (Regular) RM13.50 (Big)
Big Big Bowl Cafe
$8 Big Big Bowl's Mixed Platter - RM19.90

The dish #8 Big Big Bowl's Mixed Platter had a mixture of marmite chicken, fried pork, fried dumplings and toufu. One cannot go wrong with marmite chicken I tell you, something which I can keep munching on.

Big Big Bowl Cafe
#9 Udon Special with Sambal/Black Pepper - RM8.50

When the dish #9 Udon Special with Sambal/Black Pepper was served, I was already so stuffed with all the previous delicious food that I couldn't really fully enjoy the Udon. Served with a thin layer of fried egg, this dish can be taken on its own on any evening.

Big Big Bowl Cafe
Our healthy tea to wash down all the delicious Hakka food.

Needless to say, I was stuffed to the brim, and the reason I'm so stuffed was the fact that all the dishes were too tempting. Do check out this good restaurant Big Big Bowl Cafe should you be in the mood for some traditional Hakka dishes. It's really that good I tell you, and I wouldn't mind dropping by again soon for some more of that Hakka Lui Cha and Pork Belly.

Big Big Bowl Cafe
My eating kakis that evening, awesome people.


David said...

I like the Hakka Lui Cha. =D

Unknown said...

Woww!! So much food!! :) Never tried Hakka food not 'coz I'm averse to any type of food, it's just that it's mostly non-halal right? Good food and good company is definitely a sure fire way of having a good time, in my book! :)

Nikel Khor said...

Love that lui cha

Hilda Milda™ said...

I'm half hakka but I can't eve stand the smell of lui cha, not to mention having it :P The claypot rice wine chicken looks good!

Ken Wooi said...

fuh, life on the food line!

Blackswan said...

OMG, all the dishes look sooooo good! I've yet to try Thunder Tea tho' I often see people eating in foodcourts. Mmmm.... seeing your post makes me wanna try :)

Small Kucing said...

food looks good.

Aki said...

whoa.. never eat any Hakka dishes before.. Sabahan Hakka mostly eat the local food also.. Gonna have a try.. ^_^.v..

[SK] said...

hahaha, BIG bowl only but then only very little portion given?? but from your photos, those bowls don't look big also, or the portion is as big as the bowl?? :D

Reanaclaire said...

wow..i love those dishes! wonder when i can gooooo...

wenn said...

that curry pan mee must be yummy! btw, hope u will receive yr gift this time.

suituapui said...

Eeeeyyyyyeeeewwww!!!! I always call liu cha - horse food. No, thank you. The rest looks pretty good...but not all served in big bowls leh? I see some in they don't look big in your photos. Hehehehehe!!!

Baby Sumo said...

I also never try lui cha before... maybe will try if I ever find a good version of it :P

Nigel Low said...

Keep up the great work bro!

benjaminvai said...

how big is everybowl?

Henry Lee said...

the claypot siam style pork belly is good! :D

Peace Out!
The CleverMunkey

Koh Kian Fai said...

veggie pan mee seems to be so cool :)

Xue Ren said...

actually what is lui cha?? i still don't get it. LOL! =(

Caroline said...

yummylicious foods!! :D i wanna go thr!! LOL

toogoodsogood said...

Thanks for the good food update and review! Keep up the good work!

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இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Thunder rice tea aka lui cha are eaten by mainly the Hobor Hak another Hakka clan coz Bananaz have not eaten or heard about it too being half Hakka too. Thunder sounds like 'lui' but nothing to do with thunder haha. Bananaz loves it very much coz of the nuts and all vegies mixed together haha. Tried helping out once cutting the vegies tell you its tough cutting them to such small pieces. In this modern era not sure how they grind the tea probably by machine. Its not pounded tea but using a wooden rod to go round the big bowl grinding the tea thus the name 'lui' cha in Hakka.

toninkush said...

cis pigi kepong tak ajak lol

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

yuè yuányuán, rén tiántián。zhù nǐ yuè lái yuè yǒu qián。

yuè guāngguāng, rén shuāngshuāng。 zhù nǐ xīn qíng duō fàng kuān。

guì rén qí, xiǎo rén lí。zhù nǐ dà lì yòu dà jí。

zhù nǐ yú jiā rén, Zhōng qiūjié kuàilè。

Thristhan said...

I was telling Henry that the Claypot Siam Style Pork Belly and the Trotters looks amazingly delicous. Must head to this part of kepong and try out their dishes.

Medical Tourism said...

Awesome posting for recipes ! Lady Finger veg. My Favorite i love it . yummy food and that's delicious look.

Rebecca Saw said...

Lui Cha is awesome wei!!
And tht 7 veggies pan mee is so me! Luv vegs!

Merryn said...

i havent tried luicha before.. must try one day :)

Anonymous said...

what is the green noodle looking dish in the small bowl?