Red Garden Food Paradise Penang

Char Kuey Teow, Fried Oyster, Loh Bak, these are a few of the local cuisine that Penang has to offer, and every time I'm back to my hometown there will surely be one food trip to try these out. Of course, I do not have them daily as these dishes are deep fried and definately not good for the body if taken excessively, but they are delicious though! This round, my family and I decided to drop by for an early dinner over at Red Garden Food Paradise, a cafe / food court type of place which serves both local and international cuisine located at Leith Street, Penang.

Red Garden Food Paradise Penang
Red Garden Food Paradise

Red Garden Food Paradise
No. 20, Leith Street,
10000 Penang, Malaysia
604 - 262 3767

Red Garden Food Paradise Penang
Location map taken from Red Garden Website
Red Garden Food Paradise is located near upper Penang road, which is very near to the happening night spots of Penang. We were there in the early evening, so the night crowd haven't arrived yet. I was told this place is heavily packed in the night due to the food as well as the live singer and band performances.

Red Garden Food Paradise Penang
Some snapshots of Red Garden Food Paradise
The Loh Bak stall
What striked me as being rather interesting was the fact that the Loh Bak stall had prepared so much food in advance. This kind of proves that his business is really good, if not the owner wouldn't have prepared so many "loh baks". We immediately took to order out Penang favourites. Check out the photos below on what we had that evening. 

Red Garden Food Paradise Penang
#1 Loh Bak (Assorted Meat) - RM16
Red Garden Food Paradise Penang
#2 Char Kuey Teow - RM 4
Red Garden Food Paradise Penang
#3 Fried Oyster - RM8
Red Garden Food Paradise Penang
#4 Hokkien Prawn Mee - RM4

The dishes were pretty good, except for the Loh Bak which I felt was really pricey at RM16 as we didn't take that much meat anyway. The Fried Oyster was a tad too oily for comfort, but they do serve these really huge oysters. Personally I would prefer slightly smaller oysters as these tasted too strong. The Char Kuey Teow and Prawn Mee was just normal, nothing much to shout about as I have had better ones elsewhere. 

Red Garden Food Paradise Penang
My Brother and I enjoying our meal

There you have it, Red Garden Food Paradise. If you're over in Penang at night, this is a must go place. Well at least that's what my Penang friends tell me. The ambiance at night should be way better with live performances and all.

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    Nikel Khor said...

    Alot food post edy wor..

    Charmaine Pua said...

    Nyum nyum! Next time go Penang I oso wanna come here!

    Isaac Tan said...

    Learning from you sifu! You're the one with the awesome food blog. :)

    Thanks for dropping by here!! Yep, but heard its better at night because of the live bands and all. I went early evening, nothing much there :)

    Kyril D. Soul-X said...

    ur brother and u have da same mouth and eyes xD

    Isaac Tan said...

    Lol! That's why we are brothers! Haha, thanks for dropping by here bro.

    Small Kucing said...

    i miss the fried oyster

    wenn said...

    i would love the loh bak..yummy!

    Caroline said...

    i love places with foods! especially with more foods to choose for! xD

    Reanaclaire said...

    This is STP favourite place! frankly the food there is nothing to shout about.. there are many more nice places to eat in Penang.. :)

    toninkush said...

    i'd be surprised if i ever ended up eating there LOL

    suituapui said...

    Yes, see...Claire knows. You went because you saw my posts on it or what. Food is nice - though may not be the best in Penang, you have it all at one place...and a thousand million times better than Gurney Drive.

    You went daytime, got open? I usually went at night...and too dark - not good for photos using my cheap lousy camera.

    Anonymous said...

    Wow! So many places of Penang u have venture to. Orsom! Hahaha!

    Isaac Tan said...

    Small Kucing,
    not bad leh the dried oyster. Om nom nom!

    the seller made so much of it! I was wondering how he's going to sell finish all.

    Food makes the world go round!. Hehe

    Merryn said...

    Loh Bak looks yum! i miss penang! :)

    Unknown said...

    wow! what's it with you and char koay teow and fried oyster? you must miss them so much while you're away :P

    Aki said...

    Mr Isaac.. how they done the loh bak?? i mean,fried,grill or wat??

    Koh Kian Fai said...

    I am seeking for nice fried oyster, sunway ming thien and kelana jaya ming thien can feed pig lol

    Tekkaus said...

    I would love to try this loh bak stall. :D The food looks great.

    Rebecca Saw said...

    Yes yes..cravings now!!
    I dont I have beeen here, well, Penang is developing so fast, and I hardly go back. Dont think I can call myself Pg lang anymore! LOL

    Twilight Man said...

    My school is just next to that place!

    Wilee Tee said...

    I tried the char kuey tiaw and sushi in Red Garden! :D

    [SK] said...

    fuyoh!! don't you try to tempt me with all those nice food!! i hate you!! hahahahahaha~~ you didn't have loh bak?? oh, i love that lor~~