Al-Amar Lebanese Cuisine Pavilion

Located in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, Al-Amar Lebanese Cuisine is this rather luxurious restaurant serving Lebanese and western flavour cuisines. This was my first time dining here, thanks to I Love Discounts who invited myself and a few other friends for Al-Amar's Sunday Lunch Buffet. Upon hearing the word food, what more some special Lebanese food, I immediately took up this chance to sample their buffet spread.

Al-Amar Lebanese Cuisine Pavilion
Al-Amar in Pavilion KL

Al-Amar Lebanese Cuisine,
6.10, Level 6, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, 
168, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 
55100 Kuala Lumpur
03-2166 1011 

My first impression of Al-Amar was that it really looks the part of an exotic Lebanese restaurant, complete with the looks and environment. There was even a strong waft of lamb floating around the restaurant, which isn't really bad if you're in the mood to eat. Al-Amar Lebanese Cuisine was established in July 2008, successfully assimilating classic and modern decor with authentic flavors to be one of the rather successful fine dining restaurants in Pavilion KL.

Al-Amar Lebanese Cuisine Pavilion
Al-Amar Restaurant Menu
Al-Amar Lebanese Cuisine Pavilion
Al-Amar Decor
There was even a new section with open view overseeing the streets of Bukit Bintang below, which is really nice. One could just sit there to chill out with friends, having some good food with a view. Anyway, we were there for the good food, and after a brief introduction of the restaurnt by the owner Joseph, who hails from Beirut, Lebanon, it was time to check out the buffet!

Al-Amar Lebanese Cuisine Pavilion
Part of the buffet spread which consisted of lamb, seafood, and chicken dishes.
A quick count of the dishes available for Al=Amar's Sunday Buffet consists of all the food as listed below.
  • Traditional hot mezzes
  • Cold mezzes
  • Soups
  • A variety of salads
  • Mixed rice
  • Main course options include lamb, beef, vegetarian, chicken and fish
  • Desserts
  • Free flow of soft drinks and cordial juices
Al-Amar Lebanese Cuisine Pavilion
Section 2 of the buffet spread

Check out some of the photos I managed to capture of all the food below.  I would say the choices were really varied, and there's bound to be something to cater for everybody's taste bud.

Al-Amar Lebanese Cuisine Pavilion
#1 Lamb Flavored Pies which tasted really good
Al-Amar Lebanese Cuisine Pavilion
#2 A platter of assorted meat, "hot and cold mezzes".
Al-Amar Lebanese Cuisine Pavilion
#3 More mezzes to fill your stomach with.
Al-Amar Lebanese Cuisine Pavilion
#4 Small cute bowls of meat
Note: Meze or mezze is a selection of small dishes served in the Mediterranean and Middle East as an appetizer course, with or without drinks

Al-Amar Lebanese Cuisine Pavilion
#5 We then arrive at the desserts table
Al-Amar Lebanese Cuisine Pavilion
#6 I really like this dark chocolate cake, bitter enough to kick the taste buds.
Al-Amar Lebanese Cuisine Pavilion
#7 The Drinks, one of which caught my attention which was the really nice dates juice on the left.

So there we were, having all these good food while chatting with the owner and his top marketing man, Ralph. The place was really cozy, good enough to actually just sit there and relax the afternoon away. As this was my first time experiencing Lebanese food, some of the taste didn't really go well with my taste buds, but I did try all the dishes there. Surprisingly, I enjoyed most of the dishes that afternoon.

Al-Amar Lebanese Cuisine Pavilion
The bunch of us with the restaurant owner Joseph and his sales and marketing director Ralph

At RM75.40 per pax, Al-Amar Lebanese Cuisine's Sunday Buffet may come off as rather pricey, but ILoveDiscounts is having this on-going deal now for a further 31% reduction at only RM52 per pax. Do check out their link below to access this deal.


cutebun said...

wow... lebanese food..

Nikel Khor said...

I love buffet

Hilda Milda™ said...

Lebanese food is definitely new to me, but dont think I will like it :P

Reanaclaire said...

wow..the food really look good! but pricey a bit la.. for i cannot eat much... anyway, an eye opener for me.. never seen lebanese food before..

benjaminvai said...

why u no tapao!!

ahahd janice look so cool hehe, gaya siut

foongpc said...

Is tbis where you smoke the shisha? : D

Ken Wooi said...

interesting.. but pavilion parking damn expensive la.. lol

Qi Wen said...

never tasted lebanese food before.. hmm, that looks pretty tempting :)

Isaac Tan said...

My first time trying Lebanese food too! XD

I love buffet too, but makan too much make my stomach super rounded! lol

I guess it's an acquired taste. :)

It was my first time too, so I really appreciated being given the chance by ILoveDiscounts to try it. Hehe

Isaac Tan said...

Lol, how come she looks cool but i don't? I'm cooler ok! LOL

Haha, shhh, not putting that picture up. For my own pleasure only. haha. Shisha is kinda cool, but gives me a headache after.

Lol, you're right, for that buffet lunch, I kena RM12 parking fee. ><

Qi Wen,
Lebanese food quite ok la, but there are a few here and there which was not my taste.

Baby Sumo said...

Nice meeting you here at Al-Amar. :)

Aki said...

whoaaa Bro,I Love the Classic view yet the modern serving style one.. ^_^.v.. Nice!!

Wawa Kyoko said...

Nice Photoshoot eeheh...
uhh feel Hunggry look at the food...

[SK] said...

oh, what a nice spread of lebanese food in the buffet!! nice one, i actually enjoy having lebanese food.. humus, mutabal, falafel to name a few.. :)

jfook said...

I missed the good food wey...

Koh Kian Fai said...

wa so different :D and I dunno what to choose to eat already lol

I think there is more photo is it? lol if not then they should provide more different food so can attract more people to look at it lol

suituapui said...

Wow!!! They're moving up, aren't they? From the shops along Bukit Bintang...and obviously, their prices have moved up to. I've always wanted to try those mid-eastern eateries...but never got round to doing that. Hope to do it someday...

Alice Law said...

Wow, I like promotion too!!! This place looks exquisite, too bad my husband doesn't like middle east food...:(

wenn said... much variety of food!

Merryn said...

So did u go to Tokyo Street after that? coz they are at the same level right? :D

Thristhan said...

I've never tried Lebanese food, but looks good actually.

iVAn said...

hoo.. food food.. comment comment.. yeah yeah. x)

darranlow said...

I have never tried Lebanese food before. The decor of the restaurant is lovely!!!

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