Jaya Jusco Mid-Autumn Festival Promotion

First off, Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to all of you and your families. I wish you all happiness and may you be prosperous and well. It's the time of the year again where we celebrate the mid-autumn festival, mostly with happiness and lots of Mooncake eating, not forgetting some lanterns lighting. It's also the time of the month where Jaya Jusco holds its mooncake sales with special discounts for their Jaya Jusco Card holders.

Jaya Jusco Mooncake Festival Promotion

Jaya Jusco Promotional Banner
I for one have been using the Jaya Jusco card for a couple of years now, mainly because its benefits included free parking. For only RM12/year, I'm able to fully utilize it's parking concession benefiting more than the RM12 paid. On top of that, I get to collect points for rebates and do enjoy the occasional extra discounts during the Jusco Sales, hence I never fail to renew the card from year to year. (Renewing My Jaya Jusco Membership)

Jaya Jusco Mooncake Festival Promotion
The Mooncake Gift Voucher which unfortunately expires today. (12Sept 2011)
Even though it's a bit late now to get the Jaya Jusco Mooncake vouchers (pay RM45 for an RM50 voucher), the discounts for all their mooncakes are still on at 10% rebate for Jusco card members. Do check out some of Jaya Jusco's Mooncake Merchants setting up their stalls this month below.

Jaya Jusco Mooncake Festival Promotion

Jaya Jusco Mooncake Festival Promotion

Jaya Jusco Mooncake Festival Promotion

Jaya Jusco Mooncake Festival Promotion

Jaya Jusco Mooncake Festival Promotion

Jaya Jusco Mooncake Festival Promotion

Jaya Jusco Mooncake Festival Promotion

Jaya Jusco Mooncake Festival Promotion

Jaya Jusco Mooncake Festival Promotion

Jaya Jusco Mooncake Festival Promotion

So have you gotten yourselves some delicious sweetness overdosed mooncake yet? Don't fret if you feel some of the mooncakes are too sweet, because there's always the "less sugar" type, which personally to me is still rather sweet. I have already bought some for myself and my family, so do share the joy this Mid-Autumn Festival!

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bendan said...

I went there yesterday but it's over. SAD!!! =[

Henry Tan said...

happy mid autumn festival isaac! =D

Isaac Tan said...

Oh its over? lol!! >< Went last week, then just wanted to use this post to wish all my friends a Happy Mid Autumn Festival XD

Thanks for dropping by, Happy Mid Autumn Festival to you too bro!

Rolling Funbling Thug said...

Bought my mooncakes from Jusco too! But it was in Seremban. :/

I love the cartoon characters mooncake!

Happy Mid Autumn Festival to you :)

toninkush said...

not a big fan of mooncakes but would love to try starbuck's

Ken Wooi said...

is this some adv or what? lol.. all advertisement posters only..! haha..

i bought some of the doreamon mooncakes :)

Nigel Low said...
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Nigel Low said...

Happy Mid Autumn Festival bro....

Koh Kian Fai said...

wa so late are, you should post 1 week earlier :P

Pyramid Jusco I saw 4 free 1 -.-!!

suituapui said...

I am firm, not stubborn...and at those prices, I'm NOT buying. So I'm not eating. Period!

P.S. Ummmmmm....you bought and you did not buy for me kah? Aiyor...my heart is broken. Muahuhuhuhuhuhu!!!

Reanaclaire said...

wow..you are agent for mooncakes? Now sure very cheap cos today is the last day liow..

Nikel Khor said...

The doing promotion via the cash voucher.. quite worth lar..

[SK] said...

oh so this is a sponsored post by Jusco to advertise for their mooncake promo?? hehe.. i like the Doraemon mooncakes, so cute, but i thot they should have a new packaging i.e. the doraemon handbag?? saws that in MV, haha~~

Alice Law said...

Oh... I guess it's too late for me to buy the voucher liao, they'll be probably packing by now...T-T

Tekkaus said...

Wow...so many mooncakes. :p Too bad I am not into any this year.

Henry Lee said...

I didnt have mooncake at all this fest... it's ok! Thanks for sharing! :D

Peace Out!
The CleverMunkey

Unknown said...

Wishing you happiness,in work,in marriage and in health too bro

Thristhan said...

Mooncakes are always good man, especially the ones with the egg in the core. My colleague brought me some today, ate up everything in a matter of minutes :)

Small Kucing said...

maybe next year la. Missed the boat this year

wenn said...

I have the baker's cottage one..a gift from my salesperson.