QBean Desserts Cafe 1 Utama

QBean Cafe, serving everything soy related. Imagine everything with added soy, namely original soy milk, real fruit ice-blended soy milk, flavored soy milk, soy ice-cream, and "Tau Fu Fa" all available in one location and that's QBean for you! I was fascinated by the soy ice-cream, so when Nikel invited a bunch of us to have an afternoon of "SOY", I told myself I just have to taste the soy ice-cream.

QBean Cafe 1 Utama
QBean 1 Utama

QBEAN 1 Utama   
Lot LG319a,
Lower Ground Floor,
1 Utama Shopping Centre,
47800 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Mon - Sun: 9:00 am-10:30 pm

QBean is located on the lower ground floor of 1 Utama, where most of the restaurants and eateries are located at. Located just beside Subway, the cafe wasn't really noticeable due to the color is so similar to Subway, green. But that's beside the point. The point was we were there for some "SOY" joy,  all 7 of us.

QBean Cafe 1 Utama
Promo card and a huge tank of soy milk
QBean Cafe 1 Utama
QBean Menu

A quick chat with the owner, and I was informed the QBean branch in 1 Utama is actually the third franchise in Malaysia. The first was opened in IOI Mall Puchong in 2008, second in Queensbay Mall Penang, and the latest one in 1 Utama which was opened to public end of last year 2010. There are plans to open another branch in Penang very soon too, so I guess QBean must be doing really well. Anyway do check out what we enjoyed that afternoon in photos below.

soy ice-cream
QBean's specialty Soy Ice-Cream with different toppings - with topping (rm4.50), cup (rm3), cone (rm2)

What's the difference between our normal ice-cream and these rather delicious soy ice-cream? Beside the fact that these ice-creams are made from soy, QBean's soy ice-cream has a wonderful texture, and tastes really good too. It's sweet, not as sweet as normal ice-creams, but that makes it so much healthier. Soy ice-creams melts faster than usual though.

soy ice blended drinks
Real Fruits Soy Milk Ice Blended - Strawberry (rm8.90), Honey Dew (rm5.90), Mango (rm7.90)
For the drinks above, real fruits were used to blend in with the soy milk hence the higher price. Unlike other shops which normally uses artifical flavoring, QBean uses real fruits in generous amounts. So much until the Mango Soy Milk Ice Blended could actually be taken with a spoon. That's how thick the texture is.

soy milk drinks
More flavored soy milk - RM3.90 each ranging from "chocolate soy milk", "green tea soy milk" to "bandung soy milk" and "gula melaka soy milk"
tau fu far
"Tau Fu Far" - RM3.50
soy porridge
Soy Porridge with Salted Egg - RM4.80

I found the soy porridge with salted egg rather unique. Essentially it is porridge with salted egg, but with an addition of soy milk. The taste was all right, even though some might find the soy taste unsuitable to be mixed with porridge. Anyway I liked the salted egg a lot.

What are you waiting for? I'm sure most of you visit 1 Utama often, the next time you're around 1 Utama, do check out QBean for some healthy and really fresh soy desserts and beverages.

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