Samsung Chelsea Tour 2011 Experience

Whether you're a fan of the Blues (Chelsea) or not, these are exciting times. Come this 21st July 2011, English Premier League Champions Chelsea will be in town for their Asia Tour 2011 and also for pre-season training. Malaysia has been listed in their itinerary, with a friendly match between Malaysia XI versus Chelsea FC to be played at Bukit Jalil Stadium this coming July!

Chelsea Vs Malaysia
Coming Soon!
Malaysia XI vs Chelsea FC
Time: 8.45pm
Date: 21st July 2011
Venue: Bukit Jalil National Stadium

The last time Chelsea came here for a match with Malaysia XI was in 2008, where Malaysia lost 0-2 to Chelsea FC at the Shah Alam Stadium. Are we going to see a repeat this year? Or has our Malaysian football team improved enough to bring the fight to Chelsea? I for one am extremely hyped up for this upcoming event. Tickets are currently on sale via Ticketpro but do check out how you can get a pair of passes for free and more via Samsung's Chelsea Contest!

Samsung Chelsea Experience, brought to you by Samsung is a fairly simple contest which can win you a chance to sit with the Chelsea team during the showdown! Do check out the banner below. The contest runs from 7th June to 10th July 2011.

Chelsea Vs Malaysia
Samsung Chelsea Experience
The mechanics to enter this contest is fairly simple, just purchase any Samsung products for a minimum of RM300, and SMS to their number, and you're in the running to be one of the 120 weekly winners for the next 5 weeks.

Chelsea Vs Malaysia
Details on how to join.
For more details, do log on to or See you there this 21st July 2011 at Bukit Jalil National Stadium my friends!

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hildamilda said...

I guess you're given tickets to watch? Since you're writing an adv for it? :P 

ken said...

wow you're damn fast..

Isaac Tan said...

Hilda, yup! 2 tics to watch them when they're here XD

Isaac Tan said...

Ken, hehe well it's up today XD

suituapui said...

Chelsea? Still alive kah? Like that Arse-anal, don't seem to hear much of them anymore. Well, I dunno anything about Iwouldn't know. LOL!!! 

HenRy Lee said...

huahhh... so are u going? I wish Arsenal can have this kinda contest... anyway, all the best to the Blues! :D

Keby1tjn said...

interesting that the match starts at 8.45pm??? arent previous matches all around 5pm??? there seem to be no details about the training session on 19th? only tickets given free without information about time the session begins or end.

Isaac Tan said...

Keby, if you have checke the link by ticketspro, the match starts at 8.45pm, dont ask me why previous matches are earlier. I'm sharing only on this promotion by Samsung to win the tickets, and not on their training sessions.

Again check this link for further info on how to buy the tickets, And if you want to try for the free tickets by Samsung, do go to their web.

Isaac Tan said...

Henry, yep, just collected the tickets today. :)

Isaac Tan said...

STP, i'm not the greatest fan of Chelsea either, but if there's free tickets, I wouldn't mind going, maybe to support our Malaysian team XD

Qi Wen said...

I want to go!!! Chelsea fan here ! :)

Submerryn said...

See you there! Lol.. no lah.. not a football fan... :P

Isaac Tan said...

Qi Wen, the tics are RM58, I collected from Nuffnang office the other day too. Didnt know you were such a big fan of the blues.

Isaac Tan said...

Merryn, I half expected to see you there shouting with the other fans! Lol! :)