PappaRich Asian Heritage Row

I had the opportunity to dine in at my second PappaRich recently, this time at it's outlet at Asian Heritage Row at Jalan Doraisamy, KL. My first time eating at this franchise was at Papparich Cafe Sri Rampai. I've always thought of PappaRich as an eatery similar to Old Town, but this outlet at Asian Heritage Row proved to me the ambience was a class higher.

PappaRich at Jalan Doraisamy, Asian Heritage Row

PappaRich Asian Heritage Row,
7 & 9 , Asian Heritage Row @ Jalan Doraisamy,
50100 Kuala Lumpur,
+603 2693 8999

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The environment was really cozy and classy. I was half expecting the prices to be high too, until I saw the menu. The prices were akin to it's competitor Old Town White Coffee. If given a choice I would go for this place over the latter.

PappaRich Asian Heritage Row
Some cakes and pastries
A very comfortable environment indeed

As per recommendation by my friend, I ordered the PappaRich Nasi Lemak and for drinks, the "Milo Dinosaur". The dinosaur here does not refer to the huge historical species, but more on the fact that they add extra Milo powder to the drink. It was my first time having this Milo Dinosaur drink, and I don't really find it very unique. Anyway check out what I had that day.

PappaRich Nasi Lemak
#1 PappaRIch Nasi Lemak - RM8.90
papparich milo dinosaur
#2 Milo Dinosaur

The Nasi Lemak was way better than the ones I had over at other eateries of these type. The fragrant rice smells and tasted really creamy and tasty. They gave a generous piece of curry chicken, and when eaten with the Sambal, be prepared to get red from its spiciness. Definately not a dish for those that do not take chilli.

Overall it was a good meal, and I stand by my opinion that PappaRich really tries hard in giving the best experience for its diners. Personally, I won't make it a habit of having my meals here because of the prices, but if it's an outing or a hangout session with friends, then for sure you'll see me dining here.


  1. I like the food at Pappa Rich. Usually went to the one at Bukit near my hotel. This one's housed in a very nice building... I love old buildings - maybe because I'm old too. Hehehehehe!!!!

  2. Smallkucing4:46 PM

    heard their food is very good

  3. Shirley Tay4:56 PM

    Mmmm...... haven't been to M'sia for a long time. Nasi Lemak is one of my fave food & my son will go crazy over Milo Dino. Hahaha! Nice mtg u & looking fwd to sharing :)

    Dropping by from Luxury Indulgence

  4. Sim Yee Lim5:17 PM

    Love their chicken curry with bread! Always go for the lychee with cincau. But i think oldtown has its specialties la. They're both same to me. =D

  5. This Papparich looks great. Too bad I have bad experience with them. :(

  6.  STP, oh! I didnt know you frequent PappaRich too XD Cool. and you're not old la. Lol

  7.  Smallkucing, you should try it to find out one of these days XD

  8. Shirley, hello there! Thanks for dropping by! The nasi lemak is super spicy though. Lol. Oh, Milo Dino!

     Jumping over to your blog now. :)

  9.  Xing, Wow, you seem to be an expert in Papparich, hehe. Nice! It's only my 2nd time to this franchise, so I can't really check out all the menu yet. :)

  10. Tekkaus, Ouch :( what type of bad experience wor :( 

  11. Submerryn5:46 PM

    Well, if u r in PappaRich we MUST order the MILO Dinosaur rite? :D

  12. hey, you know what?? i just passed by the other day when i went to collect my TGV movie vouchers from Nuffnang, haha.. actually of all those kopitiam, i prefer Paparich the most.. nice nasi lemak lor.. :)

  13. Reanact8:07 PM

    Went to Papparich few times in Ipoh.. took koay teow with chicken... not nice.. maybe the real taste is in town Loe Wong itself.. but their otak otak is ok.. not bad.. very spicy... 

  14. Alice Law11:30 PM

    yeah, my husband also commented their meals are good, I hv yet hv any... so far only the toast and coffee!

  15. Qi Wen1:23 AM

    Pappa Cham is nicer, used to order that when dining in PappaRich :)

  16. hildamilda7:56 AM

    Milo Dinosaur, my boyf's fave drink in Papparich! Agree with you, the price is slightly pricey, rather go to some other restaurant that's more worth it (:

  17. Merryn, Lol, would you believe I did not know what is Milo Dinosaur until that day. I'm so "jakun"

  18. SK, Papparich really nice lo.. hehe. So who are you bringing to watch movie together with you ya? :)

  19. Claire, Ooo, probably they have their nice dishes and not so nice dishes. Love the environment though. :)

  20. Alice, you should go try it one day ! Why your husband goes, but you don't eat the meals? On a diet ka?

  21. Qi Wen, ohhh, maybe I'll try that next. XD

  22. Hilda, Ohhh, i did not know there even existed a Milo Dinosaur until that day. LOL. True.. I will only go there on special occasions , or there's a meet up with friends. :)


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