Sunway Hotel Food Marathon At Atrium Cafe

Have you ever tried a buffet which lasts 12 hours? Atrium Cafe of Pyramid Tower Hotel at Sunway Resort introduced the first 12-hour Marathon buffet which takes place every Sunday and public holiday from 11am to 11pm. How does it work? Well, diners are allowed to go in and out as many times as they wish and eat to their heart's content. Brunch, lunch, hi-tea, dinner or supper, it's your choice as once you're in, all these food are available to you throughout the day.

Atrium Cafe Buffet Marathon
Atrium Cafe
Atrium Marathon Buffet is a feast of the finest Pan-Asian cuisines featuring some really good food. Since it is a 12 hour buffet, the dining experience can be coupled with Sunway Lagoon's fun outdoor activities, relaxation at the Mandara Spa, and shopping at Sunway Pyramid. Whenever you feel hungry, just head back in to Atrium Cafe to continue eating!

Atrium Cafe Buffet Marathon
Atrium Cafe 12-Hour Marthon Food Buffet
A group of bloggers and friends were invited the other day to try this gastronomic adventure, and yours truly managed to hitch a ride onto this sweet adventure thanks to Elwyn. It was a one day event, where we already had our programmes lined up from 11am until 5pm, most of it involves eating. We kicked off the day by filling our stomach with the brunch buffet. Check out the photos of some of the food offered by Atrium Cafe 12 Hour Marathon Buffet.

Atrium Cafe Buffet Marathon
Lots of good food, you must go over and check out the array of choices available to fully appreciate this.
Atrium Cafe Buffet Marathon
More food
Atrium Cafe Buffet Marathon
Desserts for our sweet tooth.
The food was really good, and had lots of varieties with starters like smoked salmon, grilled chicken breast to soup such as roasted pumpkin soup and seafood tomyum soup. We managed to savor food from the Malay, Indian, Chinese and Western kitchens which was truly "yummy-tastic!" The menu changes as the day progressed, so no worries there about having the same food during brunch and supper. 

Throughout the day, we participated in 3 food challenges and 1 Go Cart experience at Extreme Park, Sunway Lagoon. I've never tried the go-cart over at Sunway Lagoon before, so naturally I was really excited that day. Check out the videos of the 3 food challenges that I participated in, my stomach had never felt such fullness before.

Food Challenge #1: Wanton-Eating Challenge

Atrium Cafe Buffet Marathon
The pot of wantons
This was the challenge I lost by 2 pieces of wantons. Both the winner Jonathan and I had completed 4 bowls (5pcs of wanton per bowl) within 3 minutes, but for the unfinished bowl, i had 2 more pieces than him. It was great fun competing though!

Food Challenge #2: Sandwich-Eating Challenge

Atrium Cafe Buffet Marathon
To make the sandwich with all these ingredients and get as many eaten within 3minutes
Isaac Tan Winner
Me feeling rather happy for winning the Sandwich Eating Challenge.
This was a rather tough food challenge due to the size of the salmon. We were required to put a piece of each ingredients into our bread before munching it down. The highest number of sandwiches eaten within 3 minutes wins. I managed to down 7, my poor stomach. 

Food Challenge #3: Spicy Popiah-Eating Challenge

Atrium Cafe Buffet Marathon
Red hot spicy popiah
Atrium Cafe Buffet Marathon Bloggers
The contestants for the spicy popiah challenge.
I did not manage to get this challenge on video, but it was pretty quick as Benjamin showed us how to down 8 of these spicy popiah within 3 minutes to win this challenge. I suspected they added chili padi to the popiahs as it was really spicy!

At 3pm sharp, after our short complimentary 5minutes massage meant for Atrium Cafe buffet diners, and also the buffet lunch, the whole bunch of bloggers and friends headed off for some Go Cart action!

5 minute massage
Janice and I enjoying the massage
Atrium Cafe Buffet Marathon
Happy faces heading to Extreme Park for our Go Cart experience
Sunway Lagoon Go Cart
Have you tried Go Cart'ing? You should! It's an awesome experience.
Overall, it was a really great day, both for the body, mind and stomach. At a price of RM68++ per adult, I feel this buffet is really worth it. You're paying for one buffet, but you get to eat the whole day! Children aged 12 years and below dine at 50% off. For reservations, do call up +60374951888, email or visit the hotel's website at

The best thing is, MilkADeal will be coming up with a deal which goes live begining 1st July 2011 for this buffet. "Feast like Kings & Queens at the 12-hour Atrium Marathon Buffet, Atrium Cafe, Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa for only RM55 instead of RM78.90 [30% OFF]


benjamin foo said...

sandwich king sial... ^^

Spectre said...

woah thats losta food! keng

Caroline May Ling said...

awesome!! hahaha it was really a fun day!! :D

Nikel Khor said...

sandwich King...

Eugeneung said...

To be frank bro, i would not be game for it,, marathon buffet? no way, i think food eat too much will not be an enjoyment anymore..kan but then again you are a lifestyle blogger, so got invite must go lah ,kan? some more got massage one, for that i would consider lah

tekkaus said...

War....12 come I am not invited? :p

ying ying dai tao har said...

i hope your 3 challenges were not held like one after another, back to back... else it would be torturing to the stomach >.<  12 hr marathon buffet. very interesting.. too bad they dun have it here in Penang :S 

[SK] said...

OMG, this is very interesting!! 12-hour buffet marathon for only RM68++?? i like that, putting aside the food i guess with that price i can eat for the whole day, somemore unlimited entries, i think this is really worth it.. but of course i'll take it easy and will never take part in any of the contest lor, haha!! so you got the marathon for free if you win any of the contests?? you are damn good lor, 7 huge sandwiches down in your stomach in 3 minutes, fuyoh~~ so this is a promo only?? till when??

Isaac Tan said...

Benjamin, lol! Apa king la, then you're the spicy popiah king! 

Isaac Tan said...

Spectre, so much nice food, that day my stomach was really bloated!

Reanact said...

Looks like you have a grand fun time, Isaac! first eating and then go thrilling.. can see your stomach rounded liow.. hahaha...

Isaac Tan said...

 Caroline, everyday's a fun day when we're with fellow bloggers. Hehe. Nice seeing you there too Caroline!

Isaac Tan said...

 Nikel, lol! not a king bro. :) Thanks for dropping by my blog

Isaac Tan said...

Eugene, you're right, too much good food has an adverse effect on our health. :) Hehe, yup, i'll definately attend any invitational because I really love the feeling of sharing an event with other bloggers. 

Isaac Tan said...

 Tekkaus, 12 hours of food! Not continuously of course, hehe, we can go out and play, then come back continue eating. Oh my, you're not in KL right bro?

Isaac Tan said...

 Ying, luckily its staggered, you're right, if back to back, I will surrender. Haha.

Hey you're in Penang? next time I go back Penang we should catch up over some nice coffee! :)

Iamthewitch said...

Omg, I don't understand how you can participate in THREE eating challenges and STILL manage to eat the buffet! I salute you!! Hehehe

Isaac Tan said...

SK, again thanks for dropping by my humble blog! XD yup, the price is indeed good, plus from what I heard this promo will extend until end of the year, but only on Sundays and public holidays ya.

The marathon was complimentary for the selected bloggers, and winning the food challenge won me a 45 mins spa session. XD  

Isaac Tan said...

Mei Yee, You're right, i surprised myself, in fact I did not want to join in the final challenge, but they wanted me in, and I never back down when coerced. Hehe. Stomach was really stuffed that day though

Isaac Tan said...

Claire, Hahaha omg! Pity I don't know how to use photoshop yet, I'll need to learn really soon, to edit out my round tummy! Hehe 

Bananazஇ People said...

Burp! Burp! Burp! Burpravo for winning the sandwich contest..Congratz but pity the poor stomach stretched to its max hahaha. Love the Go Karting? Good deal for the whole day package. ~;).  

Smallkucing said...'s great! looking forward to the deal

Jamie said...

Wow.... awesome-est ever! Yumm

Henry Lee said...

huahhhh... i wish i get to eat all those good food too! lucky man! :)

HenRy Lee said...

oh i wish i can have all those good food toO! u lucky guy! :)

suituapui said... looks good! Look at those popiah! I want! I want! If I go KL, you MUSTtake me there.... What did you win for your sandwich eating contest?

ken said...

if i joined, it would be a marathon for me.. i eat 10 minutes also enough edy..
more than that, it's a suffering for me :P

Kyril D. Soul-X said...

wah awesome wei xD

Submerryn said...

salute! U really participated in all the challenge!

Jess said...

u r man of the match ! Salute leh !

Bella said...

fuyoh.. 6 sandwhich in 3 mins? :O

I certainly cannot masuk this kinda competition la.. Pengsan wanna telan everything..