Magnum Karaoke Party

"I Want To Sing-K With Magnum" reads the tagline for tonight's karaoke party fully sponsored by Magnum 4D. It was a Facebook invitation event, but a whole bunch of bloggers attended it too so I guess we could call it an awesome karaoke night by Magnum. Bloggers are awesome people remember? The venue was to be at the premier lounge of Red Box at The Gardens KL. A good venue because it gave me a chance to try out the The Gardens' Red Box Karaoke for the first time.

Red Box Karaoke
Red Box Karaoke, The Gardens
Magnum Karaoke Party
The promo banner for the night.
Upon arrival at Red Box, we were greeted warmly by the organizers (Magnum) especially the MC for the night KK. It was to be a night of singing, food, beer, some nintendo Wii games, and the very unique "Multi Million Ringgit Draw Program" which will be explained further down this post. As I was slightly late, most seats were already full, yet I still managed to squeeze in between some bloggers. There were some 60+ people all ready to have fun in the Premier Lounge.

Magnum Karaoke Party
Full house, people were everywhere snapping photos though.
With the yellow Magnum balloons flying everywhere, one would be forgiven if he or she thought this was a Digi party. Bear in mind the colour for Magnum is yellow too! The event kicked off with the compulsory "makan makan" session, this time we had the Red Box dinner buffet. Check out some pictures I took of the buffet spread and the food we had below.

Red Box Karaoke Food
Having an om nom noming good time!
It was a buffet spread, and that means there's going to be 2nd round, 3rd round, even 4th and 5th for the really hungry people. I enjoyed the food, but that was secondary as the next event on the schedule was going to be the main event, singing! What is a Karaoke party without people singing their lungs out to some beautiful karaoke music. Sing we did, clapping and swaying our heads to the music. I do feel there were so many talented singers among us.

Magnum Bloggers
Bloggers Group Pic #1
Magnum Bloggers
Bloggers must get good photos right? So here we are snapping photos of the singers.
Magnum Karaoke Party
Some of the winners for the Karaoke session, awesome voices here.
Next up was the "Multi Million Ringgit Draw Program" What is it about? In a nutshell, this was going to be a draw for 3 numbers spun out on the spot using this rather cute looking circular pointy wheel thingy. The numbers chosen will be played for the upcoming Magnum draw 770/11 on 02-07-2011. If the number were to hit the jackpot, the winnings will be divided among all the participants in tonight's party. For example, if the number wins RM1,000,000, divided by 88 participants, we would each get RM11,363. Let's all hope the numbers below pop up in the draw this 2nd July.

Magnum karaoke party
Spinning the wheel for lucky numbers
magnum karaoke party
"Huat Ah!", translated to literally mean luck is coming!
In fact, I was shouting "Huat Ah!" throughout the night, especially when the time for lucky draw came around. The prize? Lots of cash vouchers to be used for Magnum betting games. Yours truly got one of the lucky draw prize too, together with a bunch of other friends. Pretty cool idea actually, as it makes everyone happy.
magnum karaoke party
Janice and I with our winnings! Again, forgive the red face, blame the Carlsberg beer.
More singing ensued, while everyone took the opportunity to catch up with each other. I was glad to see some familiar faces, and meet some new friends. I make it a point to get to know as many new friends from each event. Of course, there were lots of photo taking, I leave you with some that I manage to capture.

magnum bloggers
Bloggers and Friends Group Pic #2
magnum bloggers
Group pic #3, aren't we aweomse?
The event ended on a happy note at 10.40pm, with the option to continue on until 3am if one so wishes to continue singing. Magnum Karaoke Party was a success, thanks to the organizers, Magnum, KK, and a whole bunch of great people. Thanks again Magnum for filling up my Saturday night with great friends and awesome music!

Magnum, Play The Game!


sherdegarmo said...

I didnt know got this event . Missed it! :(

Unknown said...

Nice post :) hope next week we'll have surprise! $$

suituapui said... lucky! Won so many ang paos... Kaya lah u! Those singers look like they sang Chinese songs one, right or not?

Alice Law said...

Congratulation on your winning! More over u are celebrated with good food and awesome companies, great!

tekkaus said...

Got magnum~got miracles~got happiness. :p Literally translated from mandarin. :p

tekkaus said...

Great to know you had a great day last night. :)

Reanaclaire said...

So "huat" Isaac you.. huat with good food, good company , looks like everyone is so happy! 

Steph said...

angpowSSS! lol ur so active ah,attend this attend that always?? so fun! XD

suituapui said...

P.S. Good luck 2nd July. If you get the money, buy me air ticket to KL to celebrate with you,can? Wink! Wink!

Jess said...

awesome ! so fast post already !!! let's pray that we HUAT next week on 2/7/2011 wokay!!

Sam said...

I love this, looks like you guys had real fun and well done on winning the lucky draw.

Submerryn said...

Aiyo u really so rajin nih! attending one event after another!!! i read n see ur event oso i feel exhausted dy! haha..

xjion89 said...

waaa, got ang pow oooo~~~
hahaha, got time visit my bloggie 2^^

Sam Wong said...

Great event and yummy dinner.

JessyLovesU said...

Karaoke with so big group of bloggers! Wow! Did u sing???

Koh Kian Fai said...

wah, so did you sing any song? lol :P

toninkush said...

hmm.. macam no chick saja lol

dblchin said...

I'm so bad at singing, I suppose everyone will run away if i Sing at these parties! HAHA

Caroline May Ling said...

hahaha huat ah! hahaha i oso went for karaoke with my colleagues n manager on dat night 12-4am. crazy! LOL 

Kimiko Foo said...

Nice post :) hope next week we'll have surprise! $$