Chatime Sunway Carnival Mall

Sunway Carnival Mall in Seberang Jaya Penang has their own Chatime outlet which was in operations since a couple of months back. Tonight, I dropped by Sunway Carnival Mall for some late night shopping and managed to drop by their Chatime outlet to quench my thirst. Despite my numerous desserts review, both Taiwan and local, this was actually only my second time trying out Chatime, the first was during the Nuffnang and ChurpChurp Chatime event.

Chatime Sunway Canival Mall
Chatime Sunway Carnival Mall
Chatime Sunway Carnival Mall
LG-K4 & LG-K4A, Lower Ground
Sunway Carnival Mall
3068, Jalan Todak, Pusat Bandar Seberang Jaya, 
13700 Penang, Malaysia

Chatime Sunway Canival Mall
A couple of shots around the Chatime outlet

So I have heard of folks going crazy over Chatime's bubble milk tea with nearly every other outlets in KL having long queues and all. It was really different over at this outlet though, as there were hardly anyone queuing up to order. Probably it was the timing as it was already 8pm that time. Chatime Sunway Carnival Mall had a clean, white and simple look to it which played a big part in my decision to drop by for some bubble milk tea that night. 

Chatime Sunway Canival Mall
Chatime Menu
Chatime Sunway Canival Mall
We were given this redemption card, where we could drink more towards a free drink

I was not well versed with the bubble milk tea lingo, hence it took me nearly 5 minutes to figure out what to order from Chatime's extensive drinks menu. Chatime's staffs really have to be trained to give good suggestions for their new customers who were unsure of what to order, like me. Finally, Janice and I settled on two of their drinks, namely the Honey Lemon Aloe Vera Pearl drink, and the Chocolate Hazel Milk Tea with Pearl.

Chatime Sunway Canival Mall
#1 Honey Lemon Aloe Vera Pearl Drink - Regular + Pearl (RM6.90)
Chatime Sunway Canival Mall
#2 Chocolate Hazel Milk Tea with Pearl - Regular (RM5.90)

Janice took the Honey Lemon Aloe Vera Pearl Drink which was without tea because she mentoned tea keeps her awake at night. We added pearl, and requested for less ice. The aloe vera inside were nice and gave us something to munch on while drinking. However the drink was a tad too sweet, and according to Chatime's staff, the sugar level for this drink could not be adjusted because it was prepared beforehand. 

As for my Chocolate Hazel Milk Tea, I rather like it as it tasted just like my favourite "milo ice" with some exotic hazel flavour inside. Of course, the pearls made it nicer.

Chatime Sunway Canival Mall
Janice and her sister at Chatime Sunway Carnival Mall
Chatime Sunway Canival Mall
I was rather intrigued by the Coffee-mates inside Chatime's cabinet

Overall, Chatime Sunway Carnival Mall served nice bubble milk teas, not unlike the hundreds of other Chatime outlets all over Malaysia. Personally, I wouldn't wait in queue for more than 20 minutes for this drink though, but that's just me. Now can someone educate me on the usage of Coffee-mate in Chatime? I'm sure it is rather useful somehow, as a creamer for the milk tea?

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  1. while you're given the option of less sugar, moderate amount of sugar, or more sugar, the crew actually adjusts the sweetness with the CoffeeMate :)

  2. now I know where all the milk powder taste came from. n no wonder they sucked regardless how many times I tried them everywhere. FOr milk tea only anyways. Other flavours not included cos yet to try and give verdict lol

  3. Ahhhh!!! Finally I see Janice again. Hi, Janice! Hope you're doing fine. Isaac treating you well, I hope. LOL!!!

    Aiyor...Isaac, bring her to nicer place lah - treat her to something really nice. of those snowflake-like places. Duh!!! Not a fan of those... :(

  4. I love those with

  5. Fish,
    oh! thanks for the info.. now i'm educated. Hehe.

    lol! so which one do you go for usually? Gong Cha? :)

    Yup, they just opened not long ago XD

    haha! she's always with me, except maybe when she's not tagging along. Sure thing! will bring her makan something good soon. For now, plan to settle all my pending posts ><

    Oh! they have pudding too ya?

  6. i always go for their normal milk tea! i like their pearls. berry chewy. in a good way :)


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