Gintell Rest N Go Station

Have you seen these massage chairs sitting around major shopping malls lately? You know, those that requires you to input some cash for a couple of minutes of relaxation. Well, recently I've noticed a sudden increase in these machines especially the ones by Gintell, aptly named Gintell Rest N Go Massage Stations

Gintell Rest N Go Station Massage Chair
Rest N Go Station by Gintell

Now, I've never taken a second glance at these massage chairs, not until recently while I was with Janice shopping at Gurney Plaza Penang. Feeling tired from the endless shopping, or at least that's me, I noticed quite a number of folks were trying out this Gintell Rest N Go Station massage chairs. Gingerly walking up to the chair, initially I had trouble locating the slot to input the cash, but soon enough it was all good, and we were ready to get some soothing relaxing "mechanical" massage. 

Gintell Rest N Go Station Massage Chair
These were essentially full fledged massage chairs being modified to be able to "eat" cash
Gintell Rest N Go Station Massage Chair
Everything was automated, with the display showing which part of your body is being massaged

Being a first timer to this machine, I did not know how much to feed in, and slotted in an RM5 note. Janice was the first to have a go, and the Gintell Massage Chair immediately jolted to live with a 15 minutes countdown. Everything was automated without a choice for the user to customize anything, but we didn't need to change anything anyway. 

Gintell Rest N Go Station Massage Chair
Janice and her sister

RM1 will get you a 3 minute massage session, where the mechanical rollers will move from your neck down to your buttocks giving them a good squeeze. There was even a separate leg massager which gives a good squeeze as well. It wasn't a bad experience at all, the Gintell Massage Chairs gave a much needed relief for the aching muscles. Who says shopping isn't tiring must be a woman, or a guy that has not accompanied a lady shopping before!

Gintell Rest N Go Station Massage Chair
And that's me giving the thumbs up, I'm annoyed with my fat stomach now. 

A short check with the Gintell outlet later on saw the same massage chair going for more than RM3k per chair. The Gintell Rest N Go Station is rather popular with shoppers nowadays, and I personally don't find anything wrong with it. In fact, for RM1, the 3 minute massage is more than adequate for the average shopper. Of course, more RM will give you a longer relaxation session. Have you tried them out yet? 

P.S: It's already the end of the year, so it's time for me to wish a Happy New Year 2012 to all of you folks out there! May the new year bring lots of prosperity and success to you and your family.


missyblurkit said...

Its a good idea to have it in malls. I normally park hubby at of these chairs when he gets a wee restless during our walkies in the mall.

happy new year to you and janice!

Punk Chopsticks said...

Lol true it is an awesome idea. But won't it be weird chilling there with everyone staring at you?

Nikel Khor said...

Happy New Year 2012 with GINTELL..

Isaac Tan said...

I love the way you say "park my hubby there"... i feel for rm1, its not too expensive for a good massage.

Punk Chopsticks *I always love your nick,
Lol! well, find those that dont have so many folks walking pass you. XDXD

Haha, happy new year to you too bro!

Reanaclaire said...

Don't be annoyed.. Fat stomach means fatt.. means also prosperity! hahaha..

suituapui said...

I love massage chairs! Ya...I can see your fatt now... Muahahahahaha!!!

FBS Headmaster said...

I really like this chair... its a super good marketing method! I think they earn more by doing this rather than selling one of this machine, haha.

anyway, Happy New Year to you!

Koh Kian Fai said...

I sit before in Summit USJ which is 15mins . . . and sometimes saw some little cockroach because it is near to restaurant and some drinks stall . . . . ok ok la

Anonymous said...

I also love this rest n go machine, but today at Miri airpot , unfotunately after slot in bank note RM10 the machine does not work as it.try to contact the collectors he say off day n give other no but can't get through.... Dear Issac can u advise should I lauch my complaint to to get my refund? RM10 might not big amount but imagine if multiply by 1000 perday!

Unknown said...

It's a good chair. is it just for business at malls? can i buy it?

Unknown said...

I love this chair. where can i buy it? pls help me about the information.

Gintell iRest said...

Thanks for the great review for Gintell products. We always deliver the best product to our consumer. By GINTELL iRest team

Anonymous said...

I want to complain that the chair in front of my shop really make a lot of customer complaint about it, a lot of youth just sitting down and taking photo,pls take care of it, thx