Baby Martin's First Teeth, No More Toothless Grins

Gone were the days where Baby Martin had this toothless grin, when a couple of months back he grew his first tooth. Subsequently a couple of teeth appeared, amidst cranky behavior, always finding things to bite, and fussiness. Now that he is close to 11 months of age, I felt the need to document down a couple of his photos in this little space of mine on the world wide web. 

Hello there! Notice my teeth?
Hello there! Notice my teeth?

So I've read on the net that teething for a baby comes with different reactions, ranging from extra drooling and fussiness like in the case of Baby Martin, to more serious reactions like increased body temperature and fever. I was glad to note it was all smooth sailing for the first couple of teeth, totaling four now, two on top, and two below. 

A better look on Baby Martin's four baby teeth
A better look on Baby Martin's four baby teeth

Baby Martin's first four teeth can be better described as biting-off teeth, rather than chewing teeth, as he cannot actually chew anything off with it. What he can do however is grind it, making some really irritating sounds, and biting off bits and pieces of fruits like bananas, honey dew, cucumber and the likes. 

Just playing in the baby cot
Just playing in the baby cot

Slowly but surely, Baby Martin's getting ready to chew his daily yummy porridge and the ingredients inside. So I've read too that chewing on semi-hard food is good too, for his jaw development. Well, here's hoping he grows up with a better shaped jaw and teeth than his father. 

Baby Martin with his mummy Janice
Baby Martin with his mummy Janice

Well, guess that's all for now. I do still have so many of Baby Martin's photos in my hard drive, but that will wait another day for me to write on. Here's hoping years down the road, I would be able to look back at these posts and probably show him and say, "Hey that's you when you were a baby!" Four teeth up, many more to go for a full set of beautiful toothy smile. 

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suituapui said...

Soooooooo cute, soooo handsome, so lovable and endearing...takes after the mum! Muahahahahaha!!!!!

Merryn said...

So now he doesnt have to sing, "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth" Hehe... The bedak sejuk! LoL!

He is growing handsomer every day!

Josarine said...

So cute! <3

Jia Ying said...

Wao~~ Your son is so cute~~ In fact, I had long time didn't visit your blog~~ didn't realise your son grow up so fast!! haha~~

akubiomed said...

Sweet with smile. :-)

Xue Ren said...

awww baby Martin so cuteeeeee!!! :)