Underwater World Langkawi: Largest Marine & Freshwater Aquaria

There are a couple of good aquariums or Underwater Worlds as they call it over in KLCC, and our neighbor Singapore. There's one in Langkawi too, and since when you're at Langkawi, other than the beaches, and historical spots there isn't much else to explore so that's where we headed to last weekend. I present to you Underwater World Langkawi.

Underwater World
Underwater World Langkawi
Underwater World Langkawi
Jalan Pantai Cenang Mukim Kedawang, 
Langkawi (N6 17.261 E99 43.736)

Entrance Fees : Adults MYR38.00 (Foreigner) MYR28.00 (Malaysian), 
Children 3-12 years old MYR28.00 (Foreigner) MYR18.00 (Malaysian), 
Senior citizens 50 years old and above : MYR22.00
Opening Hour :
Mon - Thu : 9.30am - 6.30pm
Fri - Sun & Public Holiday : 9.30am - 8.30pm

Underwater World

The tickets weren't exactly cheap, and my past experience to this aquarium 8 years ago told me not to expect too much of this place. My hunch was correct, the place wasn't much to shout about. Anyway, a quick Google search got me the information I need about this place to share with you.

Underwater World Langkawi is located at Pantai Cenang on a 6.2 acres land. You can't miss that big white building, with three smiling dolphins swimming around a globe, on top of the wording saying, " Underwater World Langkawi". It is one of the largest marine and freshwater aquaria in the region. There are over 5,000 varieties of fish and other exhibits from 500 species being displayed in over 100 tanks. (source: http://www.langkawi-beaches.com/underwater.html)

While walking around the place, I did not manage to capture a lot of photos, because it wasn't really huge to start with. I wonder why do they call it the largest marine and freshwater aquaria in the region. Anyway check out some of the photos of the animals and marine life which I found rather interesting and would like to share here.

Underwater World
#1 A lizard of some sort, it was rather docile enabling me to capture a close up photo
Underwater World
#2 African Penguins: These penguins reminded me of the movie Happy Feet, especially when they waddled along
Underwater World
#3 Blackhopper Penguins: If you've watched the cartoon "Surfs Up", you will recognize this as a character from the movie

On further exploration of Underwater World, I was greeted with more underwater creatures. There were a couple of birds here and there, with a touch pool where we could touch the fishes. There were a whole lot of extremely large fishes swimming around too.

Underwater World
#4 Huge ass cat fish
Underwater World
#5 Stonefish: I found this fish rather unique, can you see its eyes bulging out?
Underwater World
#6 Some rather slow moving sharks swimming around
Underwater World
#7 Spotted Stingray: these were rather large, gracefully gliding around

Then there were the smaller marine creatures, from small colorful fishes, to lobsters, starfishes, jellyfishes, and exotic prawns.

Underwater World
#8 Long Spine Sea Urchin
Underwater World
#9 Another species of sea urchin
Underwater World
#10 Starfish looking like its lazing around, just hanging
Underwater World
#11 Cerianthus Worm

Overall, it was a rather dull trip to this underwater world. Yes, there may be a whole lot of exhibits, but the facilities in which they were kept looked rather old and run down. But if you've never been here before, by all means, do drop by Underwater World Langkawi for a glimpse of the vast creatures living in our world's oceans.

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jfook said...

I've gone to the one in Sg I don't think I'm interested in tis one (and I've gone there when I was in pri school) hahaha

Philip Khor said...

Well, the photos do give a good impression of the place,however.

suituapui said...

Singapore's nicer...but this one is a whole lot nicer than the one in Auckland New Zealand. Don't ever go there...and so expensive to go in some more. They say the KLCC one's good too...but I've never been.

Smallkucing said...

RM28 is much chepaer than KLCC? Very worth it

Qi Tyng said...

I like the lizard :D

When I went there last time, it was under renovation and some ikan died. lmao. They pasted a piece of paper on the empty aquarium saying the fishes died.

Bananazஇ People said...

Love your pixz they are awesome. Nice close up of the lizard and purr-fect shot of the cat fish. We called the sea urchin in hokkien, sea rambutan. Great shots.

wenn said...

wow..love all your shots!

hildamilda said...

Gossh cute penguins and cool starfish!! 

Caroline May Ling said...

well we cant expect much for this i guess. but stil its awesome! ;)

Luciana said...

i`ve been there once..those penguins were impressed me, they`re cute :)
no comment about the others :(
nice photos ler...