Tang Shifu Restaurant 1 Utama

The other day, I was at 1 Utama for Paul preview screening when we decided to drop by this restaurant which specializes in chinese soups for a quick dinner before the show. It was my first time seeing this restaurant so I was really intrigued with its name, "Tang Shifu Restaurant" which literally translated from mandarin means "Soup Master Restaurant"!

Nourishing Life!
Located at LG of 1 Utama New Wing
Tang Shifu restaurant
Lot LG321.
1 Utama Shopping Centre (New Wing)
03-7727 2772

The taglines read "Nourishing Life" and "Healthiness starts with Tangshifu". How can I not have healthy thoughts upon seeing words such as this. So with my mind filled with healthy soups, we proceeded to order our dishes. The menu was filled with different types of chinese soups, mostly those of the herbal type. Different ingredients were used ranging from ginseng, to scallops, to your ever expensive birds nest!

The menu
Easy to order menu with pretty pictures

The ambience of the restaurant was pretty good too, with nearly every table occupied. I guess people are really health conscious nowadays. Do check out below for a picture inside the restaurant as well as some of the dishes I ordered for the night.

Healthy people drinking healthy soups
#1 RM 9.90
#2 RM 15.90
Came with the Mee Suah Soup set

I admit my choice of stewed pork with brown rice wasn't really the healthy choice, but I did choose brown rice over normal rice, and we all know brown rice goes through less processes and is the healthier option!

#1 Stewed Pork with Brown Rice
It was pretty good. The meat was stewed really well, and turned out soft and tasty. I wasn't too used to brown rice though, but it's the healthier option!

#2 Mee Suah with Herbs and Rice Wine
The dish came in this wooden basket presentation which looked really big. The portion itself was average and not really big. I could taste the strong taste of rice wine mixed with combined herbs, which when taken with the mee suah tasted great! There was a generous piece of chicken thigh included as well as 2 side dishes of black dace and a small portion of stewed pork.

Wet tissue hygienically packed

We were each provided with the wet tissue above to clean our hands after the meal. However, I chose to return it for a refund of RM2 as I didn't think my hands were dirty enough to require an RM2 wet tissue. Overall it was a good meal, with hot soup and some really delicious tasting stewed pork. Do drop by the restaurant should you suddenly crave for some chinese herbal soup.

Us before the movie. From L-R: Elwyn, Isaac, Janice, and Kelvin


  1. supia3:09 AM

     I love their soup, they got franchise at Johor too. Love their soup, and the side dish, is it black dace or black bean? I thought its black bean, love that too.  at Johor too. Love their soup, and the side dish, is it black dace or black bean? I thought its black bean, love that too. 

  2. OMG I visited their website and I don't freaking understand a single chinese words LOL! even navigate through the page by trial and error. But luckily their menu got english lol! 

  3.  Supia, oops my bad. You're right! It's black beans, but tastes like dace :P

  4.  Oh? You had THAT before the movie? Now I want to know what happened AFTER the movie. Hope you tahan till you got home, not inside the cineplex... Muahahahaha!!!!

  5. jfook8:03 AM

     Bro you always eat good food one!!! =D

  6.  CW, yeap, luckily there's english in there. They should have come up with an english website ><

  7.  STP, LOL, don't worry, i can still tahan in the cinema. Hahaha

  8.  Jfook, not really very good lo. I was at LG 1Utama with Kelvin and we like couldn't decide what to makan. I wanted to try something new.. so i can blog about it! Lol Hardcore much.

  9.  Hmm.. I'm not really an oriental soup lover, but I guess it won't be that bad, should try someday :) Nice and detailed write up about the place. I have been curious about Tang Shifu ;)

  10. Smallkucing11:22 AM

    the mi suah looks gud

  11.  Mee suah <3

  12. Not yet try this out.. seem like delicious on look.. kakaka

  13. Reanact4:14 PM

    Really know how to enjoy!! :)  got gain weight or not these days?

  14. hildamilda7:42 PM

     Is it a new restaurant in One Utama, don't remember seeing it the last time I'm there :P 

  15.  OMG!!! delicious-ness!!!

  16.  OMG! such delicious-ness!!! yummy-licious

  17. i must look out for this place should i go 1 utama again..

  18. Alice Law12:42 AM

    Mee Sua soup with rice wine, yum!!! That's my favourite, gonna go cook some for myself now! LOL!

  19.  Aww...thanks for this review bro. I really wanna visit this one day with my wife. :p

  20. Never been here before... but the food seems ermm okaayy (maybe not my cup of tea LOL). and the sits seem comfy haaha.

    And I like restaurants who provide tissue like that. So convenient.

    btw,found you through blog hopping and followed you ;)

  21. Anonymous4:15 PM

    Tang Shifu is more expensive in KL than in Malacca.


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