My first posting -11122010-

Hello world...

After like years of seeing people around me blogging, from friends to politicians, it's got me curious enough to start a blog.

What am i doing now? Just hanging at home waiting for my gf to finish her program bakti discussion at hotel flamingo. Initially wanted to go to jpj to get my roadtax done, but JPJ was closed today, and with 4 hours to kill, decided to drive back home.

Her parents will be coming down to Genting Highlands later in the evening, so for the next two days, i'll be up there rotting. Won't be gambling though, cause i've never had the luck in gambling.

Now got to figure out how to post to blogspot on the fly, from my iphone.

Till next time... :)


  1. 1st comment on ur 1st post

  2. Anonymous10:30 PM

    Hello. And Bye.

  3. hotel flamingo is MAD old.


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