Belvedere Vodka SPECTRE 007 Martini & Highball

Belvedere Vodka, recognized internationally by discriminating vodka enthusiasts, who appreciate its all-natural, additive-free character. Made entirely from Dankowskie Gold Rye and blended with water from its own pristine source, Belvedere’s taste profile is distinctively soft with a subtle sweetness and naturally smooth, clean finish. Just last week, 'James Bond' paid a visit to my home to pass the latest Belvedere Vodka Spectre 007 collectors edition to me. Much appreciated!

Belvedere Vodka SPECTRE 007 Martini & Highball
Belvedere Vodka SPECTRE 007 Martini & Highball 

Famous for his discernment in all things, James Bond is at his most assured when ordering and appreciating drinks. So insistent was Bond that his Belvedere vodka martini was to be “shaken not stirred” that the phrase itself entered the lexicon, and in 2005 was selected as one of the 100 most famous lines in film. Since then the Belvedere vodka martini has been a continual reassuring presence in the Bond film series, but it shot to the forefront once again with Daniel Craig in Casino Royale.

Belvedere Vodka Spectre 007 special collectors edition in my hands
Belvedere Vodka Spectre 007 special collectors edition in my hands

Martini Served Shaken, or Should It Be Stirred?

The purists would argue for stirring; it chills the molecules in the vodka without bruising them and altering their original taste. With Belvedere, the dry vanilla notes are more accentuated.

Bond would argue that a vodka martini that isn’t shaken is no martini at all. Certainly there is an energy and aeration in the shaken drink that provides a cleaner colder taste.

Shaken or stirred, the choice is yours.

Belvedere Double O
Belvedere Double O


Enjoy a glass of Belvedere 007TM Martini or Belvedere Double O at the participating outlets listed below from 1st October to 31st December 2015 and stand a chance to win exclusive SONY prizes worth up to RM 25,995! 

Belvedere 007 Martini
Belvedere 007 Martini

The Prizes are:

  • Grand Prize:         Sony Entertainment System (55’ BRAVIA 4K TV + Sony Home Theatre System) worth RM16,798
  • 1st Prize: SONY 49" X Series Bravia 4k LED Backlight worth RM4,999 
  • 2nd Prize: SONY Xperia Z3+ Dual worth RM2,599
  • 3rd Prize: SONY Xperia M3 dual worth RM1,599

Participating outlets:
1. Onesixfive (Intercontinental Hotel KL)
2. Bentley's Pub (Intercontinental Hotel KL)
3. Luna Bar (Pacific Regency KL)
4. Sutraa Kitchen & Bar (Changkat Bukit Bintang)
5. Public House (Changkat Bukit Bintang)
6. Rock Bottom (Changkat Bukit Bintang)
7. WhyNot (Changkat Bukit Bintang)
8. Six Bar (Bangsar)
9. The Piggy Tail (Bangsar)
10. Sky Bar (Traders Hotel KL)    …and more!


  • Each martini/cocktail ordered comes with a lucky draw card for guest to fill in their details on the card.
  • Cards need to be clipped with their purchase receipt; any lucky draw cards without prove of purchase will be disqualified.
  • Participation for lucky draw ends on 31st December 2015; winners will be announced after the promotional period (from January 2016 onwards).
  • Price for martini/cocktail may vary from one outlet to another.


Rawlins GLAM said...

The drink looks so tempting la Isaac.
Lucky you to have attended the event.
Did you try it yourself?

Miera Nadhirah said...

Waahhhh... So lucky get James Bond visiting your home.... I don't want that Jame Bond... I want Daniel Craig or Pierce Brosnan visiting me can ah... ehehheheh

FiSh said...

Wah i will melt if he comes to my house hahaha! I always like belvedere btw

Sherry said...

wow I like prize 1 to 3. Hehe.. how's the drink taste like? No try this before.

Mike Yip said...

Share ler some Martini making recipe. :p It'll be tempting if they say get a year long supply of Belvederes ..... (damn I sound like an alcoholic)

Pamela Yeoh said...

WOW.. looks interesting,wish to have a bottle or collection

cindy said...

wow so cool leh..y no share with me???ahahha

Sunshine Kelly said...

I will try to make martini highball cocktail at home.

cre8tone said...

Wow! Looks cool!~ Makes me feels like drinking.. hahaha~

Wai Yee aka Rane said...

Handsomeness!!! Love to try this out one day too ^ ^

Ivy Kam said...

Shaken not stirred, so sexy whenever James Bond said this phrase ;)

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