Happy 54th Birthday Anniversary Maybank !

Maybank is synonymous to banking in Malaysia, being one of the biggest players and one of the world's strongest bank. But did you know, Maybank turned 54 on 12th September 2014. Yes, you heard that right, 54 strong years and they are celebrating it nationwide by bringing us really good stuff. What is in store? Read on then. 

Happy Birthday Maybank !
Happy Birthday Maybank !

There's this very heartwarming video being circulated online as well, of Maybank bringing surprises to their customers nationwide. From 12 – 30 September, Maybank team went around Malaysia and brought surprises to show their gratitude to their customers for making it possible for them to go this far. This is part of Maybank’s ongoing effort to #humanisingbanking , yes that's a hashtag, and I just added it into this sentence. Ah, hashtags are everywhere nowadays.

Watched the video above already? iPads were given to their long standing customers, customers who walked into their branches received shopping vouchers and they even visited customers at their homes to deliver personalised tokens of appreciation eg: all expense paid 3 days 2 nights trip to Legoland, hospital treatment sponsorships and education fund. There were lots of happy tears from the customers, such a heartwarming sight. 

I just have to applaud Maybank for doing this gesture. Bravo Maybank! We don't see this as a common practise from other brands nor banks, with the idea of giving instead of receiving something on your birthday being a very good idea in a awhile. 

Maybank's selfie contest
Maybank's selfie contest

The best thing is, Maybank is not done yet with their birthday celebrations even after the 30th of September. Join in the fun of Maybank's birthday celebrations by taking a 'Tiger' selfie, and stand a chance to win RM500 via Mobile Transfer!

From 30 Sept - 13 October Maybank is giving out RM500 via Mobile Transfer to the 5 most creative tiger selfies and 5 others with the highest votes. (10 winners in total)

Here’s how you can win:

1. Snap a selfie a with a tiger* in it
2. Caption it 'Happy 54th Anniversary Maybank ...’ using not more than 10 words with the hashtags #m2uappselfie and #humanisingbanking. 
3. Upload it to your Twitter/Instagram account OR post on Maybank’s Facebook page timeline (https://www.facebook.com/Maybank). 

My entry on Instagram
My entry on Instagram

Don’t forget to set your privacy settings to ‘Public’. Best of luck folks, and here's wishing Maybank many many more strong years ahead serving the people of Malaysia. 


Bro Framestone said...

Macam nak join contest ini... Tak kisah "Tiger" apa sekalipun kan....

Isaac Tan said...

Ya bro, as long as its tiger themed :D..

suituapui said...

You're joining? Good luck.

suri said...

selamat hari lahir untuk maybak

good luck for admin from cahayacinta.com_suri hatiku ;)

akubiomed said...

Surprising sudah 54 years old. :)

Small Kucing said...

best of luck