Chicago Rib House @ Gurney Plaza Penang

It was to be a simple birthday lunch for mum, as she did not want anything fancy. We dropped by the Chicago Rib House at Gurney Plaza Penang, one which I have not tried yet. I have tried the branch in 1 Utama a couple of weeks back for their Christmas menu (Chicago Rib House 1 Utama Christmas Menu ) and it was pretty good, so there I was again hoping for a satisfying lunch. 

Chicago Rib House @ Gurney Plaza Penang
Chicago Rib House @ Gurney Plaza Penang

Chicago Rib House, Gurney Plaza Penang
GP-170-G-43, Gurney Plaza,
Persiaran Gurney,
10250 Penang
Phone: 04-2290763
Fax: 04-2290985

#1 Pigs In Blanket - RM18.90
#1 Pigs In Blanket - RM18.90

Recently I had a very nice similar dish, the Pigs In Blanket over at Andes BYO Aman Suria, hence my expectation was pretty high when I ordered it at Chicago Rib House. Unfortunately, the wrapped bacon this time around wasn't as crispy, and the sauce that came along with the dish was a tad too sour to really bring out the sausages wrapped in bacon's flavour. Nevertheless, it was still a good dish, albeit a bit too salty. 

#2 Fried Mushroom - RM19.90
#2 Fried Mushroom - RM19.90

Always a fan of fried mushrooms, especially when it's done correctly without feeling like its doused in oil just before serving. At Chicago Rib House Gurney Plaza, their fried mushrooms was good, just the way I like it, cripsy on the outside, moist and succulent inside. Unfortunately, they sprinkled a bit too much salt on it. The mushrooms did go well with the accompanying 'mayonnaise'-like dip. I'm not sure what mushrooms were used, but it did have the texture and taste almost similar to the portobello mushroom.

#3 Rib & Salmon with Rice and Coleslaw
#3 Rib & Salmon with Rice and Coleslaw - RM49.90

As we were sharing the main dish, I decided to order a combination of pork ribs and salmon which comes with the rice and coleslaw. The serving that arrived didn't look big though, as I expected the pork ribs to have more meat to it. Doused in complimentary BBQ sauce, they charge extra if you choose other sauces, RM6 extra if I'm not mistaken. The Salmon was okay, dad's comment on it was that it was a bit too dry, but I guess that's what you get with salmon. What can I say, I wanted more of that pork ribs. Probably next round I will go for the full sized single dish Chicago pork ribs instead. 

Overall, it was an okay meal out, the important part was that it was a nice birthday lunch for the mother. Located along the open area at Gurney Plaza Penang beside Starbucks, do check out Chicago Rib House if you are in the vicinity. Unfortunately, I much preferred the food, service and treatment given by the KL branch. Still they do have nice pork ribs. 


  1. Never been there before, not really a huge fan of pork haha

    1. Ken, I was there to utilize some vouchers I had. hehe :P

  2. Oh .... I would go for the ribs and salmon ! Looks rather juicy the ribs.

  3. Anonymous4:45 AM

    PORK!!!!! I like!!!! Nom...nom...nom!!! That Ken, jaga badan.,..not me which, I know, is quite obvious, of course. Chris also jaga badan...but he will go and exercise...hard!!!! Me? Ummmm...never mind! Muahahahaha!!!!


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