Baby Martin Can Only Turn, Not Crawling Yet @ 6 Months Old

Another short update on Baby Martin's progress. I'm beginning to get the hang of monitoring his progress as he grows up, asking around and slightly comparing with the usual baby's development. Well, at 6 months and 3 days old, I would have expected Baby Martin to turn with ease and maybe start crawling. 

Good morning! I just bathed and am ready to turn!
Good morning! I just bathed and am ready to turn!

As with any other parent out there, I am guilty of comparing my kid with other babies of the same age, hence it was with a slight tinge of disappointment that Baby Martin could not turn with ease nor crawl yet. Anyway, I do know every baby has their own different range of development, and am not too worried. 

Ready to turn, Baby Martin?
Ready to turn, Baby Martin?

On a hazy Saturday morning, yes the haze has come to Kuala Lumpur, I decided to just stay indoors and play with Baby Martin for a little bit, checking out how he does his usual turn from the upright position to lying on his back. He can only go one way, and cannot actually turn from his back to the upright crawling position.

Check out how I turn Mummy, Daddy, and Grandmum! :)
Check out how I turn Mummy, Daddy, and Grandmum! :)
Success! Now don't mind me as I play with my feet.
Success! Now don't mind me as I play with my feet.

Oh well, here's looking forward to a couple more weeks where the expectation is for him to start crawling. Daily, we do try to strengthen his neck and give him some time on his mat to try crawling. Well, that ends my short update on Baby Martin's progress, be sure that there will be more coming as the journey continues. 

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suituapui said...

So cute the first pic! Exactly like the mum... Hehehehehe!!!! Patience! Boys slower than girls when it comes to things like walking. No worries! Will do it once he's good and ready.

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Aw, he's cute

Anne Lee said...

so fast 6 months d.. baby martin is turning into martin boy...

wenn said...

be patient..he will do it when it's time

Cutebun said...

and now u can add to your long list of introduction as a parent blogger too!

Unknown said...

Must be the size of the diapers and his inherited bums that is hindering the turning bro. ahahaha.

Small Kucing said...

Dont compare. Each have their own timing to crawl and walk. Martin such sweet baby. Love the photos. Take video?