NuffnangX Goes Live On Android And iOS Devices

So for the past couple of weeks I've been fiddling around with the latest NuffnangX app on my iOS devices, and today they have just announced that NuffnangX have gone live and is available for download through the app stores via our mobile.This writeup serves as an intro to what it's all about, and how to go about using the application.

NuffnangX is now Live!
NuffnangX is now Live!
"NuffnangX is a free mobile application available on both the Android and iOS platforms enabling users to find, follow, and communicate with bloggers easily and swiftly on the go."

"NuffnangX is a member of the Netccentric family (, a group of companies based in seven countries throughout Asia, united by an ethos of putting social media and bloggers at the heart of everything"

NuffnangX - Social Blog Stalking
NuffnangX - Social Blog Stalking

All this time, we have been blogging all those writeups, but accessing and connecting our blogs via the mobile device have always been a hindrance. Well, NuffnangX is here to bridge the gap. Utilizing this application, bloggers can follow their favourite blogs, and engage real-time in the comments all through their mobile. 

That's how it looks like from the website
That's how it looks like from the website

Similar to the website (, users who have downloaded the application via Android's Google Play, or iOS's App Store, will have a similar interface. Through this interface, we are able to follow blogs, and read it real time as it is being updated on the mobile. There's an option to set notifications of comments written via NuffnangX sent directly to the mobile as well, which is pretty cool. 

Conversations are integrated into the blog posts in NuffnangX so that interaction with your readers becomes mobile and a two-way street. It's pretty nice actually, but one which will work better if more people use the application. 

Remember to claim your blog via NuffnangX !
Remember to claim your blog via NuffnangX !

An important and really fascinating aspect of NuffnangX would be the ability not only to see the blogs we follow on the application, but to be able to read an extract of the most interesting and connected line of the blog post. This means, just by going through my NuffnangX feed, I'm able to see all the latest posts with one-liners of their most interesting content. 

I guess that's all for now, as I'm still exploring all the functions of the application. If you haven't yet, download and install NuffnangX and remember to follow my blog at and all your favourite blogs as well. 


Henry Lee said...

mehhh... apps fail! :(

michleong said...

You got invited? Nice! It cannot work on my ChaCha though..laosy phone :/ Anyway, this really looks like the next Social Network for bloggers. One word: Awesome! :D

Hilda Milda™ said...

SIGH I still can't seem to log in though sobss T__T Don't forget to follow me too :P HEHE

Happy walker said...

sound interesting...

[sutera kasih] said...

wahh..sounds good !! i will !! thanks for sharing it ;)

Ken Wooi said...

follow me! :P

Vibrantkitty said...

Thanks for the info. NuffnangX app, I'm installing you soon :)

Unknown said...

This app is actually good. People don't see it just yet. Too bad, good apps mean that Blackberry users like me won't enjoy. Bitches just have to leave us out =( Small Mission Enterprise SME sitcom review.

Yee Ling said...

yet to download to my phone. Hope it will be a great apps.

Missymiyen said...

First time here :)

Very nice review! :D I've downloaded the app and I'm already lovin' it to bits <3

And I'm sure in the future, NuffnangX will be bringing us many more surpises :D

I've also written my own review on my blog and I used one of your pictures above for reference :)

Bro Framestone said...


Bagaimana caranya nak claim kita punya blog? Adakah blog kita perlu didaftarkan dengan Nuffnang?

Koh Kian Fai said...

FUIYOH! what is the silver bar with nuffnang logo + ur web link? hahah chun sia!

anyways, me is using BB, sad is I can't use NuffnangX with BB! sigh . . . gonna change phone . . . wait 2 years LA LOL!