Glenmorangie Orange Eclectic Pulse @ The Stage KL

Glenmorangie brought the party to town yet again, in another orange themed "Unnecessarily Well Made" party. This round, the venue's at The Stage KL, Glenmorangie's Orange Eclectic Pulse featured Hong Kong’s most in-demand DJ – Miss Yellow, along with lots of the single malt scotch goodness. I had the opportunity to catch the clubbing experience, hence this writeup will showcase some of the highlights from last night. 

DJ Miss Yellow from Hong Kong spinning for us at Glenmorangie Orange Eclectic Pulse
DJ Miss Yellow from Hong Kong spinning for us at Glenmorangie Orange Eclectic Pulse

Glenmorangie Orange Eclectic Pulse
Date: 29 Sept 2012
Time: 10pm till late
Venue: STAGE, Avenue K

Glenmorangie is taking the “orange” out of its name yet again, this time into the premium party enclave of STAGE for Orange Eclectic Pulse by Glenmorangie – the BIGGEST Orange event of the year.

Benjamin and I before entering the party venue
Benjamin and I before entering the party venue

So I've been to a couple of Glenmorangie's events before, my latest being the Glenmorangie Orange Sultry Swing Party  and I must say the "Unnecessarily Well Made" tag is really true to it's meaning. The parties are really refined, with non-stop enjoyment of Glenmorangie, good music, and performances, I knew it was going to be a good night the moment I reached The Stage KL last night. 

From the dance clubs of London to Singapore, DJ Miss Yellow is not an unfamiliar sight imposing the entertainment commerce. Coming from Hong Kong and fathoming a chromatic path as an artist, model and TV personality in her homeland, the chameleon has played the world over and shared stages with the likes of A-Trak, 2 Many DJs and Fatboy Slim among others. 

"Drink Up", that's what she said I think.
"Drink Up", that's what she said I think.

Reaching the venue quite late, the night progressed on with some dancers performing and soon with the really cool Hong Kong DJ Miss Yellow going up on stage spinning great music for the masses. Looking down from the top floor of the club, I was taken back by the size of the crowd last night. KL party scene is really happening, to say the least. 

Along with lots of funky club- themed engagements and delicious Glenmorangie single malt whisky, Orange Eclectic Pulse was a night of pulsating zest and gusto; along with the perfect chance to relish in the hedonistic enjoyment of the “Unnecessarily Well Made” Glenmorangie single malt whisky. 

Ash and Michael, one of the cool peeps from G2 and Glenmorangie
Ash and Michael, cool peeps from G2 and Glenmorangie

It was a night of Orange Eclectic Pulse, an experience for all single malt lovers. A good night out, one which was cool because it was a Saturday night and all. Here's looking forward to more parties and events by Glenmorangie in the future! Do check out Glenmorangie's Facebook page at for their latest happening events and updates. 

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